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How To Find Hot Items On AliExpress

Create an eBay dropshipping business full of unique and profitable items to sell

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In this webinar, I’ll show you:

  • How to find hot and unique products from AliExpress that your customers will want to buy
  • My key principles of eBay dropshipping
  • How to find profitable item niches
  • How to find your competitors to gather valuable information
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New to eBay?

Here’s why thousands of sellers are
dropshipping on eBay:

  • It’s low risk and easy to learn
  • There’s no need to spend money on ads to drive traffic
  • You can make sales without paying for any inventory
  • eBay has 180 million buyers and is one of the worlds largest marketplaces
  • Sell to buyers all across the world
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Tools to find hot products for your store

ZIK Analytics is the #1 software to find profitable, in-demand items for your eBay dropshipping business.

  • eBay Market Research Tools – We provide market data to help you find hot products and niches for your eBay store. Our tools also let you analyze any eBay seller to see the products they’re selling and learn from their successes.
  • AliExpress Market Research Tools – AliExpress is one of the most profitable and unique marketplaces to source items to sell on eBay. Our tools analyze over 53 million products and sellers from AliExpress to help you find profitable products to sell in your eBay store.
  • Used by thousands of eBay sellers – Our tools are designed to be easy to use, with free tutorials and live chat support in case you need any help
  • And many more...
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Training to Succeed on eBay from the ZIK Academy

ZIK Analytics includes free access to hundreds of hours of
webinars, live events and a free market research course!

Training Webinars

Watch 17 training webinars covering a variety of eBay topics such as niche research on AliExpress, promotions and cross-sells, which items to sell in Q4 and how to contact suppliers on Alibaba.

Recorded Live Events

Watch 10 live events where you can learn from other successful dropshippers, practice your market research skills and learn from expert guests in different fields.
BONUS: ZIK Market Research Course

The ZIK Market Research Course provides you the methods that our most successful
members use to find hot products to sell on eBay.

Over the course of 7 chapters, and 25 different videos you’ll learn:

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