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    Turn eBay into steady income: Learn how to boost your eBay ranking in 2023

    A value-packed session on how to increase your traffic, clicks, sales, and rank on top.

    September 6th

    How to find Profitable Products for eBay Dropshipping in 2023

    Learn the strategies and tools you need to identify profitable products for your eBay dropshipping business!

    September 6th

    “I started using ZIK 4 years ago, I found it to be the game changer for my dropshipping business.”

    Paul Lipsky shares a positive customer experience with ZIK

    Paul Lipsky

    Industry Expert & eBay Seller

    eBay Competitor Research – Find, Analyze, and Beat your Competition

    Get the exact steps to find relevant competitors and extract valuable information from them to find winning products and profitable niches.

    September 6th

    How to Get More Traffic and Sales to Your eBay Listings

    “A set of best practices that are bound to increase the traffic to your listings and help you increase your sale numbers! “

    September 6th

    How to Build a Niche eBay Store

    All you need to know about “How to Build a Niche eBay Store” and accelerate your journey to financial independence.

    September 6th

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    eCommerce Seller - US

    “When I started using Zik Analytics, It was faster for me to see the results!”


    eCommerce Specialist - Latvia

    “I have been a full-time eBay seller since 2016, and I started making profit already in the first month! I have had a wonderful experience using ZIK.”


    eBay Seller - Pakistan

    “I am on eBay for almost two years and at the moment I am an independent seller. It changed my life!”


    Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.
    If yours isn’t there, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    How often are the webinars released?

    Our e-Commerce webinars are released on a monthly basis, providing regular opportunities for you to gain valuable insights and tips.

    Who hosts the webinars?

    The webinars are hosted by Nahar Geva, the founder and CEO of ZIK Analytics. Nahar brings extensive experience and expertise in eBay, Amazon, and Shopify selling strategies, giving you omnichannel experience & expertise!

    What topics are covered in the webinars?

    The webinars cover a wide range of topics relevant to e-Commerce sellers, including effective product sourcing, market analysis, optimization techniques, and strategies for eCommerce growth and profitability.

    How can I join the webinars?

    To join the webinars, simply enter your name and email on the form at the top of this page. It’s free to join! Registration details will be provided prior to each webinar.

    Are these e-Commerce webinars free to attend?

    Yes! Our webinars are free to attend. We are committed to providing valuable resources and knowledge to help sellers increase sales & succeed in their digital commerce businesses.

    Can I ask questions during the webinars?

    Absolutely! We are committed to your success! During the webinars, there will be opportunities for participants to ask questions, discuss roadblocks and seek guidance from Nahar. It’s a great chance to get personalized insights and advice, and simply talk with someone who has been where you are before.

    I'm looking for e-Commerce growth. Will the webinars help me increase my online income?

    Yes, the webinars are specifically designed to provide practical tips and strategies that can help you increase your online income. By implementing the insights shared during the webinars, you can optimize your selling approach and achieve better results, for all your e-Commerce providers.

    How can I access past webinar recordings?

    Past webinar recordings are accessible from this page, simply click the “previous webinars” section above to get access to our full webinar archives to watch previous sessions at your convenience.

    Can I submit specific questions for Nahar to answer?

    Yes, you can submit specific questions for Nahar to answer during the webinars via the chat. You may even be brought on live, so make sure your mic is working!

    How long do the webinars typically last?

    The duration of the webinars may vary depending on the topic and content covered. On average, webinars usually last between 60 to 90 minutes, allowing for in-depth discussions and comprehensive insights.

    These answers provide valuable information to potential participants and emphasize the value and benefits of joining the ZIK Analytics webinars for their e-Commerce journey.

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