Dropshipping Titans Review

In the business of e-commerce, it takes a titan to build a successful business. Hence, it is almost impossible to talk about dropshipping without mentioning one of the earliest tutors Paul J. Lipsky and his course, Dropshipping Titans.

With eCommerce booming, there were fewer people with enough information to teach about dropshipping. But the Dropshipping Titans course helped fill the eCommerce gap by providing a more thorough training.

Stay with us as we give an honest Dropshipping Titans review.

About Dropshipping Titans (Course Overview)

The dropshipping Titans course teaches eBay dropshipping. The course was developed by Paul Lipsky, a dropshipping expert and leader of the Dropshipping Titans community.

What the Course Offers

This dropshipping course offers insight on how to sell and make profit through dropshipping. In the eBay dropshipping titans course, Paul Lipsky lays bare his blueprint for how he makes money online through eBay dropshipping.

The course comprises of over 70 video lessons cut across 10 modules. At the end of each module, there are quizzes for learners to carry out. The program is not passive; learners are required to take action steps in order to benefit from the course materials.

The course teaches on how to setup an eBay account, how to set up a dropshipping store, how to optimize your store for profits, amongst other things needed to be a successful eBay dropshipper.

In this dropshipping titans review, we will discuss whether this course is worth the hype.


How much does Dropshipping Titans Cost

The course goes for a discounted one-time payment of $297. Students can also pay in installments of $127 monthly.

The course’s owner, Paul, also offers a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee if students feel unsatisfied with the value they’re getting.

Course Curriculum

Dropshipping Titans Curriculum

Module 1: Your Life is About to Change

In this module, Paul discusses himself, his dropshipping experience, and the course as a whole. Learners learn about eBay dropshipping, as well as some of the modalities related to this course, in this module.

It is in this module, learners are introduced to the dropshipping titans community.

Module 2: Get Your Store and Running FAST

In this module, students are shown where to begin their journey on the road to dropshipping. This module teaches how to open a new email account, eBay store and how to set up a new website.

Students are taught the importance of return addresses and business policies for dropshipping businesses. They are also taught how on priming their eBay account.

This module ends with an action task and a quiz.

Module 3: My Titans Product Research Formula

From this module onwards, Paul begins to share anecdotal tips on how to run a successful dropshipping business. The early modules of dropshipping titans constituted a sort of an introduction to the subject of dropshipping.

The topics in this module include

– What the Best Suppliers Look Like

– The Best Suppliers for Maximum $

– Titans Product Research Formula (Step 1-4)

This module also contains the Zik Analytics Minicourse on Dropshipping. And at the end, there are action tasks and quiz for learners to carry out.

Module 4: The Perfect eBay Listing

In Module 4, Paul teaches about the software needed to run a dropshipping business.

The first topic in the module is “how to never lose money on a sale”. In this topic, Paul teaches some fundamental lessons on profit making.

The module teaches about the best software for your store, how to setup your first and second software, and how to list your first item. Also included in the module are lessons on title optimization and spreadsheet creation.

Module 5: What You Need To Know Before Listing More Items!

In this module, students are taught how to get paid. In addition, eBay’s payment holds are explained to students, as well as the conditions that may lead to a payment hold and how to break it.

In this module, Paul talks about eBay’s listing limit (eBay doesn’t allow new sellers to list more than 10 items). He also gives tips on how to beat that restriction. The module contains a video lesson on how to contact eBay for listing limit increases.

This module is quite informative as it covers a lot of aspects of eBay, including restrictions and fees.

Paul engages the students at the end of this module with his expectations after 90 days of dropshipping. The module doesn’t end without an action step and a quiz.

Module 6: Getting Your Customers Their Orders Fast

Halfway into the course, Paul introduces effective customer management strategies. The first topic in this module is “You Got Your First Sale” which is more of an admonition rather than a lecture. After congratulating the student on making a sale, Paul shows how to fulfill orders as fast as possible.

In this module, he talks about how to fulfill orders on Home Depot and Walmart. He then teaches about how to use SpotNPaste to fulfill your order.

Tips on how to deal with price increases are included in this module. It also contains lessons on avoiding out of stock issues and how to restock items.

Module 7: Top Customer Service Hacks

Like the previous module, Module 7 is focused on customer service and satisfaction in your dropshipping business.

Paul gives several tips on dealing with different customer problems that may arise in a dropshipping business.

Some of the lessons in this module include uploading tracking numbers and how to fix unusable tracking numbers. In this module, Paul gives tips on customer service, he calls it Customer Service 101.

The module teaches how to handle cancellations, returns and order not received issues. It also contains a lesson on how to maximize positive feedback.

There are 10 lessons in this module that include two videos and a bonus lesson. It ends with action steps and a quiz.

Module 8: Titan Hacks To Double Your Profit On Every Sale

Module 8 goes deeper into Paul Lipsky’s cart of dropshipping expertise. He teaches different tips and tricks on how to save money and double profits in the dropshipping business.

At this stage, Dropshipping Titans becomes quite interesting. The purpose of this module is to teach how to use coupons and save money on free shipping.

In this module, Paul also teaches on how to enjoy tax exemptions on Walmart, Home Depot and Amazon products.

The module contains one video lesson, and it ends as usual, with an action task and a quiz.

Module 9: Keep Things Organized

As the course comes to an end, Paul discusses some important topics including bookkeeping and organization in your dropshipping business.

Module 10: Advanced Topics

In this final module, the lessons are more like bonus lessons.

Some of the lessons include how to get your account back and how to beat Amazon buying limit (Amazon shopping carts have a limit of 50 unique items and 1000 items in total).

This module contains 4 video lessons. The entire module tends in the direction of admonition rather than education. At this stage of the course, it is expected that the student would have started the dropshipping business for quite a while.

Why we love the Dropship Titans Course


Having gone through the course, here are some of the main reasons we believe that this is one of the best courses available 

There are certain features that make the dropshipping titans course such a highly rated course. 

— Easy to Understand

The dropshipping titans course is filled with easy to understand material. The way Paul teaches is very simple, so even newbies can easily understand.

He tries not to encumber the course with jargon that may confuse students. We can describe Paul’s teaching method as “perfect” for beginners.

—  Very Detailed Course

I just want to stress how detailed the course is. With 10 modules and about 70 lessons, Paul thoroughly breaks down dropshipping in this course.

Paul teaches almost everything he knows about eBay dropshipping in this course. He gives tips and tricks on how to handle the different issues that may come up from the suppliers or from the customers.

There are a lot of hacks in the course that even some dropshipping experts may not know about.

— There’s no Drip-Feeding

There is a problem with many online courses in which information is drip-fed without regard to the type of individuals taking it.

Against the norm, one of the many stand out features of the dropshipping titans course is the fact that there is no drip-feeding the lessons. Drip-feeding can make a course uninteresting and slow down progress, prompting many learners to abandon the courses..

The Dropshipping Titans course is done in such a way that the information is readily available at any point in the course. For example, if I want to learn how to beat eBay’s listing limit which is in Module 5, I don’t have to take the course from Module 1. If I have paid, I can simply access that lesson from the Course curriculum.

Paul Lipsky takes into consideration the fact that some of the students may be intermediate or advanced level dropshippers who may just want to learn a few things.

— Straight to the Point

Apart from being easy to understand and clear in his teaching methods, Paul is also straight to the point.

Many online tutors have the problem of “beating about the bush” in a bid to make their courses seem more valuable. This approach ends up making students disinterested in the course, and many times even lose interest in the business.

Paul takes the shortcut method in the Dropshipping Titans course. Every lesson is succinct and straight to the point.

Paul J Lipsky and the Dropshipping Titans Community

Paul J. Lipsky

Paul Joseph Lipsky is a dropshipping expert, and a YouTuber. He’s the brains behind dropshipping titans, he’s sometimes referred to as “Paul, the Dropshipping Titan”. He has a YouTube channel with over 92,900 subscribers.

Paul Lipsky Youtube Channel

On his YouTube channel, there are over 550 videos on dropshipping. He gives tips on how to run a profitable dropshipping business.

He also has online courses on eBay dropshipping, Amazon dropshipping and Facebook Marketplace dropshipping.

He’s the founder of the Dropshipping Titans Community and the Titans Tribe Facebook Mastermind Group. The Dropshipping Titans community is an online forum of people who have paid for the dropshipping titans course.

Members of the dropshipping titans community have access to over 75 on-demand training videos from Paul. Paul also offers access to his private Facebook Mastermind Group and other exclusive teaching materials.

Should You Buy Dropshipping Titans Course?

If you are actively looking to build passive income, then Paul’s course gets our 100% stamp of approval! eBay dropshipping has become one of the mainstays for passive income earners in recent years, and in this course, Paul Joseph Lipsky does a great work in teaching dropshipping.

Paul’s course delivers high-quality content in his course and it’s highly beneficial for beginners looking to launch their dropshipping business or those looking to scale.

You can see that Paul said on his website, “I’m not promising you a million dollars in a year, but I am offering to teach you practical techniques that help you establish a long-term and sustainable dropshipping business!

So, you need to bear in mind that the numbers you see on dropshipping titans program are simply approximations. Those figures are merely estimates of the possible earnings you might have in this industry.

In light of this, it is up to you to do due diligence and invest quality time in this course as well as other courses to master the eBay dropshipping business model.


Dropshipping is a legitimate business model. There are plenty of people who have built successful businesses by selling products they don’t even own. The key to success in this industry is knowing the right strategies and a course like Dropshipping Titans can be a great help. With that, it’s possible to build a sustainable business model—and make money while doing so!

As earlier stated, there are no sureties in this business model as with any other business model, however, there is a high chance of becoming a successful eBay dropshipper if you follow through the course.

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