Top 10 Wholesale Dropshipping Suppliers in 2023

Starting a new business can be complicated at first. There are many questions you have to ask yourself before you start.


Here’s one: do you want to spend countless hours building your own stock and selling your own products from a supply that you have to constantly replenish?


If that sounds a little too time consuming, you might be interested in a different business model.


Dropshipping is a great business to venture in, especially if you know which suppliers to work with and which markets would be best for your product.


Do you see yourself selling on eBay or Amazon, or both?


When starting out as a dropshipper, you may not know where to look for a reliable supplier.


To get you started, I have curated a list of the top ten dropshipping suppliers that can benefit e-commerce businesses all over the world. These are the best of the best, so choose the one that works best for your business; and you’ll be one huge step closer to a successful dropshipping business.


1. Wholesale2b


Membership Cost: $0 – $83 / Monthly
Item Categories: Apparel & Clothing | Electronics | Pet Supplies | Baby Products | Computers | Bath & Bedding | Cell Phones | Collectibles
Integrate With: eBay | Amazon | Bonanza | Google | Shopify | Ecwid | WooCommerce | BigCommerce
Dropship Region: Global

Wholesale2b is an all-inclusive dropshipping service. You can start with a free membership that allows you to review their products and services before committing to a plan. In order to use their tools and services, however, you can select the plan(s) that best suits your business.



With Wholesale2b, you can actually subscribe to multiple plans, so you won’t be stuck using only one platform. Each plan is billed separately, and you can add or remove them at any time.


If all you want to do is copy and paste their info into your website, there’s a DIY option! The Do It Yourself choice allows you to pay an annual fee of $67 and only use Wholesale2b to fulfill your orders.




You can even start your own website with Wholesale2b. This takes out all the challenges that come along with starting your own e-commerce site, and you’ll have both your site and supplier all in one place.


2. Chinabrands


Membership Cost: $0


Item Categories: Clothing | Jewelry | Watches | Electronics | Pet Supplies | Baby Products | Computers | Bath & Bedding | Cell Phones | Collectibles

Integrate With:  eBay | Amazon | Shopify | Walmart | Sears | Wish | AliExpress | Alibaba | NewEgg | Lazada | Linio | JD | Cdiscounts | PrestaShop | DHgate | Tradera | Shopee | ToBox | Kilimall | Priceminister | GMarket | Joom | MercadoLibre | Qoo10 | DD4 | Rumall | Online | Others


Dropship Region: Global, including China.

Chinabrands is a global wholesale dropshipping platform. With access to over 250 countries and 170+ product categories, they are leading the way as B2B suppliers. Their fully optimized API system has simplified end-to-end integration for all members.


In general, Chinabrands’ shipping and handling can take anywhere from 7-25 days to most countries; however, even as an international company, they offer next-day delivery. Chinabrands has local overseas warehouses built in 12 countries, making it easy to deliver to several regions fast.


There are no added membership costs in order to join Chinabrands. Once you sign up, you can register your company and add funds in order to utilize their services. Given that Chinabrands is an international company, there are a few ways you can recharge your funds.



Currently, they have a VIP point system based on your sales with them. As your status grows, you gain more benefits and discounts on future orders. You can check out their membership rules for more details on their point system.


3. Doba


Membership Cost: $29 – $249 / Monthly


Item Categories: Apparel | Automotive | Books | Electronics | Entertainment | Health | Home | Kids | Sports

Integrate With: eBay | Amazon (Professional Selling Plan Only) | Shopify | BigCommerce | 3dCart | Volusion | Magento


Dropship Region: Global


Doba is a marketplace for suppliers to offer their dropshipping services. When you join Doba, you have access to the inventory of hundreds of warehouses that will supply your own inventory without having to pay anything upfront.



As a member, you have up to 4 different plans that suit any size business that you may have. These range from Basic to Enterprise. Enterprise plans require that you contact Doba directly to discuss pricing.

Each plan comes with an array of benefits, but you always have the opportunity to start off with a two-week free trial. The trial includes benefits from both the Basic and the Advanced Plan.



Doba is based in Utah, but that doesn’t mean it makes deliveries any faster. Your delivery speed will depend on which supplier your inventory is sent from. Shipping and handling may also change depending on the warehouse location.

Doba has one of the richest feature sets of any platform on the market. These include Elite Seller Report, Doba Deals, Curated Product Lists, Supplier Scorecard, and more.


 4. SaleHoo


Membership Cost: $67 / Annually


Item Categories:  Apparel | Shoes | Jewelry | Antiques/Collectables | Baby | Books | Business | Electronics | Auto | Entertainment | Food & Beverage | Home | Beauty | Sports | Toys | Outdoor

Integrate With: eBay | Amazon | Shopify


Dropship Region: Global

SaleHoo is a dropship and wholesale supplier directory service. When you sign up with them, you get access to over 1.5 million branded products and over 8,000 vetted suppliers to continuously dropship from. In addition, you’ll have 24/7 call support and unlimited training as you grow or start your business.


What is SaleHoo’s Market Research Lab?

SaleHoo’s Market Research lab is a program that allows you to review your favorite products before you add them to your business. When looking over the products, SaleHoo shows you their average retail price, competition level, and it’s sell rate.


As you’re choosing the products, you can tailor the search to find products that fit your budget and see what’s trending. Once you see the products you like, you can save them to compare them all. Ultimately, you want affordable products that will make you money by selling quickly. SaleHoo’s Market Research Lab makes it simple for you to find these.




As for the pricing, it’s an annual fee of $67. SaleHoo explains that it only comes out to $5.58 per month, however, they don’t have a monthly payment plan. The good thing is that you have a risk-free 60-Day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with their directory.

5. Dropship News


Membership Cost: $0


Item Categories: General

Integrate With: Depends on Supplier


Dropship Region: Depends on Supplier


Dropship News is where you can dropship using their supplier directory. When you use the directory, you can feel safe knowing that the founder, Daniel Barrett, knows what he’s showing you. Having owned three dropshipping businesses, he made Dropship News to guide others through their journey.


Along with 150 suppliers in the directory, including Doba and Dropshipper, Dropship News offers you dropshipping guides. These guides are more like blog posts that share knowledge of the industry. Knowledge such as “Dropshipping Do’s and Don’ts” and “Free Dropshipping Wholesalers.”

6. Alibaba


Membership Cost: $0


Item Categories: Electronics | Home & Garden | Apparel | Beauty/Personal Care | Jewelry/Accessories | Others

Integrate With: Depends on Suppliers


Drop Ship Region: Asia, Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Africa.


Alibaba is a world known marketplace to both sell and resell. Having over 20 million products available and almost 3,800 suppliers, it is the largest platform for global wholesale trade. Members of Alibaba consist of manufacturers, trading companies, or resellers trading in bulk.


It is important to understand that Alibaba does not supply exclusively for the purpose of dropshipping. Instead, they connect wholesale buyers to suppliers and ensure all customer orders are shipped accordingly. And, unlike AliExpress where you can purchase as little as one item, you are buying everything in bulk.



It’s free to join Alibaba, but you must verify your business first. You may acquire additional costs for customized products.


7. Sunrise Wholesale


Membership Cost: $49 Monthly  / $199 Annually


Item Categories: Accessories | Jewelry | Auto | Bath/Body | Home | Garden | Security | Water Fountains | Toys | Tools | Others

Integrate With: eBay | Amazon | Shopify | BigCommerce


Dropship Region: Global

With 20 years of business, Sunrise Wholesale has been offering dropshippers thousands of products to sell. Currently, they have over 30,000 products and more than 20 product categories to choose from — including brands that you will recognize.



Members have the option of choosing either a monthly plan or a yearly plan. The only difference between the two plans is that the annual payments save you $389 total. If you’re not sure of the commitment you want to make, perhaps a monthly payment plan is the best option. Either way, both have a 7-day free trial period and the option to cancel any time.


Shipping goes through USPS, FedEx, or UPS. Shipping costs will vary between each product line, as some carriers have flat rates and others don’t. Be sure to review your products’ shipping rates before listing them and charging for shipping.


8. Global Sources


Membership Cost: $0 – ???


Item Categories: Fashion | Lifestyle | Electronics | Hardware

Integrate With: Depends on suppliers


Dropship Region: Global


Global Sources has over 1 million buyers using them daily to supply their businesses. Whether you have a physical or online storefront, you can use their directory to find the right supplier. Altogether, you’ll have millions of products to choose from.


Global Sources is similar to Alibaba in that it connects buyers to suppliers. The cool thing about them is that you can actually negotiate with suppliers on quality, price, and payment terms. This gives you the opportunity to get the best deal possible with your favorite suppliers.



9. Wholesale Central



Membership Cost: $0 – ???


Item Categories: Electronics | Lawn & Garden | Apparel | Health, Beauty & Wellness | Collectibles | Others

Integrate With: Depends on suppliers


Dropship Region: Depends on suppliers


Wholesale Central is a directory of wholesalers and dropshippers that’s completely free. The directory is categorized into hundreds of product types and contains products from all sorts of niches, including music, lawn care, electronics, clothing, and more.


The platform is strictly business-to-business and deals only in wholesale. It’s intended only for the buying and selling of wholesale products and is not intended for business-to-consumer transactions.


10. Sunrise Wholesale



Membership Cost: $49/month


Item Categories: Electronics | Toys and Games | Apparel | Sports and Fitness | Household Items | Other

Integrate With: eBay | Amazon | Shopify | BigCommerce


Dropship Region: Global


Sunrise Wholesale is a generic drop shipping suppliers that has over 15,000 products in categories like electronics, toys, clothing, fitness, and more. For $49/month, you have access to all of their products at wholesale pricing to list on places like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify.


If you want to get into dropshipping with the ability to order items individually at their wholesale price, this is the service for you. However, before you get started, make sure you browse their available products to make sure the ones you want to sell are available on the platform.

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