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Provides professional research
tools for making data-driven
business decisions.
$14.99/mofor 1st month
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Key benefits of Pro:

Product Research
Competitor Research
Category Research
Title Builder
Item Finder
VIP community + Training + Live chat
Pro +
Provides big data and automations for
increasing market share to the next
$29.99/mofor 1st month
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All the features from Pro, AND:

500 Best-Selling eBay Items Always know what the best-sellers are
Bulk Scanner Instantly find thousands of Amazon and Walmart dropship items
Ali-Growth Scanner Easily gather the data on trends
coming from Ali Express
VIP community + Training + Live chat
Provides complete automation and
maximum data to capture all possible
$44.99/mofor 1st month
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All the features from Pro+, AND:

Autopilot Automatically find drop shipping products from Ali Express, Amazon, and Walmart
Turbo Scanner Automatically discover the best selling dropship items from Amazon and Walmart
VIP community + Training + Live chat
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the $1 trial have any limits?
You pay just $1 and in return your 7 days trial includes all the features of the plan you choose when signing up. We’re confident you’ll love ZIK Analytics and will want to stay but you can cancel anytime before your trial ends to avoid further charges.
Do you have any training to help me start selling online?
Yes! Included with your subscription to ZIK Analytics is the ZIK Academy containing a free eBay market research course, along with webinars, live events and case studies. We also have a blog full of instructional content and host regular live Q&A sessions to answer all your questions
What is ZIK Pro?
ZIK Pro is an add-on specifically designed to help eBay dropshippers find more profitable items to sell. Find out more here.
Can I add extra users for my virtual assistants?
We don’t support separate accounts, however you can share your ZIK Analytics login details with your virtual assistants. Just make sure that your password for ZIK Analytics is not the same as any of your other accounts (e.g. PayPal).
I can’t find the answer to my question
Don’t worry! Click on the chat logo in the bottom right corner to contact our live chat team.

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