how to get the amazon seller badge

How to Get The Amazon Best Seller Badge

The Amazon best-seller badge is a popular sought-after emblem by most Amazon sellers. Whether you are new to the marketplace or you’ve been selling for a while, earning the “best-seller badge” is a great way to boost your listing visibility and sales. A major perk is that Amazon will present products in your listings to buyers’ top search results when you earn the best seller status.

While there are over 25,000 sub-categories on Amazon, getting the best seller badge is not something you can call a walkover. Counting nearly 9.7 million sellers on Amazon and 1.9 million active sellers, still increasing by 3,700 every day, the chance of being among the Best Sellers Rank (BSR) in each category represents a difficult endeavor. But there are ways you can get the badge!

We will discuss everything you need to know about the Amazon best seller badge and how you can get it to rank your listings to become a profitable seller.

What Is The Amazon Best Seller Badge?

The Amazon bestseller badge is a recognition given to best-selling items in a product category or sub-category. The best-seller badge lists up to 100 sellers in every category and changes more often based on sales volume.

However, the badge may differ on each of Amazon’s marketplaces as the best seller for a particular product on Amazon UK may not be in Amazon US.

Whenever a buyer searches for a particular product, Amazon will list the items with the best seller badge in the top search results. It helps buyers trust your brand to buy from you, rather than buying from other sellers without the badge.

Amazon won’t notify you when you finally earn the badge, but once you see an orange symbol under your item’s star ratings or in the top-left corner of your product image page, you are already listed in the best sellers rank for that particular category.

Amazon first began by giving only one popular product the best seller badge before adopting the top 100 popular products which are updated on an hourly basis by Amazon’s algorithm. So you may have earned the badge an hour ago, but get replaced in another hour as your sales reduce.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t have to happen! We will go through how you can earn the Amazon best seller badge, and with this knowledge, you can continually dominate in any category you choose. Let’s get right into it!

How To The Get Amazon Best Seller Badge

Since Amazon does not have any specific stringent for how sellers can obtain the best seller badge, understanding how to do so may not always be easy. However, it is not so difficult to join the hall of fame!

By observing the best sellers in a particular product category with the badge, you can easily get to know how Amazon selects products for the top sellers’ rank.

  1. Specific Category or Sub-category

Amazon ranks its top 100 popular products in different categories, so you have to choose a specific category or subcategory. The clothing category is general, however, you can niche down to selling men’s clothes.

There is no doubt there is a tight competition in all categories but there are subcategories with less competition. Target those less crowded or small categories to have an edge over other sellers and boost sales.

Additionally, It is not suitable to list products in irrelevant categories as the product demand and ranking might be affected.

  1. High Number Of Sales

A major way to get the Amazon best seller badge is the popularity of your product. In essence, the total number of sales you make in the product category you choose.

Amazon checks your sales history and that of all other sellers in your category to decide the top 100 best-selling products, though the ideal period of sales history is not specified.

  1. Optimized Amazon Listings

Based on recent statistics, about 66% of shoppers begin by searching for products to buy on Amazon. Every month, nearly 2.7 billion people visit the marketplace.

Therefore, a great way to boost your product sales and be qualified for the best seller badge is to get in front of people in search of what you sell.

To appear in buyers’ search results, you have to use the right keyword while creating your research listing. Use a free keyword tools. Optimize the right keywords potential buyers are most likely to input into the Amazon search box.

To make your keyword research, you can see what Amazon suggests when you type a few keywords in the search box. Also, you can make use of additional Amazon keyword tools to get high search volume keywords and other related keywords to use in your product title and description.

  1. Pricing

In a competitive marketplace such as Amazon, you should consider your price tag.

It’s not ideal to lower your price for high-cost products as buyers might even get the wrong impression, however, ensure your pricing is competitive, favors potential buyers, and brings you a good profit margin after Amazon charges you its seller fees.

  1. Customer Ratings And Review

Having a good review on your seller account and product leads to more buyers trusting your brand to purchase your products, and in turn giving you more sales.

Customers will rate their experience buying from you and possibly drop feedback. They’ll drop reviews about their transaction, shipping, communication, and other experiences buying from you.

Also, buyers drop feedback on a particular product they purchase from you. The product reviews you get will be visible on your product detail page and helps other buyers measure the quality of your product.

You may not necessarily get a 5-star review from your customers but ensure your seller account is free from bad reviews that give potential buyers an impression to run from your products.

  1. Good Sales Strategy

As a seller on Amazon, you can get leads from organic search results and also from paid advertising. You can also decide to run a sales promotion with Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) to reach a wider audience and stay ahead of your competitors.

  1. Seasonal Products

Selling seasonal products like holiday products can help you record higher sales volume and be among the best sellers in a category.

Additionally, Amazon won’t display the best seller badge if there are not much sales data in a category for a certain period. There are also Amazon brand products you may not be able to compete with within a category. So, don’t choose a wrong category. But if your products are of high quality, you still have a chance of earning the best-seller badge in that category.

Benefits Of The Amazon Best Seller Badge?

benefits of the amazon best seller badge

  1. Product Visibility And Sales

The best seller rank helps Amazon sellers’ listings appear in search results, thereby, increasing traffic and conversion. In addition, your viewers’ impression will increase by an average of 45% based on recent statistics.

Any Amazon user that just decides to browse the marketplace can easily come across your products with the best seller badge or when they search for terms not even relating to your category.

  1. Customers’ Trust

To appear among the best sellers rank in a product category is a feat so many sellers thrives to achieve. Even while there’s volatility in the ranking, there’s more opportunity present and more customers will trust your brand to buy from you.

  1. Less Competitive Space

While Amazon is a competitive marketplace, earning the best-seller badge will separate you from your competitors. You may only need to increase your sales velocity to keep the badge.

Other Amazon Seller Badges

Amazon Choice Badge

Since 2015, Products with the Amazons Choice Badge are prime-eligible— they can be shipped instantly and are selected by the Amazon algorithm. Amazon recommends the products for buyers among all other product listings.

Sellers earn this badge if their products rank well for a range of specific, commonly-searched keywords, have good customer experience, and have high total sales history.

New Release Badge

If you just release a product and it hit massive sales within the first few days, gaining lots of attention, Amazon will add the new release badge to your product.

Climate Pledge Friendly Badge

The climate pledge-friendly badge is the only badge Amazon specified its requirements. If your product meets certain certifications by Amazon sustainability certifications partners, the badge automatically appears.

Top Brand Badge

Amazon provides a page for high-quality brands with unique and different product offers. Top brands have a wide audience, great customer service, and highest sales velocity.


Earning the Amazon best seller badge will help you scale your Amazon business, draw in the right customers, and stand out from the fierce competition in the Amazon marketplace.

While there may be varying factors, your sales volume and history, keyword optimization, and sales strategy can help you obtain the best-seller badge.

It makes no difference if you are new to Amazon or have never earned the badge, by simply taking the procedures outlined in the article, you can make the most out of the Amazon marketplace.