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Stay ahead of the game with traffic-boosting keywords. Find the hottest products to sell, who your main competitors are, and what you need to do to increase your profits

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ZIK was built by sellers - for sellers!
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eBay Analytics Tool
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eBay Analytics Tools

ZIK’s eBay Product Research will help you:

Analyze eBay best match results and stay informed about Top 500 eBay best sellers in the last 48 hours to spot new trends before everyone else!

Use the ZIK’s market insights to get instant access to trending products, niches and sellers on eBay.

Discover top performing products and sellers in any category with lifetime sales data - find your product’s unique selling proposition to outrank your competitors!


Discover top performing products and sellers in any category and find your product’s unique selling proposition to outrank your competitors!

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Successful amazon sellers


eCommerce Seller, Youtuber - NYC

“I started using ZIK Analytics 4 years ago, I found it to be the game changer for my business. The number one thing that make you successful is product research and ZIK makes it a lot easier, a lot faster.”

Successful eBay Sellers


eBay Seller, eBay Trading Teacher

“I would like to give TOP TOP TOP recommendation on ZIK Analytics. It’s basically the best Market Research Tool in this planet.”

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Dropshipper on eBay and Facebook Marketplace

“Get ZIK Analytics, don’t lose time on doing this manually. Speed up your workflow, this is really one of the best investments you can do!”

Successful Shopify Seller


eCommerce Seller, Youtuber

“I’ve been using ZIK for the past 4 years, and has helped with my dropshipping and eCommerce business. My favorite tool is the Competitor Research, because I am able to spy on competition.”

Successful eCommerce Seller


AutoDS Co-Founder and CEO

“Many of our customers are using ZIK Analytics and are seeing amazing results. I personally recommend it for product research!”

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