ZIK Partners & Integrations

ZIK integrates with all the leading eBay eCommerce services so that you can
save time and take your eBay, Amazon or Shopify business to the next level.

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Auto DS

AutoDS integrates with ZIK Analytics so you can export all of your items in order to create eBay, Shopify and Amazon listings with ease.

Sale Freaks

Upload items from ZIK Analytics to SaleFreaks and automate your Amazon to eBay Dropshipping in just a few clicks.


Perform your market research with ZIK and easily upload items to your store via KalDrop Non API eBay lister.

DSM Tool

Are you using DSM Tool to create eBay, Shopify and Facebook Marketplace listings? DSM Tool now integrates seamlessly with ZIK Analytics.


Upload ready-to-list items from ZIK Analytics to Yaballe in just a few clicks, and save valuable time.

Support Ecommerce Journey

Supporting your
eCommerce Journey
every Step of the Way

Use ZIK’s Market Insights Dashboard to get instant access to trending products, niches and competitors.

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