How to Increase Sales on eBay in 2023

Ask any eBay seller what their goal is for their eBay store in 2023, and they’ll tell you the same thing – increase eBay sales!

If this sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place, as I’ll discuss game-changing tips on how to increase sales on eBay. I’ve created this guide for anyone looking to take their business to the next level in 2023, and these hacks will help you see those sales on eBay grow in no time!

As we all know, eBay is the largest online marketplace. But with so many eBay sellers, the biggest challenge is getting ahead of your competition and making sure that potential buyers can see your eBay listings more than other online sellers.

That’s what you’ll find out in this guide – to unlock the strategies to boost your eBay sales. But wait, these hacks are not only meant to increase sales on eBay; they can also help you build a loyal customer base through excellent customer service and help you reach top rated seller status.

Get ready to take some notes. By the end of this article, you’ll have a complete toolbox of strategies to help your eBay sales reach new heights in 2023!

Shall we get started?

Article Overview

 7 Strategies on How to Increase Sales on eBay
1. Accurate and Productive Market Research
2. Optimize Your Listings
3. Improve Your Customer Service
4. Use Data to Inform Your Pricing and Sales Strategy
5. Utilize eBay’s Promotion Tools
6. Leverage Social Media
7. Diversity Your Product Offerings


 7 Strategies on How to Increase Sales on eBay

If you’re looking to increase your eBay sales, look no further. I am going to share the seven strategies that have worked for me, and that’s sure to bring more sales to your eBay store, too!


 1. Accurate and Productive Market Research

The starting point is the most critical part of setting up an eBay store. It’s like building the foundation for a successful online business. Therefore, one of the keys to increasing your sales on eBay is to do proper and productive market research.

But before you do that, you must identify your business model first. Knowing your business model will inform the strategies and approach in doing market research. For example, if you are a dropshipper, you must look at competitors to know the top-selling niches and identify top ranking products.

Market research helps you understand your target market and its needs and preferences. The best way to do market research is to gather data that will provide insight into what your customers want and are willing to pay for. It will enable you to tailor your market research approach based on the specific selling model.

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when doing market research to set up your business for success and get more sales on eBay:

  • Analyze Your Competition – Spend time researching what other eBay sellers are doing to understand the market and better position your store for success. Specifically, look into the eBay listing information, such as product description, pricing, and customer feedback.
  • Look at eBay Analytics – eBay makes it easier for eBay sellers to gather data about their sales history and performance. You can use these analytical insights to predict customer behavior and buying preferences. Take advantage of these tools to identify trends and adjust your eBay strategy accordingly to boost your sales on eBay.
  • Conduct Surveys – Surveys are a great way to get a pulse on what the customers want and your customer feedback. If you have an email list, consider sending them surveys so you can determine what products or categories you would most likely sell.
  • Social Media as a Research Tool – Social media can be a valuable tool to gather information and insights about the best products to increase your sales on eBay. You can also use it to engage with and build relationships with your potential customers.
  • Stay Updated – Trends are constantly changing, and the business landscape is ever-evolving. Therefore, it’s important to remain updated on the latest industry trends and news to stay up-to-date with the market trends.

You can also use market and product research tools like ZIK Analytics. Thispowerful toolpowerful tool can help you identify the best selling niches and products using factual data. Now, you can make data-driven decisions on how to optimize your eBay listings and pick the best products to boost sales.

Let’s use this example of a radio scanner to analyze how you can do market research using ZIK Analytics.

On your ZIK Analytics dashboard, go to Product Research. Input the specific niche or product that you want to get insights into—for example, radio scanners.

As you can see, the data for the radio scanner is shown on the dashboard. You can see the sell-through rate is 636%, which is impressive. The sold items are 636 for the past 30 days, and the total sales earnings are $49,410 for an average product price of $85.29. These are good numbers and show that radio scanner products are in high demand!

But that doesn’t stop there; the next thing you must do is look at the specific eBay sellers listing this product to see if they’re generating good profit margins.

Let’s look at the top-performing seller for this niche, a dropshipper from the US. The seller managed to sell 97 radio scanners in the past 30 days and a total sales of 100 items. The seller listed this item for $26.63. It’s also the seller’s top-performing product if you look at their profile.

Another example is this seller @nicheone, who has sold 41 items under the radio scanner niche in the past 30 days. The seller lists the item for $43.19,, totalitems sold at 2,665. Therefore, it’s an excellent competitor to examine because you know that they are selling lots of the same product.

If you check that seller’s supplier, it’s Amazon. The product is available at $21.49 on Amazon, which means the seller is making a profit of $15.35 for every sold item!

In addition, you can also participate in the VIP Facebook group with other ZIK Analytics users. You can find beginners and experts who can share their experiences and insights if you need help with specific issues regarding your eBay business. Take advantage of these valuable resources to take your business to the next level in 2023.


2. Optimize Your Listings

Another critical factor to boost sales on eBay is to employ an optimization strategy to your product listings. Optimizing is making it easier for your potential customers to find your products because you have set them up in a way that makes it easy for search engines to crawl through.

A well-optimized eBay listing is going to show up on eBay search results better than those that aren’t optimized. That’s how you can gain maximum visibility and higher eBay sales performance!

I’ve already covered the optimization guide for your eBay listings in another article, so be sure to check that out for a comprehensive guide! [insert link to eBay listing optimization guide article]

But to give you an idea, here are the things you must address to reach more eBay customers and increase sales on eBay.

  •  Title – The product listing title is the most essential part of your eBay listing. Integrate relevant keywords and accurately describe the product to attract online shoppers.
  • Description – You must also incorporate keywords into the product description of your eBay listing. Highlight the features and potential benefits. Add bullet points of top features and high quality pictures to make it more appealing. Ideally, you must target three to five keywords in the description but avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Photos – You need photos tovisually representvisually represent the products you are selling. Using high quality photos can make your listing look more professional and give customers a sense of what the product is about.
  • Pricing – A good pricing strategy can help boost your eBay sales. Research the pricing strategy of other online sellers. Make sure to offer competitive prices to attract your buyers while also making sure you maintain good profit margins.
  • Shipping – Shipping can impact the overall customer experience. As an eBay seller, prioritize affordable shipping costs and fast shipping times. If not, it can be a deal-breaker for your buyers. Consider discounts or free shipping when customers make a large purchase (or for a minimum order requirement).
  • Keywords – Make sure you research the best keywords to target to improve your search ranking results and hack the eBay algorithm. Target three to five keywords in your product and store description to overcome eBay’s search engine.

ZIK Analytics also offer features that enable you to optimize your listings, such as the Title Builder.For example, youFor example, you can use it to help optimize your eBay listings, including your store description.

To use the Title Builder on ZIK Analytics, you must input at least two words on the search bar. Once you initiate the search, ZIK Analytics’ Title Builder will generate two types of keywords: generic keywords and longtail keywords.

Then, find any high demand products you’ve researched and paste that title onto the Title bar. Remove unnecessary words and leave out the essential keywords to generate your title. Then, add any other keywords that were generated by the ZIK Analytics tool to create optimized page titles.

In addition, take time to update your listings with keywords and to keep the information updated. By keeping your listings fresh, you can target new and additional customers who might be interested in your products and optimize it for eBay’s search algorithm.


3. Improve Your Customer Service

The easiest tip on how to increase sales on eBay is to improve your customer service. eBay rewards sellers who invest in their eBay customers with great customer service. Therefore, make it your priority to provide excellent customer service.

So, how do you do this? Start with excellent communication. Respond to messages promptly. Whenever a potential customer or existing customer sends you a message, respond to them as quickly as possible. Responding to them quickly shows your commitment to providing excellent customer service. Potential buyers are more likely to finalize their purchase if you respond to them on any questions regarding the item.

Next is to be professional in your customer communications. Even if some customers might be angry or rude toward you, you must be polite and professional if they are dissatisfied with their purchase. Be respectful at all times. Always check your spelling and grammar to ensure that you can make a good impression and earn positive reviews from customers.

Another tip to improving your customer service is to follow up after the sale. Potential buyers and existing customers like it when you communicate with them after purchase to ensure you are satisfied with that purchase. It also shows that you value their business and not just after the sale.

If you have any customers who are unsatisfied with their purchase, offer them refunds or returns. The offering will depend on your existing policies. Otherwise, they could leave you with negative feedback or negative reviews that could impact your eBay business. Offering free shipping or exclusive discounts can help express your sincerity to your customers.

Many customers are frustrated about shipping experiences, so it’s always important to choose companies that offer fast shipping to your customers. It’s also important to provide them with accurate estimated delivery times to avoid frustration.

And if you do receive any negative feedback, you must not ignore it. Instead, respond to the customers who gave you that negative feedback. Make an effort to correct any issues that were raised by customers in the negative reviews. It will help your business deliver great customer service in the long run. It will also help to build loyalty among your customer base.


4. Use Data to Inform Your Pricing and Sales Strategy

Data is your most powerful tool for boosting sales. Again, you can use a product research and competitor analysis tool, such as ZIK Analytics, to gather data. You can also look at Google Trends and within the eBay search engines to get a pulse of what the customers want and are looking for at any given period.

When analyzing data to increase sales on eBay, you must focus on historical and recent sales data. Examine trends – past and present – to inform your decision on how to price best your items and what items to add to your store. Keeping track of your sales data can help you identify trends and make informed decisions about your pricing and inventory management. Look at your sales volume, average selling price, and profit margin to come up with a solid pricing strategy.

You can also analyze market trends. It not only increases eBay sales but also helps you stay ahead of the competition. Keep an eye on your competitor’s pricing strategy. Adjust your pricing and sales tactics accordingly. Other factors to help with your pricing strategy are demand, seasonality, and inventory levels.

Use paid promotions and discount offers to attract more buyers and increase eBay sales. When planned and executed properly, it can help attract potential buyers and drive more sales. If you have any slow-moving items in your inventory, these discount offers are a great way to push sales for these items.


5. Utilize eBay’s Promotion Tools

eBay offers an eBay seller the tools to optimize their listings and to get increased visibility for their products on the platform. They have a suite of tools available for sellers to use to increase sales on eBay. Spend time learning about these eBay tools to maximize your visibility on the platform and bring your eBay listings in front of more potential buyers.

Here are some of the eBay tools that you can use to maximize eBay sales:

  •  Promoted Listings – Start an eBay promoted listings campaign to get your listings to appear higher on the search rankings. The higher your products are positioned in the search results, you can potentially get eBay sales. eBay ads and eBay’s promoted listings are a great way to hack into eBay’s search algorithm so you can increase sales.
  • Cross Sell– Cross-promoting your products on eBay is an effective strategy that increases eBay sales. eBay has a built-in promotional tool that allows you to cross sell, such as showing related products from your eBay store that will encourage customers to purchase more of similar products.
  • Markdown Manager – This tool allows you to offer discounts on your products to move inventory and increase sales on eBay for those products. It will help you identify any slow-moving products in your inventory and when you need to hold sales for them to attract potential customers who may want to buy this product but are looking for a deal.
  • Best Offer – This tool on eBay is available to sellers to increase eBay sales by allowing them to make the best offer on that particular product. You have the option to accept or decline that offer, but it’s a great way to build interest in a product and to determine how much customers are willing to pay for an item. If the offer is reasonable, you can accept these offers and still maintain your profit margin.


6. Leverage Social Media

I know what you’re thinking: “eBay already has billions of customers on its database. Why would I want to invest time in social media?

But if your goal is to increase sales on eBay, there is no harm in generating more buzz and exposure for your eBay listings.

The first and most obvious tip for optimizing sales on eBay is to share your listings to your social media platform. It will help drive more traffic to your listings and attract potential buyers.

You can also use it to build brand awareness and establish your reputation as a trusted and legitimate eBay seller. Humanize your brand by providing behind-the-scene photos of your team, sharing customer testimonials, and diversity content to showcase that you’re a legitimate business. Use the content to build relationships and engage your customers.

Speaking of engagement, you should make it your number one priority to maintain customer communications on social media. Respond to comments or messages about your products and listings, and offer customer support. It’s also a great idea to offer exclusive discounts to your social media followers to incentivize making a purchase.


7. Diversity Your Product Offerings

Offering a wide range of products on your storefront will help to optimize sales on eBay because you can attract a larger customer base and widen your net. You must implement a few tips to increase eBay sales by diversifying your product offerings.

First, you must expand your niche. Maximize your product offerings to increase sales and attract more buyers. For example, if you are selling pet supplies, you can offer products for various kinds of animals, such as dogs, cats, and fish.

It’s also a good idea to stock up on related products that your existing customer base might need. If you’re selling handbags in your eBay store, consider offering handbag accessories or handbag cleaning products, too.

You can also consider sourcing products from various suppliers. It will help you potentially find new items to list on your store and get similar products at varying price points. It is a good strategy to maximize your sales earnings and boost your profit margin. As always, use data to inform your product offerings and develop a pricing strategy.



There you have it, the 7 strategies on how to increase sales on eBay! If you follow these recommendations, you can see your eBay sales start to grow day by day. If you want to see significant results to your eBay sales, you have to use these strategies in combination because eBay rewards sellers that prioritize their customers and deliver a positive buying experience.

It’s also worth noting that using these strategies to increase your eBay sales won’t deliver results overnight. You must be patient and persistent in implementing these strategies. Also, it’s important to adapt and adjust your strategies depending on the results you’re getting so you can optimize your profit margin!

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