Top 10 products to sell on eBay in November 2022

Top 10 Trending Products to Sell on eBay in November 2022

Today, eBay has become one of the largest e-commerce websites with more than 885 million monthly visitors. Based on recent research, eBay market makes up about 5% of the US eCommerce sector and is indisputably a thriving marketplace for sellers.

So for anyone looking to start a profitable dropshipping business and earn a lot of money selling online, eBay is one of the best online marketplaces to easily get products that people are readily available to buy and you can start selling at your pace.

However, with over 1.5 billion active products listed on eBay and over 19 million sellers’ accounts, it can be daunting to get the right eBay best sellers that will bring you maximum profit. Do not fret! We have compiled a list of the top-selling items that are currently in demand and fit into the market’s needs, especially for November.

To begin selling on eBay marketplace, you have to conduct product research to stock up on the best-selling products per season and guarantee a large consumer base to increase your online store sales.

Product research is so important if you want to know exactly what to sell to run a successful eCommerce business. And the good news is that there are available tools you can use that will help in your product research.

Tools like Google Trends enable you to check the items people are searching for on Google for over 5 years, however, it’s best you make use of the reliable data sources that Zik Analytics provides.

Zik Analytics is a product research and analytics tool that gives you the detailed information you need to conduct proper product research on what to sell on eBay.

To save the hassle of taking your time to do the research yourself, check out the list of the eBay top selling items we have compiled in this article.


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Top 10 eBay Products to Sell in November



Sweatshirt is one of the best selling items every seller on eBay should start listing in November. They are a year-round item for the winter season to help absorb sweat and keep the body warm.

Sweatshirts are soft, light, and warm and are also considered fashionable. They are perfect for every activity and give a feeling of comfort whether you wear them at home or going out.

Moreso, Sweatshirt has experienced a consistent trend of increased online sales in recent years and has generated $177,076 in sales.

To add it to your eBay store, check out the best-selling Sweatshirt like the Hoodie sweatshirts available for men and women, their specific top-selling brands like Puma and Adidas, and the common selling price.

String Lights

String Lights

String lights are part of Christmas decorations known to always spike up by market trends during the end of October. In preparation for Christmas, people buy string lights to decorate and beautify their houses, workplaces, and even Christmas trees.

String Light has an overall of $118,622 in sales and a 99% successful product listing with an average product price of $10.95. Interestingly, everyone on page one has sold at least one string light in the last 30 days.

Without a doubt, it’s a great item eBay sellers should start listing right now to catch the increasing demand for the product.

Packaging Tapes

Packaging Tape

Packaging tapes are a product people use throughout the year. However, the beginning of November looks promising to list this product.

Packaging tapes are more needed and useful when moving to a new home or when delivering sales packages. People buy packaging tapes when sending gifts, especially during the Christmas period and a lot of sellers or companies also need to package their products to be sure they will not tear and prove to their buyers that the package is still intact.

Packaging tape has generated $107,731 in sales with an average product price of $36. Moreso, it has a 69% success rate, though eBay shipping supplies always take 50 percent of the revenue.



Apart from keeping tabs on the time of special occasions and situations, wearing a watch is mostly considered fashionable. It is a great Christmas gift for people and also serves as an alternative for those who love to buy gifts a little bit late or those who do not know what to buy.

There is a rising demand for watches throughout the whole year with an average ranking of 60 to 75 on Google Trends. Based on the recurring trends for watches, the end of October is a perfect time to start listing this product to catch a good pick when its demand rises in November.

In addition, watches have generated $101,919 with a 92% success listing rate. While some buyers prioritize smartwatches that are branded like Apple, you can easily list unbranded watches that are selling based on your research. There are various kinds of watches you can list like men’s watches, women’s watches, and kid’s watches.



In preparation for winter, people love to buy a fireplace. It is a seasonal product with lots of opportunities to list in November when people will start looking for alternatives to warm their houses.

A fireplace serves as an important design element in the home and also gives a pleasant smell. You can design it to fit right into your home.

During the winter, people spend less on utility bills once they have a fireplace. It emits natural light that makes the environment warm and cozy. It is more relaxing to sit in front of the fireplace after a day out in the cold or rain.

The fireplace comes in various types and each has its advantages. You might include a wood-burning fireplace or a gas-burning fireplace in your listing. They are affordable and most useful during harsh winters.



Christmas is a great season to exchange gifts, and every year millions of kids around the world wish for their parents to give them toys as Christmas gifts. Parents are also aware of the best gifts to give their children.

So, it’s always a big product in high demand by the beginning of November, hence, the perfect time to start listing toys. Toys help children’s cognitive development to learn and stimulate concentration levels and enhance attention span and memory.

Toys generated $82,467 in sales with a 77% success rate. It has an average selling price of $12.87.

However, you can get a specific toy to list on eBay by making a broader search and also using Zik analytics.



The humidifier is a great Christmas gift, which is a key factor in its popularity. According to Google trends, the demand for humidifiers begins to increase from the end of September to the beginning of December.

By introducing moisture to the air, this product prevents dryness, which can infuriate many different body regions like the skin, nose, throat, and lips. They also can lessen some flu and cold symptoms.

Humidifiers have been in high demand for the past five years, and the peak is always higher than the previous years. So it is a great time to start listing this fantastic product right away.

It has also generated $46,678 in the last 30 days and an 85% success listing rate with an average selling price of $24.86. Undoubtedly, this is a product you can list and make a lot of money selling.

You can go through the models that are selling the best or analyze your competitors to see which models they sell, the sizes, and other information that can help you come up with a better listing.

Throw Blankets

Throw Blankets

Throw blankets have aesthetic value to beautify a bedroom, couch, or overall space. November to December are very cold months and blankets provide great warmth during the cold. It is an amazing product in high demand.

Blankets have generated 42 000 in sales in the last 30 days and a 74% success rate with a 21.41 average selling price. Check the model sizes, the products, and materials that are selling, the common selling prices, and different colors, and come up with your special listing for November.

Massage Guns

Massage guns

The demand for massage guns is currently driving the market and has increased in recent years. According to Technavio’s recent report, the massage guns global market share is expected to rise by $230.07 million from 2021 to 2026, at a CAGR of 7.2%.

They are great products for the holiday season and a perfect Christmas gift. They sell very well due to their health benefits of alleviating pain and stress. They aid in physical relaxation and promote free blood flow, which helps ensure that oxygen and nutrients reach the muscles. Massage guns have generated $32,000 in sales in the last 30 days and 44% successful listing with an average selling price of $26.32.

The top seller already sold 395 units of massage guns in the last 30 days and 3613 lifetime sales for exact selling with a price of $19.99

You can add different model brands to your eBay store and start selling in November.

Christmas Decoration

Christmas Decoration

Many people prefer to purchase Christmas decorations during the holiday season to spruce up their houses, and many are even willing to pay a little bit more to feel festive. So, November is the ideal month to stock up your eBay store with these top selling products.

Christmas decorations have generated $32,000 in sales in the last 30 days and a success rate on the first page of eBay of 63% with an average sales price of 12.66.

Check the best selling brands, the images, how the titles appear, and the number of sales in the last 30 days.


There you have it! A well-curated list of the top 10 trending products you can list on your eBay store and start selling in November and also make a lot of money.

Know that every product listed in this article is on the first page taking a fair share of the sales on eBay.

Moreover, you don’t have to stop here. Researching products that sell online changes with the seasons and the current trends will not last forever. So you have to keep doing consistent product research to know the best-selling items on eBay.

You can make use of the Zik Analytics research tool to discover other amazing products that are trending or about to spike up in demand and start listing them. Zik Analytics provides you with well-detailed information on these products per time and a pie chart that helps you to understand how diverse a product niche is.

Check the trends, the average prices, your competitors, and, best-selling products and brands, and be ready to make a lot of money from listing these products on your eBay store.


What is the top-selling product category on eBay?

According to Edison Trends, electronics and accessories are the top-selling categories on eBay. It covers 17% of eBay’s products sold.

This category covers a wide range of products that perform a specific function that is connected to a power source. It makes life easier and more vibrant.

Examples include Computers, Cell Phones, Smart Watches, Gaming, Cameras, TV, Video & Home Audio Electronics, Portable Audio, Vehicle Electronics, Surveillance & Smart Home Devices, and VR Headsets.

Other top-selling categories are Clothing & Accessories, Automotive, and Health & Beauty accumulating up to 16%, 11%, and 8.8% of items sold respectively.

The first step to selling on eBay is to know the products that are trending. You can go to eBay’s website page where they share trending products, the date they started trending, and a general idea of why it is trending.

You can also make use of product research tools like Google Trends and Zik analytics to check products’ data and market trends. Zik Analytics is a leading e-commerce software platform that has helped over 100,000 sellers find trending and profitable products to start and grow their business on online marketplaces like eBay, AliExpress, and Amazon.