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Profitable Products

List more items and scale your eBay arbitrage
business faster with ZIK Pro. Source hot products
to sell from Amazon and Walmart.

"The most reliable research tool - it helped me build a profitable eBay store."

- Shlomo Steinberg - eBay Seller

Get all the tools you need to outsell on competition

ZIK Pro is an add-on for ZIK Analytics that helps retail arbitrage
eBay business find more products to sell.

Scan sellers for product ideas

Find product ideas quickly using the bulk scanner. Scan eBay sellers and source the items they’re selling from Amazon and Walmart. Pull all the info you need such as item images, titles, prices and estimated profit. Then list the items, fill your store and scale fast.

The eBay scanner can find items from Amazon (UK/US/FR/DE/CA/IT/AU), Walmart (US) to sell on eBay.

Discover millions of low-competition items

With ZIK arbitrage software, source products with low competition that you can charge more for. Our AI algorithm has built an unrivalled database of 5,000,000+ items from Amazon and Walmart making it easy to find items that few others are selling.

Find trending products

See what's hot selling right now. Access the 500 best-selling eBay items within the last 48 hours to get product ideas and uncover potentially profitable niches.

List your products in a few clicks

Turn your items into product listings and start making sales. Use folders to build item lists and organize your products to your choosing. Then in just a few clicks, export your items to your monitoring software and fill your store with items.

ZIK Pro integrates with most popular monitoring eBay software

Filter items from the world’s largest database of eBay sellers

With our eBay selling tools search items from over 160,000 eBay sellers at once – the largest database of eBay sellers in the industry.

With the Turbo Scanner, you can filter and sort items from Amazon and other U.S. retailers based on sell-through rate, competition level, successful listings and total sales, and it takes seconds!

Find fast-growing AliExpress items before anyone else

The Ali Growth Scanner lets you find items that are getting hot before your competitors start selling them! Filter through our database of over 53 million AliExpress items and find the best selling opportunities based on their growth rate, sales and more.

Scale your e-commerce business faster with ZIK Pro

Find, list and sell even more hot products. Grow your store quickly

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Key benefits of Pro:

Product Research
Competitor Research
Category Research
Title Builder
Item Finder
VIP community + Training + Live chat
Pro +
Provides big data and automations for
increasing market share to the next
$29.99/mofor 1st month
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All the features from Pro, AND:

500 Best-Selling eBay Items Always know what the best-sellers are
Bulk Scanner Instantly find thousands of Amazon and Walmart dropship items
Ali-Growth Scanner Easily gather the data on trends
coming from Ali Express
VIP community + Training + Live chat
Provides complete automation and
maximum data to capture all possible
$44.99/mofor 1st month
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All the features from Pro+, AND:

Autopilot Automatically find drop shipping products from Ali Express, Amazon, and Walmart
Turbo Scanner Automatically discover the best selling dropship items from Amazon and Walmart
VIP community + Training + Live chat
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