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"The best market research tool I've ever had for eBay!"

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Does this sound like you?

  • Do you try to list many products in the
    hope that some of them might sell?
  • Do you upload random products
    based on hunches and gut feelings?
  • Do you set your prices based on other
    sellers’ prices and your instincts?
  • Do you copy other sellers’ titles and
    hope buyers find your product?
  • What’s the result?
    Your store is full of products that fail to sell or don’t make any profit.

Remove the guesswork from your product research

Use sales data to grow your eBay store faster

See if a product or niche has demand and is likely to be profitable before listing items.

Check demand, supply, and competition statistics to discover the hottest products to sell.

Make as much profit as possible while maximizing your sales by examining price analytics data.

Understand what buyers are searching for and bring them to your listings using keyword data.

What’s the result?
Your products have a much greater chance of selling fast and at a high profit
eBay sellers helped
100 million+
Products to search from
$750 million+
Sales generated with ZIK

It’s faster, easier, and more profitable with ZIK Analytics

Manual Research
Using ZIK Analytics
100 browser tabs, spreadsheets, and lots of chaos
Finding a product can take over an hour
Slow product research means slow business growth
Products and niches are likely to be saturated with sellers
Product choices are based on guesswork
A user-friendly interface with everything in one place
Automated tools help you to find hot products in minutes
Grow your store fast with 100 million products from 20 suppliers
Uncover low competition, high-demand, high-profit products
Products are backed by sales data so they’re likely to sell
“Selling on eBay was a decision that
completely changed my life.”
- Jose Galeras, eBay Entrepreneur

Since 2016, ZIK Analytics has helped over 100,000 people just like you
to start and grow their eBay business

Whether you’re a dropshipper, reseller or wholesaler,
we have all the tools you need to start selling on eBay

Cutting Edge eBay Product Research Software, analysing 1000’s of listings

  • Find profitable items to start selling on eBay
  • Rank your products higher than your competitors
  • Discover the best item categories and keywords
  • Fast, accurate & actionable eBay product research
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"Without it, I would not have sold anything on eBay!
ZIK it and it will sell!"

- Einav Marila - eBay Seller

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