Best Small Items to Sell on eBay

Creativity can go a long way if you’re an eBay seller trying to maximize online sales and profit on your online business.

And one of the biggest secrets to success with eBay is to find products to sell online. However, due to the high competition in online marketplaces, finding new product ideas that sell on eBay that other sellers don’t already have is challenging.

As an eBay seller, you must consider the little odds and ends in your quest to find the top selling items on the platform. This guide will give you more ideas on the best things to sell on eBay that won’t cost you much investment.

Discover the best small items to start selling on eBay to boost the online sales for your ecommerce business. Let’s get started!


Small Top Selling Items on eBay

Attract more potential buyers with these small items, among the best things to sell on the eBay platform.

1. Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics are one of the best selling items on the eBay platform. It is a hot commodity for an eBay seller wanting to make more eBay sales because they are always in demand, regardless of the season.

In this digital age, people rely on consumer electronic devices for communication, entertainment, and other lifestyle activities. The best part is that consumer electronic devices are small and lightweight, making them a good item to sell on eBay.

One example of a consumer electronic device among the best selling items on eBay is Bluetooth speakers or earbuds. Modern electronic devices rely on Bluetooth technology to facilitate better and more efficient connectivity.

Wireless Bluetooth earbuds are all the rage these days. You can use them to listen to music on your device or receive phone calls hands-free.

They are highly convenient and bring in lots of demands and opportunities to make more online sales for your ecommerce business.

Another small item under the consumer electronics category is a fitness tracker. It is one of the most popular product categories here on eBay if you’re on the hunt for the best items to sell on eBay because it features a cross-section of fitness and technology.

These fitness trackers are small enough to fit your bag or wear on the wrist. They have various features that allow you to monitor your heart rate, steps, and other vital functions.

The best part is that not only are these products in high demand, but they are also higher priced items (even the pre-owned ones) that you could easily make a tidy profit for your online business.

And finally, there are cell phones and phone accessories that you can sell on eBay to boost online sales. You can sell various accessories like screen protectors, phone cases, pop sockets, and phone mounts.


2. Remote Control

While it’s clear why consumer electronics are one of the most popular categories to sell on eBay, remote control is another small and lightweight item that you could add to your eBay store to make extra money.

Remote controls rank as one of the most profitable items to sell on eBay because they tend to get broken, lost, or damaged. Additionally, many electronic devices such as TVs, audio systems, DVD players, and more require a remote control to operate.

This small item is essential for consumers who appreciate the convenience they offer.

You can maximize your eBay sales when selling remote controls by accurately describing the item on your eBay listing.

Make sure the make and model of the remote control are detailed in the product description to attract potential buyers looking for these items. You must also be honest about the item’s condition, whether it is brand new or gently used remote control.

Your customers will appreciate your honesty, which could impact your feedback score on the eBay platform.


3. Holiday Ornaments

Holiday ornaments might be seasonal, but when you add eBay listings for these small items at the right time, they could help generate more money for your online business.

Several consumers like to buy holiday ornaments for various occasions and holidays, especially Christmas and New Year’s. But there are other holidays you can target, such as Easter and Halloween.

These are great opportunities to make extra money by selling small, decorative items.

Since holiday ornaments are small and lightweight items, they are cost-effective to ship to your customers. There are also several options for suppliers for holiday ornaments when you want to sell them on eBay, or you can find them in garage sales or thrift stores.

When you list these items properly, you could boost your eBay sales quickly!


4. Sports Memorabilia

Sports memorabilia are one of the most popular categories on eBay. Therefore, this category is a good option if you’re looking for best selling items for your eBay store.

Selling sports memorabilia is a great way to tap into your target customers’ sports fandom, which is consistently high in demand.

Another advantage of selling products in this category is you have plenty of sports to choose from and target, whether it is basketball, baseball, football, etc.

Small sports memorabilia are particularly attractive because they are easy to store, ship, and handle. And yet, they can yield a hefty profit for your ecommerce business. Rare sports memorabilia are high-value items that are well-suited for an auction-style listing.

Sports trading cards are small items that can yield high eBay sales and profit!

Look to add vintage cards, rare cards, and rookie cards.

If you have sports trading cards from star players or limited edition cards, they can be lucrative as these products sell really fast!

Another example of small sports memorabilia items that are among the best selling items on eBay are autographed sports items. It can be jerseys, sports cards, baseballs, and other items you own that popular sports stars have autographed.

Ensure you have an authentication certificate for the autographed sports memorabilia items to increase the value of each item.

Other sports memorabilia items in high demand and sell on eBay are ticket stubs, sports pins, sports flags, and miniature figurines.


5. Beauty Products

The health and beauty category offers options for profitable items you can sell on eBay for extra money. It is one of those categories with a consistent demand, which helps increase eBay sales year-round.

The beauty category also offers a diverse product range, which you can use to target various customer bases and have an enduring global reach. The diversity of the beauty category includes makeup, haircare, skincare, and fragrance products.

You can also choose popular brands for the best selling items, or cater to different budgets.

Another advantage to choosing the beauty category is that many beauty products are small and lightweight. For example, cosmetic products like makeup are small and lightweight. You can easily store them in bulk, and shipping is cost-efficient.

Another significant advantage for an eBay seller looking to increase their online sales is that these products are used regularly (some are used daily).

Therefore, it requires the potential buyers to frequently replenish their supplies, which could lead to repeat purchases from your clients. You can leverage that to build a loyal customer base.

A few beauty products you can add to your ecommerce business are lipsticks, lip glosses, travel-sized skincare products, nail polishes, perfume bottles, face masks, and hair accessories.

Since these products are also perishable, you should always monitor the expiration dates on your products and include that in your description. It will help bring awareness to your customers when buying and using the product and create a positive customer experience.


6. Jewelry

If you’re looking for the best selling items on eBay that are small, add jewelry to that list. It is a profitable niche because jewelry is always in high demand.

Jewelries are timeless and cherished items that many customers are willing to pay for, if you can offer high-quality and authentic jewelry.

Potential buyers like to purchase this item for personal use or as gifts for special occasions.

In addition, jewelry items are small and don’t weigh much, so they are relatively easy to package, and shipping is affordable.

You can add various jewelry items to your eBay store if you want to boost online sales, such as earrings, rings, watch accessories, necklaces, pendants, brooches, pins, and more.

There is also a sub-category for jewelry that you can focus on to target specific customers. Vintage jewelry and accessories are popular, especially collectible items.

The more unique and vintage the jewelry pieces are, the more collectors will pay them good money.

If you have unique and vintage jewelry, you can easily make money when you sell on eBay.

If you don’t have these items, you can easily find unique pieces at yard sales or thrift stores. Look for jewelry items with unique features or those made with sought-after materials.

Ensure you take good photos of these items to make them more appealing to potential buyers.


7. Children’s Toys

Children’s toys are one of the most popular categories on eBay. You could make more online sales by adding these items to your online business, even the smaller items.

Stock up on popular toys from the best selling brands to capitalize on the sales potential for your business.

The toy market is huge and lucrative. Parents are constantly looking for toys that entertain and educate their children. Therefore, you can expect consistently high demand if you sell toys.

Focus on small toys that are lightweight and easier to package and ship.

You have many options for selling small children’s toys on eBay, such as matchbox cars (like Hot Wheels), action figures from characters of famous movie franchises, collectible card games (like Pokemon cards), and miniature figures.

You can sell popular or popular toys with an enthusiastic fan base for older children.

Due to the high demand for toys, several suppliers are available so you can find products to sell on eBay. Make sure you use a market and product research tool to analyze the demand and trends in this niche.

It will also help you with the pricing strategy when you sell toys to ensure your products remain competitive. Don’t underestimate the power of small toys when it comes to their profit potential.


8. Music

Music is another category with great potential to make huge online sales, although its fullest potential remains untapped. This is true with unique and rare items limited to collector’s items, such as vinyl records and musical instruments.

If you want the best items to sell on eBay, many options are available. Musicians and similar buyers turn to eBay to find unique musical instruments and accessories unavailable in other online marketplaces.

Musical instruments require small parts and accessories that you can sell for a good profit.

Guitar strings are one example. This product is essential for stringed instruments, such as bass guitars, and they require frequent replacement.

An instrument tuner is another example of a small item within this niche that you can sell for extra sales. Like guitar strings, musicians consistently need them, which you can target for your online store.

Another one of the profitable items in this niche is sheet music and songbooks. Many avid collectors like to buy them, but you can also appeal to contemporary musicians looking for materials.

In addition to the above best selling items, you can sell small items, such as record cleaning kits for vinyl records, record adapters, and vinyl record outer sleeves.


Final Thoughts

Discovering the profitability of small items can unlock more sales potential for your ecommerce store. However, using product research tools to analyze the market demand for these products is always a good practice.

It will arm you with actual sales data to make an informed decision to help your online business grow and remain competitive.

Otherwise, you are only making guesses about which products to sell, and you have no actual data to determine the best selling items that would help you make a profit.

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