eBay vs Bonanza: Is It the Best eBay Alternative?

Ecommerce is transforming the way people shop. The world of retail as we know it has completely changed from what it was a decade or two ago.

If you’re used to online shopping, you know what I mean!

But let’s take a close look at the statistics and numbers first. According to Forbes, worldwide retail e commerce sales have consistently grown since 2021, which is expected to continue until 2026.

In January 2021, ecommerce sales reached $5.2 Trillion, but as of January 2023, it is now valued at $6.3 trillion.

The same source claims that nearly 21% of retail sales will occur online in 2023. This percentage is projected to be at 24% by 2026.

With this in mind, it’s clear that selling one is a profitable venture. But before you start selling, there’s one important decision: which platform should you choose?

There are multiple platforms online, and your choice could spell the difference between building a successful online store or not.

Two platforms stand out for aspiring online sellers: Bonanza vs eBay. I will discuss these two e commerce options and which ones you must choose to increase sales for your online store.

Let’s dive into these platforms to help launch your online store and improve your chances of success.


What is Bonanza?

Dubbed the best eBay alternative, Bonanza is an online marketplace where Bonanza account owners can list items for sale. The online marketplace launched in 2007 after the owner had an unsuccessful garage sale in Seattle.

Today, Bonanza is one of the best places to start selling online. It is a platform where small-scale sellers can sell products, much like eBay or any other ecommerce platform.

However, some slight variations to how Bonanza works make it a good alternative for anyone who wants to make money online.

Unlike eBay, you do not need to make any upfront payments if you register a Bonanza account. However, you need to pay a commission fee for every successful sale you have on the website.

The website is a seller-centric platform, making it an ideal choice for those new to selling online.

Over 40,000 sellers and approximately 22 million products are listed in Bonanza. Therefore, its user base is not as big as eBay’s, but it targets small online sellers, such as those that create and design their own products.

Bonanza is a suitable online marketplace for anyone who wants to create handmade items, such as handmade jewellery, cosmetics, toys, accessories, and crafts.


Bonanza Selling Site Features

What makes the Bonanza marketplace the best eBay alternative? Before you sell online through this platform, it pays to examine the Bonanza selling site features to help determine if selling on Bonanza is your best option.


Product Import

Product import is one of the top features for selling on Bonanza. This feature makes importing your existing listing from Amazon or eBay to Bonanza easy. You can do this with a few clicks, transporting your Amazon or eBay inventory to Bonanza.

It keeps your listing consistent throughout various sales channels. It helps you save time when managing your listings across multiple platforms with ease, making it easier to maximize the sales potential.


Live Chat Feature

Bonanza sellers have access to a built-in live chat feature on the platform. The live chat feature is handy since it lets you respond to customer questions in real-time.

Some customers are interested in a certain product but might have questions about its use or condition before committing to purchasing it. The live chat feature is beneficial because Bonanza sellers can communicate directly with the customers, especially if you are both online at the time of the communication.

If a customer has any queries, those can be cleared up immediately. It will help customers decide to purchase the product and creates a sense of urgency that can potentially increase sales in your online store.

At the same time, you can utilize the chat feature to build relationships and foster trust with your buyers. Responding to customer questions promptly can boost your credibility as a seller and establish a relationship with customers.


eBay Feedback Import

If you are new to selling on Bonanza, it can be difficult to establish trust among your potential customers. Trust is a valuable factor that would help you build a successful online store.

Bonanza has a unique feature called eBay feedback importer. And it comes in handy in this situation.

This tool assesses your score on eBay using the last 1000 feedback. Therefore, you can leverage your credibility on eBay to establish trust among potential customers.

Even if your account is new, it can help you win over buyers who might be interested in your products.


Google AdWords

Another major selling feature of Bonanza is access to Google AdWords. Bonanza has had a long history with Google, which is advantageous for sellers that want their products to reach more people.

Your Bonanza listings will also appear on the Google Shopping adverts, giving your products more chances to be seen – and sold.


If you want to optimize your product’s exposure, you can also use paid traffic to boost your listings on Bonanza. With a little investment, you can get your products featured on Bonanza affiliate partners, Bonanza shoppers, eBay customers, and Bing! Users.

Even if potential buyers are not on Bonanza, they can discover your products and potentially turn that exposure into sales.


Picture Burner

Any online seller knows you need good product images to encourage buyers to shop for your products. Unfortunately, not all sellers can access professional photography tools, like editing software, to achieve high-resolution images.

The Background Burner from Bonanza was made for this purpose. You can use this tool to upload your images and remove any background to create a simple and clean image.

Removing the background on a photo highlights the product and makes it less distracting for the buyers.


Bonanza Selling Fees

The fees are one of the reasons that Bonanza is considered the best eBay alternative.

So, how much do you have to pay when selling on this marketplace?

And how much can sellers take home from the items sold?

First, Bonanza does not charge any fees during the sign up process. You also don’t have to pay any listing fees, unlike eBay. Instead, they will only deduct a small amount from the final offer value for the items sold.

The higher fees you pay to list on Bonanza are also equivalent to the level of exposure that your products get through paid traffic channels, such as Google Shopping. The Economy level requires you to pay 2.5% on final value fees for organic traffic purchases.

The next level is called Basic, which showcases your products to 1.2 million shoppers for a 9% commission on every sale.

The next level is Standard, which has a 12% final value fee to access up to 2.5 million online shoppers.

The Superior fee is 19% for the chance to showcase your products to 4.1 million shoppers. And then the Elite Max level is at 30% sellers fees, which gives your product a chance to be showcased to over 6 million shoppers online.

Sellers can opt for a Bonanza membership, which you can pay monthly or annually.

While the various membership levels can vary and be confusing, especially for new sellers, the lower fees make selling on Bonanza a profitable venture.

The current charge for all sales is $0.25 transaction fee for any Bonanza seller who does not have an active membership account. Aside from the transaction fee, sales generated in Bonanza are subject to final value fees.

The Final Value Fee is also based on the Final Offer Value, the amount a buyer pays for any item sold.

Another fee that you must consider when you plan on selling via the Bonanza marketplace. Using the Bonanza Advertising scheme can be a worthwhile investment to increase sales and expose your buyers to more products.

Your actual advertising fee will depend on many factors, such as the advertising settings you’ve selected upon enrollment. You can learn more about Advertising on Bonanza and other charges to help you choose the right setting.

Here is the overview of the Bonanza selling fees:

  • All non-members must pay a $0.25 transaction fee for all sales on top of the final value fee.
  • Sellers can request refunds on the final value fees within 180 days from the transaction date. If you file the request refund beyond 180 days, your request will not be honored.
  • The final offer value is the same, regardless if it is purchased via the “Buy Now” or “Best Offer” option.


Bonanza vs eBay: Which is Better?

Bonanza vs eBay are two of the top places to sell items online. Bonanza is emerging as the best alternative if you don’t want to pay the higher fees on your eBay account.

Let’s look at the four basic areas to consider to help you choose between Bonanza vs eBay.



The selling fees are the best place to start when comparing eBay and Bonanza. Most eBay account owners complain about the higher fees on eBay and the many fees to pay, such as listing fees and other additional fees.

EBay is not a good option for sellers wanting to make more money since these fees can significantly trim down your profits.

Bonanza gets the upper hand in this department since you can make more money when selling through this platform.


User Base

Another important consideration when deciding whether to sell on eBay or Bonanza is the customer base. Obviously, eBay has more customers that you can potentially target to make more sales.

It gives you an advantage since your products have a higher exposure rate than Bonanza.

If you are willing to pay the fees on eBay to leverage the website’s popularity, you can potentially be successful with your online business. But if you want to reach a targeted customer base, then Bonanza is an excellent choice.


Ease of Use

Both websites offer an easy-to-use interface and intuitive design. You can complete transactions in just a few clicks, even for new sellers.


Customer Interaction

Bonanza and eBay offer the chance to interact with customers through their hefty suite of messaging tools. Bonanza, in particular, offers a live chat functionality that allows you to respond to customers in real-time.

It helps you build relationships with customers and establish trust among your potential buyers. It also makes resolving disputes or other issues easier, especially if you get negative reviews.


Is Bonanza Legit?

Yes, Bonanza is a legit online marketplace and selling platform.

The Better Business Bureau recognizes the website with an A+ rating. The average consumer rating on the platform is 8.4 out of 10, which indicates it is a safe and legit website.

The seller reviews reveal it is a legitimate place to sell online, especially if you are looking for a more targeted marketplace and find that eBay is too saturated.

But like most other websites online, Bonanza is not completely proofed against scams. It is important to be cautious when using the platform to avoid dodgy buyers and sellers.


Final Thoughts

So, which is better: Bonanza vs eBay?

It would be futile to compare these two because eBay has clear advantages and disadvantages, and so does Bonanza. Both online marketplaces attract different customer bases, so they are suited for different kinds of sellers, too.

The best way to help you choose and determine if Bonanza is the best eBay alternative is to look at the features and compare them to your business goals.

Do you want to target more customers and increase sales?

Or do you want to have a platform where you can showcase your handmade creations?

Analyzing the features of each marketplace and seeing if they align with your online selling goals will help you make an informed decision.

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