How to Sell on eBay Without Paypal

A few years ago, having a Paypal account was mandatory for anyone wants to sell on eBay.

As a result, many sellers have looked at alternative online marketplaces because some were unhappy with their experience using Paypal, or many were unwilling to deal with Paypal’s high transaction fees.

If both apply to you, you’d be pleased to know that things have now changed on eBay. Paypal accounts are no longer the norm for receiving eBay payments on your seller account.

When handling disputes, you no longer have to worry about Paypal’s poor customer service – a common dilemma among sellers.

Despite the strong link between eBay and Paypal, the course has changed. eBay has looked into other options to accept payments for sales proceeds on the website among its sellers.

So, how can you get paid and sell on eBay without Paypal?

Read this full guide before you set up your eBay store so you can be informed about using eBay without Paypal!



Can I Sell on eBay Without Paypal?

Yes. In fact, a Paypal account is no longer an option for eBay payments.

eBay has phased out Paypal payments on the ecommerce platform. In exchange for it, they introduced a new payment system called eBay’s managed payment system.

Many sellers on eBay had to sign up for a Paypal account. From their Paypal, they can connect their bank account to withdraw any earnings from eBay through their Paypal.

However, this is no longer necessary since the update on the eBay payment method in 2022. eBay has parted ways from Paypal after over a decade of partnership.

The update ushered in a new payment method on eBay that allows users to sell on eBay without Paypal. This update applies to sellers and buyers alike.

Therefore, you are no longer prompted to link your Paypal account to your eBay profile. You must opt-in to eBay’s managed payment system.

The new payment method on eBay cuts off the middleman, so the payment process is done in-house.

The update on the payment method is a relief for many eBay sellers because it is easier to sell on eBay.

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How Does eBay’s Own Payment System Work?


eBay’s managed payment system works by accepting customer payments on your behalf. For every sale proceeds on your account, they will manage it and then release it to your bank account after deducting the selling fees on eBay.

You must link a bank account to your eBay account to use eBay’s managed payment system. As a new user, you will be prompted to set up your bank account as part of the registration process.

You will also be asked to supply your address and social security number.

eBay’s own payment system will process payments for you once buyers pay for a completed order. eBay will deduct the processing and selling fees from that amount based on the transaction value before they release it to your bank account.

To sum it up, the eBay managed payment system requires the following information so you can sign up for the new payment system:

  • Full Name
  • Full Address
  • Bank Details
  • Social Security Number


eBay will verify your details, and they will confirm that your eBay account is no longer limited, and you can resume selling on the platform.

Once buyers pay for an item they ordered from your eBay store, you will see the payments reflected in your account. After clearing, the payments will be updated to “Available to Payout” status.

It means that you can access your funds and transfer them directly to your bank account.

There are also settings in the eBay managed payment system that allows you to automate the payment process. You can choose the ideal frequency with the managed payments, which can be daily, weekly, or monthly.

The simplified payment method under the same platform is definitely one of the main advantages of the new payment system, which benefits sellers and buyers alike.

Is eBay’s Managed Payments System More Secure than Paypal?

Many sellers are concerned when asked to provide personal and bank details. But if you are serious about making money when you sell on eBay, it is part of the process you must comply with.

While Paypal fees are high, and there were some issues with using Paypal, eBay sellers were happy that they were not compelled to disclose their financial information, such as bank details.

It’s not just your bank account information that they’re asking for with the Managed Payments System, they also need your social security number!

However, it is mandatory since eBay will put your account into a limited status unless you opt-in to their managed payments system!

eBay is a giant ecommerce platform, so they have considered security issues before rolling out the eBay managed payments system.

However, there are no guarantees about it, just as using Paypal can also put you at risk of being hacked and stealing some of your personal information.

eBay also partnered with Ayden for its new payment system, a popular payment gateway platform that other companies like Spotify and Uber use.

The company has an excellent reputation for security, giving you peace of mind when giving eBay access to your bank account details.

It’s too early to tell whether the eBay managed payment system is more secure (versus Paypal). But eBay sellers would be best advised to secure a separate business account solely on eBay.

That way, you can mitigate any risks of sharing your personal and bank details through the platform, especially since the managed payment system is relatively new.


How Long Before You Can Get the Money in Your Bank Account?

The payment processing time on eBay without Paypal is an important concern for eBay sellers. When eBay introduced the new payment system, sellers wanted to know when they could receive payments on their checking account.

Various factors can impact when you can receive payment from eBay’s managed payments on your checking account.

Once the buyer’s payment is completed, it will be shown as processing for up to two days.

When the buyer’s payment has cleared, and there are no holds on the funds, it will appear as available on your eBay account.

In this case, the funds are ready for you to transfer to your checking account based on the desired schedule, or you can also initiate the transfer manually.

Once you initiate the transfer money to your bank account, the money can take up to four days to show up in your checking account.


Get Paid on eBay: Payout Schedule

The eBay managed payment system offers a payout schedule that you can use to automate how you transfer money to your bank account. Normally, it takes eBay two business days to process the funds after you receive payments from the customers.

Then, it will take one to three days to process and reflect the funds on your account.

Here is an overview of the payout schedule on eBay.


Daily Payout

It is the default schedule on eBay, wherein the payments are released from Monday to Sunday.


Weekly Payout

The payments are released every Tuesday for any sales generated from Monday to Sunday of the previous week.


Biweekly Payout

The schedule is the same as the weekly payouts, although funds will be released every other week.


Monthly Payout

The payments are released to your account on the first Tuesday of the month.


Benefits of eBay’s New Managed Payment System

Is the new managed payment system on eBay better than Paypal?

It is worth exploring the benefits of the new payment option available to your eBay seller account and why you don’t have to worry about not having access to Paypal payments.


Pros of eBay Managed Payments

The following are the advantages offered by the new eBay payments system:

  • The transaction fees for eBay transactions are much lower than the Paypal fees.
  • The payment method is streamlined since processing funds is done under the same platform instead of using a third-party app.
  • It gives you access to the same seller protection policies the eBay platform offers.
  • You can automate the payout schedule. Processing the funds in your bank account can be done automatically based on your specified schedule, so you don’t have to initiate the transfer manually.
  • An easier checkout process means that fewer customers will abandon their cart, leading to more sales proceeds.
  • It can boost your sales since you can accept buyer payments using various platforms, such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, and credit and debit cards.
  • It eliminates poor customer service experience since eBay transactions are managed in the same payment system.


Cons of eBay Managed Payments

Here are the potential disadvantages of the new payment option offered by eBay:

  • The combined payments can make breaking down the fees for eBay transactions difficult. It is disadvantageous for sellers who want to track down their sales versus how much they pay for transaction fees.
  • The longer processing times on eBay could mean it will take longer for many to be credited to your bank account.
  • It eliminates the perks of using Paypal, such as access to Paypal credit or using Paypal working capital.
  • It is mandatory. If you want to continue using eBay, you have to use the eBay managed payment system. Sellers are unhappy about the lack of other payment options.



Many sellers have mixed emotions about eBay’s decision to introduce a new payment system. Some expressed frustrations because Paypal does not require them to disclose bank account details, and Paypal offers bank-level security with its end-to-end encryption capabilities.

However, there are many advantages when eBay introduced the new payment option on the platform. No matter how you get paid on eBay, focusing on the big picture is important.

While you cannot use Paypal to get paid on eBay, there are many advantages you can enjoy when selling online that only eBay can offer.

Focus on these benefits to maximize your profits from online purchases on online business and take advantage of eBay’s popularity.

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