eBay Marketing Strategies to Grow your eBay Store in 2023

Taking the first step of setting up an eBay shop in your eBay marketing journey is important, but it’s not the only thing you have to do. Managing your business is much more than just listing the products and waiting for buyers.

Your goal should be to pursue techniques that promote your eBay shop and earn you revenues consistently. Today, we will be talking about the best marketing strategies to help you grow your eBay store.


how to market products on ebay


Optimize your Listings

Optimizing your listings and your  product descriptions is one of the best ways you can start making money from the eBay marketplace. Here is how to take your promoted listings to the next level:


How to optimize your listings


A Strong Title

You need to make a professional eBay listing that requires a strong, attractive product title. It should be concise and elegant with some trendy keywords. You have 80 characters for it, so make them count.

Research the Products

Always choose products after you’ve done your research for promoted listings. Check their quality, sales volume, and profit margins before buying them. One of the strategies you can follow here is traffic products.

These are affordable products that act as baits and lure shoppers into spending more money on current listings. Always describe a product in detail and mention all of its specifications.

Take Good Photos

Never underestimate the importance of quality photos for better visibility for eBay shoppers. However, it doesn’t mean you have to get the fanciest DSLR on the market.

All you need to have is a good smartphone and suitable lighting. Take close-ups of the product from different angles, and don’t let your handshake too much.

Avoid Grammatical & Spelling Mistakes

It sounds obvious, but we feel it’s still important to drive this point home. Your promoted listings shouldn’t contain any grammatical or spelling mistakes because it leaves a terrible impression and makes you look unprofessional and unrefined. NOTE: Promoted listings often show up in Google Ads

If English isn’t your first language, make sure you learn it a little and publish error-free listings to increase your conversion rate.

Go Global

You can also take your promoted listings on an international level, as eBay marketing allows you to advertise in whatever market you’re selling. Stopping or starting your ad campaign is also in your control, which is a big positive so make sure to take advantage!

Maximize the Potential of External Traffic

If you think eBay marketing is just about what you do on eBay, you are mistaken. You can use other sources when marketing your eBay store to build brand awareness and make a buyer spend more.

Social Media

Social media is arguably the most effective tool for all kinds of advertisements these days. You can even link your eBay listing with your social media accounts and let shoppers know about your products.

Email Newsletter

There’s hardly a store these days that doesn’t have its email newsletter, and you should’ve one too. You can let the buyers know about the upcoming sale and special offers in advance, which drives up excitement and increases your business.

If you don’t want to go into the details, just paste a link to your eBay store in the email for interested eBay buyers.


Your website or blog is another excellent way of promoting tour eBay store. You can link your eBay store using a creative phrase like “where to get it” and attract buyers.


Take Reviews Seriously

A majority of buyers see ratings and reviews before buying anything. Therefore, make sure you have convincing reviews. The first step to having positive reviews is to provide quality customer service. If your customers call or email you, take it seriously and resolve their issues as soon as possible.


How to get reviews on your ebay store


It boosts their trust in your brand and makes them review you positively. If you consistently achieve positive ratings, eBay might make you a Top Rated Seller, which brings multiple benefits, such as enhanced visibility and a top seller badge.

Becoming a Top Rated Seller makes you more trustworthy in front of buyers. You can request reviews from customers by sending them a reminder. Make sure you include a link in the email to make the process seamless.

Utilize the Sales Velocity Algorithm

Sales Velocity Algorithm is arguably the single biggest underutilized tool to increase sales and grow your eBay store. However, you first need to know what Sales Velocity Algorithm is before knowing how to use it.

What it is and Why it Matters

The eBay Sales Velocity Algorithm is an algorithm that tracks the volume of your sales. It tracks how many sales you’re making daily, weekly, and monthly.

It is critical to track your business because it’s a good measure of your eBay store’s health. It tells you about your growth prospects and reveals the fault lines in your strategy.

By measuring the number of sales, the algorithm is actually telling you about the amount of traffic you’re receiving, so it’s not just about how much money you’re making.

How to Draw its Full Potential

To get the maximum out of the Sales Velocity Algorithm, you need to have at least 1 one item in your inventory with 3 or more sales per day. You must also have a good number of completed transactions, which means completing the process from order to delivery and then getting feedback.

Once you’ve done this, the rating of your new listing will improve significantly. Your store will get more traffic because of the higher ranking, resulting in more business.

To get started, you need to implement the traffic product strategy. Find a product on eBay with over 100 sales per month and find the best-selling products on other platforms. 5-10% of your store should now feature those products, and you should optimize your product descriptions as described above instead of just listing them and then forgetting about them later.

Don’t forget to recycle your traffic products every week and introduce something fresh. Remember that your traffic products aren’t for making extravagant profits. Instead, you put them up to generate traffic and boost sales.

eBay Advertising is Your Friend

Why use eBay for just selling your products when you can do eBay marketing? Retail media has become one of the most popular forms of advertisements in recent years. eBay marketing turns the traditional advertisement on its head by advertising when customers are shopping.

An eBay seller can earn significant profits through eBay marketing and bring your products right in front of buyers if you play your cards right. Sponsored listings appear more often on customers’ screens, increasing sales.

eBay advertisement shines because it is flexible and allows you to target customers based on different segments. eBay currently has more than 550 customer groups to choose from, such as shopping habits, income, demographics, etc.

Be Competitive in Price

You cannot grow your eBay shop without being competitive, and that starts with offering cut-throat pricing with free shipping. However, you need to be aware of the price offered by your competition to beat them and do it consistently.


How to compete with prices on ebay


Luckily, it is possible thanks to modern and innovative price optimization software. It not only checks the prices that other eBay sellers use but also sets optimal prices for your products.

Moreover, it keeps the check consistently, which means whenever another eBay seller changes prices, you stay in the game and boost sales.

Customize Your eBay Store

Your eBay store is your biggest asset which must be worth visiting, so customizing it to make it look better should be your top priority.

eBay allows you to have an engaging storefront with elegant designs and images. Your shoppers can access your store on their smartphones and save it for easier access in the future.

Use a Consistent Theme

Ensuring consistency across your seller account branding and advertising is often underrated. The importance of visual appeal for an eBay store cannot be denied for maximum exposure, and it should be consistent across the board.

For instance, if your storefront has mostly red color in it, your ads should also feature it in abundance to have a consistent theme. Otherwise, buyers might confuse your advertisement with another company.

Offer Excellent Customer Service

Selling quality products at affordable rates is an excellent way of registering yourself in customers’ good books. However, everything doesn’t go smoothly all the time, and you don’t have positive feedback all the time.

You need to provide excellent customer service to sustain your eBay shop because only then can you retain your customers.

Mostly, eBay stores ignore customer service and put all their eggs in the marketing basket, which is an erroneous strategy. For succeeding in the competitive eBay market, you need to have a holistic marketing strategy that involves quality customer care.

Handling Negative Feedback

Always understand the problem from a customer’s perspective and respond to queries as quickly as possible. Be polite and make your customers feel you’re genuinely concerned about their issues.

Your customers won’t always be happy, so take their criticism with patience. Always have a positive attitude towards customers no matter how angry or frustrated they are because it’s always better to accept the fault in your products and provide viable solutions.

Also, if you have multiple social media accounts, it is difficult to keep track of all the queries you receive. The solution to this problem is using dedicated software that brings all your communications in one place and saves you time and energy.

Have a Generous Return Policy

Customers are usually put off if an eBay store doesn’t have a generous return policy, and that’s definitely bad for your promotion. For instance, if someone is buying shoes from you but is unsure about the size, they will like to try it first.


What are the policies in returning items on ebay


However, if you don’t have a good return policy, they may not even want to try your shoes. That’s how you lose a customer.

eBay offers some respite to the customer through its Money-Back Guarantee, but that only works if the order doesn’t arrive at all, is different from what the customer orders, or the order is damaged.

Offering a 30-day return policy with free shipping can help you climb the eBay rankings, but if you don’t, eBay penalizes you. So, return policy is a necessary evil that you must embrace to grow your eBay store.


So these are some of the most important eBay advertising strategies you can follow to take your brand to the next level. If you follow these, you will reduce not only negative reviews but also stand tall among eBay’s search results.


Earning eBay stores subscribers is not easy by any measure. However, if you play your cards right, you can start selling and move up the search engine ranking today!

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