How to ship on eBay for Beginners

Selling on eBay can be an effective way to make money online, but most people find shipping policies and practices intimidating. It’s not as difficult as it seems though, and this article will be helping you become a pro seller in no time at all!

We’ll be covering the entire sequence of eBay shipping in this article; from the various ways, you can ship your products to the intricacies of how your customer will finally receive them.

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Ways to ship your products

One of the biggest mistakes that new business owners make is that they don’t thoroughly research a long-term, sustainable way to ship their products.

To figure out the most economical way to send a package, you must determine the type of product you’re shipping.

Below are some of the most commonly used services based on the size and type of product:

  1. small, lightweight items are most economically shipped by USPS
  2. products that are small but weigh a little on the heavier side can be shipped by USPS flat-rate pricing
  3. Large and light products should preferably be shipped by USPS priority mail for the best cost-saving
  4. for large and heavy items, use the facility of consolidated freight


Shipping Companies


Each shipping carrier is unique in its rates and packages. What works for you might not work for someone else.

If you do your research properly you can save thousands on costs while ensuring the satisfaction of the buyer.



The United States Postal Service is preferred for beginner eBay sellers and business owners due to the short delivery times, unique shipping options, and international delivery support.

You also get new features directly integrated into your eBay site.



Sendle is best for small packages because it ensures that you get the most competitive rates in the market.

However, it is not recommended for businesses that deal with large and heavy packages. Since the weight limit is 20 pounds, Sendle can offer unique deals to small-scale businesses without worrying about large items.



UPS is one of the leading shipping carriers and has enjoyed a great reputation over the years. If you are looking for a solid company that can ship heavy items to international buyers then UPS is your best bet.

With competitive shipping rates, UPS can greatly reduce the burden on your staff and give you the best service worth your buck.


eBay Labels

eBay Labels is a convenient, modern way to solve your delivery management and labeling issues. The simple process allows you to seamlessly generate shipping labels for any product without requiring detailed information.

You can even choose which company and delivery method you will use to ship the products.

One of the unique highlights of eBay Labels is that it allows you to compare the costs of delivery carriers like UPS, FedEx, and USPS so you can make the most efficient and pocket-friendly carrier for your delivery.

All you have to do is choose the “Print shipping label” option (after you have sold a product) and enter the product’s measurements and weight to immediately generate the labels.


eBay International Standard Delivery

This program was launched to combat problems like tracking and late delivery issues. Supporting over 210 countries, the International Standard Delivery system has become the ultimate method to ship your products.

To opt out of the service, simply choose the “eBay international standard delivery” option once you have made the sale. The option appears you use the “eBay Labels” service to print a shipping label.

The buyer must be situated outside the US. You can drop off your package at any US post office or schedule a pick-up. You will also see the tracking option automatically appear on eBay.

Another exciting perk is that you receive a shipping protection plan where you can get compensated for damaged or stolen goods. The plan also works by getting rid of bad reviews and natural damages related to uncontrollable incidents like storms, theft, carrier delay, and more.

Tip: If you offer free shipping, your product will receive preference in eBay’s search. Use this trick for items that are easy and cheap to ship!


Consolidated Freight

Consolidated freight is an excellent resource for you if you regularly deal with large and heavy packages. Your packages will be combined into another shipment to protect them from any damages.

The final price always depends on various factors, but some carriers, including TSI, offer convenient flat rates on packages.


Packing supplies every seller needs


Best packing supplies


The two most important things to look out for when shipping a product are to make sure you buy economical package supplies and package each product properly.

Paying for high-end supplies may seem like the way to go, however, you will realize how bad the decision was once your business scales up and the bills exceed your expectations.

  • Tape Gun and a Box cutter 

You can get these items easily from a local office supply store and you’ll be surprised to see how often they’ll come in handy.

  • Satchels 

If you sell clothing or small products, I’d highly suggest investing in satchels. you can find these online in different sizes. the larger satchels are used mostly to send clothing items and the smaller satchels are used for packaging cards or video games etc.

  • Bubble wrap 

No matter what kind of product you’re selling, you’re going to need some bubble wrap. even if you’re only selling clothing items, it is better to use it for expensive items to reduce the chances of damaged products.

If you sell electronics or shoes, then bubble wrap is a must.

  • Boxes of different sizes 

You need different sizes of boxes to ship your products. it depends on the size of items you’re selling but it’s always a good idea to have a couple of spare boxes lying around always. You can even use shoe boxes for this.

You can find free boxes from your local hardware and Facebook marketplace.


How to Package your Products




Non-fragile items (video games, clothes, etc)

For products such as these, you can use plastic satchels only. since the items are not likely to get damaged easily, a satchel is enough protection.

If you are a new seller and want to make sure you get good reviews, then you can double bag the products (zip lock first and then the plastic satchel) but if you’re getting 10+ orders a day then it will most probably be a waste of time for you.


Expensive items (designer shoes etc)

For items that cost more and are larger as well, it is preferred that you ship them in boxes instead of satchels. Wrap the item in bubble wrap and then fill the box with packing material to minimize any chances of damaging the products.



For electronics, make sure you use plenty of wrapping material, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, foam, paper, or other packing materials to ensure the product is tightly held. It is also a good idea to cut the box accordingly or to use an appropriately sized box!



If liquids are transported in sealed containers they must have tight seals. Please note that it’s possible to remove lids with vibration. Check if the caps/lid seals are secure to wear.

When the products are packed tightly, be sure they won’t suffer pressure drops during transport. Add additional protections.

Put the containers in an airtight bag. Liquids in bottles should be separated into transportation containers. Use foam, corrugated cardboard, or Styrofoam partitions to create distinct containers.


Printing Postage Labels

PayPal also allows you to generate shipping labels when you ship by USPS carrier. However, you can only print one label at a time. This can be a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to spend extra on “eBay Labels”.

You don’t need a special label printer for local order-just print the label on a normal sheet of paper and tape it to your package.


Getting the package to the post office

Once you’ve printed your shipping label and prepared your package, you can contact USPS and request that they pick up your mail package and any other packages for free with your regular mail service.

The USPS’ service extends to the international scale.


Communication with the Customer

You need to communicate with your customer during the whole shipping process so not only are they assured that their product will reach them on time and safely, but also it is good for your business and you’re more likely to get a permanent customer.


Does Shipping Time Matter?

Shipping time impacts your ratings on eBay and has a significant part in your ranking as an eBay seller. eBay prefers sellers who have quicker response times so being timely in this regard will help your listing get preference over others.


Use Calculated Shipping Cost

Shipping calculations usually offer fairness to the customers. Select the calculation option when adding items and enter the weight of the goods and the package.

eBay integrates shipping to the USPS so buyers can view if a shipment’s cost depends on shipping weight, shipping types of the mails, seller’s zip code, and the postal code they purchased. Shipping costs are calculated automatically for the seller via eBay.


How to save money on shipping:



Saving on shipping begins with selecting the appropriate packaging. If you package your items well, they’re less likely to get damaged during transit and require costly returns.

Bubble wrap and fillers, such as packing peanuts or shred fill, serve as dependable, cost-effective cushioning. If assembling the item before the shipping increases the likelihood of damage, consider dismantling it and wrapping its components individually.

When a buyer purchases more than one item, eBay provides several different ways to offer combined shipping discounts. You can use these to minimize your shipping costs.



Shipping is an important, non-negotiable part of your business venture. Knowing the right package sizes, priority mail options and eBay shipping resources is a must for any new seller.

Even if the selling portion of your transaction goes flawlessly, the purchased item has to get to the buyer in one piece. If it doesn’t, the deal could be ruined — and so could your reputation.

But after reading this article, we hope that you’ve gained some insight on how to ship on eBay as a beginner!

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