Take your eBay business
to the next level

ZIK Analytics helps you to drive more traffic,
sell more products, and scale much bigger.

Find hot products and selling opportunities
Validate product ideas and see the viability of niches
See what it takes to outrank and outsell your competitors
Find suitable product suppliers in one-click
Optimize your inventory and cash flow
Drive more sales to your listings

Ways that ZIK Analytics can help you grow
on eBay

Analyze your competitors
Drive more sales to your listings
Optimize your inventory and cash flow
Find suppliers and validate product ideas
Explore your industry for new selling opportunities
Find hot products and expand into new niches

Outrank, outsell, and outperform your competitors

If you don’t understand your competitors’ strategies, how will you be better than them?
With ZIK Analytics, you can analyze any of your competitors to learn their methods, get
new product inspiration, and become the leader of your eBay niche.

* Competitor Research Tool

Attract hungry buyers to your eBay listings

The higher your products rank, the more sales you make. ZIK Analytics provides all the data
you need to quickly build product titles that help you get to the top of eBay’s search results.

* Keyword Research Tool

Validate product ideas to avoid buying stock that doesn’t sell

Your biggest business risk is investing in the wrong products. ZIK Analytics uses sales
data to help you validate demand for your ideas and order the right amount of stock
so you avoid ending up with a garage full of unsold goods.

* Product Research Tool and Instant Item Finder

All-In-One Platform

Accelerate your research with everything you need under one roof.

Validate With Data

Make data-backed decisions before committing to new product ideas.

Find Quality Suppliers

Match product ideas with millions of Alibaba suppliers in just one click.

Optimize Cashflow

Predict sales and purchase the optimum stock before you start selling.

Expand your product range to grow your store

Growing your eBay business means selling more products. ZIK Analytics helps you uncover
the best growth opportunities in a few clicks. Choose to diversify your product range into new niches, or identify new
products in your existing niche with the highest sales potential.

* Category Research Tool

Grow your eBay business with ZIK Analytics

Whether you’re selling your own products, wholesaling, or reselling,
ZIK Analytics has all the tools you need to grow.

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Product Research
Competitor Research
Category Research
Title Builder
Item Finder
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Autopilot Automatically find drop shipping products from Ali Express, Amazon, and Walmart
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