How to Find Profitable Products to Dropship on eBay

Did you know that eBay dropshipping is a very reliable and profitable way to make an online income?

eBay is an ecommerce GIANT, with a flood of hungry buyers who are looking for products to purchase. You just need to know how to find the products that they want and to put those products in front of them!

But here’s the thing: thousands of other sellers dropship on eBay. Finding those hot Dropshipping products that sell well is what makes the difference between a successful dropshipper and someone who just gets by or breaks even.

While breaking even is the first step to making sure that you are on the road to success, we want to give you all the tools to allow you to be profitable as soon as possible!

Luckily, I’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you find the most profitable dropshipping products for your online stores.

Get ready to learn the tricks experts use to get you well on your way to build your successful eBay dropshipping business.



Criteria for Finding Top-Selling Dropshipping Products


So, how do you define best selling items on eBay? It’s important to identify the criteria for what would be considered the best selling products to determine if such products are worth adding to your ecommerce stores.

I would suggest using a product research tool to help you with this, like ZIK Analytics. With this product research tool, I can find profitable niche products in a matter of seconds, saving me time in finding top selling products on eBay.

A product research tool like this is recommended for beginner sellers because you want to leverage this information to succeed with dropshipping on eBay.

Here are the top criteria I recommend you look at when evaluating profitable products for eBay.


The average Product Price is $15 or Below

When dropshipping on eBay, you should aim to sell items that cost $15 or less. This price point is affordable to most eBay customers, so you can target more items from your dropshipping store.

Low-value items are also fast-moving, so you can get more sales volume, which should help boost your profit margin. Acquiring items for a lower price point will also give you more leverage with your pricing strategy.


At Least 15 Sales in the Last 30 Days

The 15 sales are only a minimum, but it’s a good number to start assessing profitable products when doing your product research. The sales trends are also a good indicator of demand for the best dropshipping products.

Therefore, you should look into this data when building your own eBay store with profitable products.


High-Volume Niche with High Sell-Through Rate

Another important aspect to consider when looking for the best selling items in your dropshipping store is that they should have a sell-through rate of at least 1,000%! The sell-through rate is the total number of items sold from your inventory over a certain period of time.

Therefore, it is a good indicator of a product’s profitability. The most successful eBay sellers focus on stocking products with a high sell-through rate because it means that they are profitable dropshipping products.


Guide to Finding Profitable Dropshipping Products

Using ZIK Analytics as a product research tool can save you a lot of time finding the most profitable eBay dropshipping products – or the most profitable products to sell online, whether on eBay or elsewhere.

The products are the heart and soul of a successful dropshipping business because, without these profitable products, you won’t be able to make sales from your online business.

Here’s a step by step guide on what you need to do to find eBay dropshipping profitable products to sell.


Step 1: Go to ZIK Analytics.

Open up your ZIK analytics tool to find eBay best selling items. You can also use Google Trends to find product ideas. I recommend using these tools – product research tool and Google Trends – alongside if you are looking for the best product ideas for your online business.

Both ZIK Analytics and Google Trends evaluate traffic and search performance so you can identify the most searched products online. However, using a product research tool like ZIK Analytics, you can take your research for the best selling products to the next level.

Like I will show you today, you can get valuable information about the best selling items from other sellers, such as the top-selling niche products, their average sales price, dropshipping supplier, sales trends, and the number of sales over the last 30 days.

Using this information on top of the product ideas from Google Trends, you can decide which products could be profitable when dropshipping on eBay.

You can also use it to identify the products with high profit margins and your pricing strategy, depending on the average sales price of the best selling products.


Step 2: Customize your search settings.

When using a product research tool to find the most trending dropshipping product, make sure to adjust the settings first. For example, you must adjust the location to your chosen target audience and the specific dropshipping platform you will use (such as eBay).

I highly recommend that you adjust these settings to get the information, sales trends, and other relevant data to the target market for your own eBay store.

Once you have chosen the settings, you can open up your chosen dropshipping supplier website. It can be Amazon or Walmart. You can even choose a local dropshipping supplier if you want that.


Step 3: Use the reverse search method to find profitable products to dropship on eBay.

The reverse search method is a reliable strategy that you can use to find the best selling items to dropship on eBay. The first thing you must do is select a product category or niche products. When searching for products on Amazon or Aliexpress, narrow your search according to the pricing category.

Ideally, you want to look for cheap products to get a higher profit margin. Use the filter to find products that cost less than $15. Once you have the products, I suggest using the product research results to find competitors.

Look at the competitors who are selling those products that are already making money on eBay. There is a high chance that these competitors also sell other profitable items on eBay.

Take a look at those eBay sellers account and check out what other products they are selling in their online stores.

Inspect closely the statistics for that particular online seller on eBay. If they have a good sell-through rate and sales trends in the past 30 days, you may continue your product research to find ideas for your online store.

You can browse other items they are selling in their ecommerce store that could potentially help you make a profit if you add them to your online store.

So, how do you choose the best products from the competing online store to your own ecommerce store?

Based on the image attached on a test search, I’ve examined the men’s fashion category. One of the top-selling products that emerged during my initial search is the Men’s Digital Sports Watch.

When I input this product into ZIK Analytics, the performance of the product was quite impressive. It tells you this is a good product to sell and could potentially become profitable.

Obviously, this product is a little bit higher in terms of the average product price ($25), so you can filter your other options to find products that cost less than this. But as it stands, this product has a positive sell-through rate, and the sales earnings and the number of sold items in the last 30 days are looking good.

You must consider two factors when looking for product ideas: the traffic volume and the competition. Ideally, you want to choose profitable dropshipping products that have low competition.

But if that’s not always the case, I suggest you choose that product as long as there is a high traffic volume. The traffic volume indicates that there is a high level of demand for that product.

Step 4: Evaluate the demand for the niche.

Another strategy that I would suggest that could help you find profitable product ideas for dropshipping on eBay is to research the niche. You can leverage the demand for profitable niche products to simplify your marketing efforts.

After all, buyers are already looking for these products, so they would be a smart idea for your eBay stores.

But you can use the ZIK analytics tool to validate the demand for the niche and determine if such products are actually making sales.

It is important for dropshipping beginners to use this approach, especially if you have limited listings available to start with. Therefore, you should make each listing count when you start selling so that you can make money from such products.

You can refer to the abovementioned criteria to help identify profitable dropshipping products. The criteria are the following: it must be 1000+ % in sell-through rate, less than $15 in price, and must have at least 15 sales in the past 30 days.


Automate Your Search for Top Selling Products on eBay

If you want to save time searching for the top selling products for dropshipping on eBay, you can also use this product research tool. The steps that I demonstrated previously are for the manual process of finding profitable products to sell on your online store.

You can access this from your user panel on the left side of the dashboard. Go to ZIK Pro and then choose Autopilot from the list of options.

Once you select Autopilot, you will make it easier to find profitable dropshipping products, which saves you plenty of time. The Autopilot runs on artificial intelligence (AI); all you have to do is adjust the filters of your search and it does all the work for you!

When automating your search for profitable items to sell on eBay, choosing your filters first is important. You must identify the supplier, categories, sales, price, sales date range, and other essential information that you want for the search.

If you’re happy, click the ‘Start Your Scan’ button to allow the tool to perform the search for you.

Since you will be asked to identify the number of products for every search, you will get unique items for the specified amount.

Using this tool saves you countless hours of research since you can get items to add to your eBay store without having to do the research and find the items manually.

You can refer to the profitable products criteria I rely on when finding the best products to sell on my dropshipping business. The criteria are as follows:

  • It must have had two sales in the last seven-day period.
  • It must have at least $3 in profit per sale.
  • It must generate an ROI of 10% for local suppliers (or up to 30% for Chinese dropshipping suppliers).


Identifying Keywords for Your Product Research

Keyword research is a crucial part of the process when searching for profitable dropshipping products. You want to put yourself in the position of prospective buyers.

If they are looking to buy a particular product on eBay, you must predict the keywords your prospective buyers will use to find a particular product.

Therefore, I recommend that you invest in keyword research alongside this product research tool to obtain product ideas.

Employing this strategy alongside each other will help you identify profitable product ideas as an eBay seller and make sure that you know what keywords to target when listing these products on your dropshipping store.


Final Thoughts

Building a successful dropshipping store is not easy. It takes hard work, patience, and a lot of research. Employing our tool to help you find profitable product ideas can simplify the process and provide valuable data so you can make an informed decision when you sell online.

Take note of the strategies provided here to identify the highest selling items on eBay, especially if you are merely starting out as an eBay seller. The better you execute these strategies, the more customers you can get to your online shopping store.



Is eBay dropshipping still profitable?

Yes. The dropshipping business model is a low-risk and profitable business model. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to start selling online but doesn’t know how to get started.

The dropshipping model has a short learning curve, so you can get started selling if you can find profitable items to dropship.


Is dropshipping beginner friendly?

Yes. The dropshipping business model is suitable for beginners because there is less risk involved, and you don’t have to manage your own inventory. It also requires minimal capital to start off your business.


Is dropshipping still worth it in 2023?

Yes! There are key elements to having a successful dropshipping business, such as finding the best items to dropship on eBay, finding the right suppliers, and developing a good pricing strategy to maximize your profit margins.

These factors won’t guarantee success, but they can improve your chances to succeed when dropshipping on eBay.


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