How to contact Amazon Seller Support

Running an Amazon business is no doubt a profitable online business. Statistically, you are part of a massive online marketplace that tops the e-commerce world in market share and generates an average of $385 million daily. However, while selling on the platform, there are times you encounter some challenges only Amazon Seller Support can help you resolve.

Whether you’re dealing with specific order issues, need self-learning material, or need help with your listings, knowing how to effectively reach out to the Amazon Seller Support team is crucial to ensure your business keeps operating smoothly.

To get started, this guide will show you all you need to know about Amazon seller support including the various methods for contacting Amazon Seller Support, and how to address any challenges you may encounter to effectively optimize your success on the platform. Let’s dive in!’

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What is Amazon Seller support?
Why contact Amazon Seller Support?
What are Amazon Seller Support services?
How to contact Amazon seller support?
How to Contact Amazon Seller Support Via Email
How to Contact Amazon Seller Support Via Phone call
Pro tips to effectively contact Amazon seller support
Common problems sellers face when contacting Amazon seller support

What is Amazon Seller support?

Amazon Seller Support is a dedicated team that provides Amazon sellers the assistance and valuable resource they need to keep operating and succeed in the marketplace.

The Amazon seller support team engages and supports millions of third-party sellers on the marketplace to help them scale up their businesses and have a good selling experience on the marketplace.

Why contact Amazon Seller Support?

As a seller on Amazon, there are only a few issues that’ll require contacting Amazon seller support. However, when you come across a seemingly difficult situation, like a sudden account suspension or any other policy-related issue, it’s best to reach out to the support team to protect your business.

Moreso, you’ll get technical support for your listings, and orders, professional advice and direction on performance measures for boosting sales and listing optimization, and access to educational resources. You’ll also get the necessary support to navigate the complex policies on Amazon.

What are Amazon Seller Support services?

Amazon Seller Support Services are a variety of resources and assistance Amazon provides to help sellers on the platform manage their businesses more successfully. In simple words, they aim to make ‘seller life’ easy in the marketplace.

Some of the services offered by Amazon Seller Support include:

  • Account management: Amazon support helps to manage sellers’ accounts, including setting up a new account, resolving account-related problems, and managing account settings.
  • Product listing optimization: Help with optimizing product listings to improve visibility, increase sales, and comply with Amazon’s product listing requirements
  • Support with managing returns and refunds, handling order disputes, and navigating the Amazon order management system.
  • Advertising and marketing: Assist with marketing and promotion initiatives that can be used by sellers to boost their visibility and drive sales
  • Educational resources: Amazon sellers support assists sellers with educational materials and training resources to teach sellers the most effective ways to sell on Amazon
  • Performance monitoring: They also help sellers with tools for monitoring seller performance metrics, such as customer feedback, order defect rates, and account health.
  • Technical support: The technical support team assists sellers with problems relating to the technical aspects of selling on Amazon, including issues with Amazon’s website and seller tools.

How to contact Amazon seller support?

To contact Amazon seller support, Amazon provides two options— you can use your Amazon seller central account to either send an email or request phone support.

Notwithstanding, to be more detailed when reaching out for assistance, you have to identify your main challenge. It’ll help the support team understand your problem and provide a precise and efficient solution.


How to Contact Amazon Seller Support Via Email

Emailing is a good approach to communicating with Amazon seller support. Though Amazon does not provide a specific seller support email address, here’s a step-by-step procedure to email Amazon seller support;

  • Scroll to the “Help” section in the top right corner of your seller central page.

  • You’ll see recommended support solutions available and you can also view your current challenge.

  • If you can’t get any help from there, navigate downwards to the “Need more help?” section and click “Get support

  • Choose the option that’ll best address your issue from the drop-down menu. If you have a listing issue, you are to choose the option, likewise for sponsored products or brands. Selling on Amazon is most common though.

  • Then, write a detailed description of your challenge in the text box

    • Click on the “Send Email” button. You will receive an email confirmation that your inquiry has been received by Amazon Seller Support.
  • Ensure you provide enough information as Amazon support may request additional information. If your inquiry is not available on Amazon central, browse your issue at the bottom of the form page or simply open a new case. You can expect a response within 24-48 hours and check your email regularly for any updates.



    • Sending an email is an easy way to communicate with the Amazon support team at any time.
    • Emailing provides a written record of your inquiry and the response you receive from Amazon Seller Support. You can easily refer to it whenever you need it later.
    • You can concentrate on other things while waiting for your response, making it a more convenient approach.


    • It is not the fastest way to receive a response from Amazon Seller Support, especially when you have an urgent issue
    • Email support does not provide the same level of interaction as phone or chat support.
    • Email communication can sometimes lead to misunderstandings due to a lack of necessary information or message clarity.

    How to Contact Amazon Seller Support Via Phone call

    Amazon doesn’t provide a direct phone number sellers can call, but talk with an Amazon seller support staff on phone, here’s a step-by-step process;

    • Log in to your Amazon Seller account and click on the “Help” option in the top right corner of the screen.
    • Click “Get support” in the “Need more help?” section if Amazon suggestions didn’t address your issue.
    • Write a clear inquiry in the box provided and choose “Phone.” 

        • Afterward, choose your country, and provide your contact number and a short description of your issue.
        • If it’s an urgent issue, tick the urgent box and Click on “Call me now“.

        Though Amazon does not provide a support phone number so you will have to wait for a callback. It is also available in English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu.


        • Quick solution: Speaking with an Amazon seller support staff over the phone can result in a faster resolution of your issue.
        • Personalized assist: During a phone call, the support representative can provide personalized assistance and guidance for your specific issue.
        • Phone calls allow for real-time, clear communication between the seller and the support rep, reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings.
        • Immediate feedback: The Amazon seller support representative can provide immediate feedback and updates on the status of your issue.
        • Resolve urgent issues: Phone calls allow sellers to access urgent help for time-sensitive issues.


        • Long wait times: Sellers may experience long wait times before they can speak with a representative.
        • Language barriers: Sellers may experience language barriers with the representative, leading to communication difficulties.
        • It can be challenging to provide documentation or evidence of an issue over the phone.
        • Limited business hours: Amazon Seller Support has limited business hours, making it difficult to reach a representative outside of regular business hours.
        • Difficulty in escalating issues: It can be challenging to escalate an issue to a higher-level representative over the phone.

        Pro tips to effectively contact Amazon seller support

        • Report one issue at a time: To enhance clear communication with the support team, effectively solve a particular problem before moving to the next, even if you have multiple issues.
        • Have all relevant information available, such as your account details, billing information,  ASIN number, order number, and additional details about the issue you are experiencing.
          Take notes while discussing with the support team representative, especially on a phone call. You can also decide to record the call for the proper reference.
        • Be patient and polite: This improves the quality of customer service you’ll also get your issue resolved more easily.
        • Make use of urgent help: If you are experiencing a more delicate situation in your pricing, listing, or ASIN, or if your account has been compromised, Amazon will give your request immediate attention and contact you quickly.

        Common problems sellers face when contacting Amazon seller support

        It is not as easy as it looks to contact Amazon seller support, especially if there are lots of sellers in the queue, leading to a long waiting period.

        Other major setbacks when contacting Amazon Seller Support include;

        • Language barriers: A seller and support representative may not speak the same language, which will delay the issue being resolved.
        • Limited solutions: The representative may not be able to offer a satisfactory solution to the seller’s issue.
        • Inconsistent information: Sellers may receive different information from different representatives, leading to confusion and frustration.
        • Difficulty in reaching the right department: It can be challenging for sellers to reach the right department or representative for their specific issue, resulting in a longer resolution time. For instance, if you have a challenge on why your ads are not visible, only a support representative trained in Amazon SEO can help you with it. So you will have to find the right team, taking a long time.


        No one knows it all. That’s why the Amazon seller support team has been put in place to guide you and keep your business running effectively in the marketplace. With the methods and tips explained in this article, you now have the necessary information to address new challenges.

        Whether you decide to call or send an email, be sure to clearly describe your issue, provide any information that may be required, make the most of your communication to achieve a prompt and satisfying resolution, and keep scaling your business!

        Do you have further questions regarding Amazon Seller Support, we’ll be happy to hear from you in the comment section.



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