Top 3 US Dropshipping Suppliers for eBay

When you’re getting started with dropshipping on eBay, your first concern is most likely finding a supplier.

There are numerous options available, but you should definitely take your time to find the most suitable fit for your eBay store. A reliable US dropshipping supplier will ensure that your store is long-lived and your products are always in stock.

Considering that your dropshipping supplier will be responsible for product sourcing, packaging, quality control, and shipping, picking the right supplier to work with is extremely helpful when you start dropshipping.

Finding a qualified and reliable supplier is crucial to the success of your dropshipping business.

Choosing a dropshipping supplier is no cakewalk, though, and most retailers usually get stumped in the process of finding someone who is trustworthy and reliable.

It is not an easy decision to commit the lifeblood of your business into another’s hands.

But studies have shown that suppliers earn 18.33% more by selling to dropshippers than when they sell from their online stores. So, dropshipping is beneficial not only to retailers but also to dropshipping suppliers.

In this guide, we will examine the benefits of working with US dropshipping suppliers and the best USA dropshipping suppliers you can work with.


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Benefits of working with US dropshipping suppliers

What are the benefits of working with usa dropshipping suppliers

Some of these benefits include:


1. A Free and Fast Shipping Policy

Many US suppliers facilitate fast shipping to your customers, usually within 1-5 days or 7 days max.

Since some of your competitors have to wait 2-3 weeks (or even more) for delivery, they will find it challenging to keep up with your shipping speed.

Partnering with US dropshipping suppliers allows you to deliver your products as quickly and efficiently as possible. Faster delivery leads to increased customer satisfaction and more profit for your business.


2. Managing Requests, Returns, and Exchanges

Working with dropshipping suppliers in the United States American suppliers also makes it a lot easier to handle returns and requests since the entire process is happening locally.

This means that the entire process of fulfilling your order ends up flowing more smoothly in general.

This includes communication with the buyer as well as being able to manage return fees in a reasonable way that won’t upset your customers.

Overall, this means happier customers, which in turn can result in a better feedback score overall.


3. Tracking Numbers

Tracking information Chinese suppliers is liable to be changed due to logistics issues. This is unlike tracking information from US suppliers, which tends to be more reliable and readily available.

Customers usually have an innate desire to know exactly what is happening with their packages. To sell successfully on eBay, you need to provide tracking numbers quickly and reliably to your customers.

This works well when using US suppliers as they are more likely to be working with common and large shipping providers. This means that tracking information will readily be available to you.


4. A Wide Range of Shipping Options

US suppliers often allow you to choose from several shipping options such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL, among others.

With this, you can make the most appropriate selection based on your experience, the price you’re willing to pay, and your customer’s specifications.


5. Branding

You can brand your products as “Made in the USA” and add a margin appropriate for that tag.

Buyers may be willing to pay for American products due to preconceived notions about manufacturing quality and out of a sense of patriotism.


6. Stock Availability

Stock availability is more guaranteed and reliable when working with US suppliers.

Especially when these suppliers are established retail chains that carry out regular stock audits, you can rest assured that your best-selling products aren’t going to run out any time soon.

And they usually keep you updated on when out-of-stock products are going to be restocked.


The following are the 3 US dropshipping suppliers we recommend for your dropshipping business, especially if you’re just starting and wan’t to follow their dropshipping policies.


1. Walmart

How to use walmart as a dropshipping supplier

Walmart is the largest company in the world by revenue. It is also the second biggest retailer in the United States and has an extensive selection of thousands of products.

Walmart is famed as a discount store, offering hard-to-beat prices and great product deals year-round.

Several factors make Walmart one of the best dropshipping suppliers for your online store:

  • Proximity: 90% of Americans live within 15 miles of a Walmart. This gives you the reach and accessibility needed to beat the competition.
  • Free Delivery: Walmart offers a free “next day” delivery option for products in several categories. This allows you to sell products faster and cheaper than your competitors.
  • Variety: Walmart has thousands of high-quality products offered at considerable discounts which are available year-round. You can mark the purchase as a gift. Walmart has a wide range of private label products that are not available elsewhere.
  • Tracking: Walmart provides tracking numbers that are acceptable to eBay. They don’t require any conversion.
  • The Walmart Plus subscription service: Walmart offers free shipping on over 160,000 products for $98 per year.
  • Excellent customer service: Liaising with Walmart’s customer service is very easy and most of your questions will get a fast response. They have a dedicated customer support team.


2. Home Depot

Homedepot for dropshipping

Home Depot is known as one of the top dropshipping suppliers in the United States. It is the biggest home improvement retailer in the US. Home Depot has about 90 distribution centers throughout the country to service over 2,000 stores.

Home Depot has a very high standard of product quality. They mainly deal with home improvement, maintenance, construction products, construction services, etc.

The website is straightforward to use, and they offer superb customer service and super-fast delivery. Home Depot offers the following benefits for dropshippers:

  • Free-shipping offer: Home Depot offers free 2-day shipping for over 1 million products. So, you can ship your product without paying a shipping fee. They also provide free international shipping for items over $45 that are not in that category.
  • Price match guarantee: Home Depot offers a great price match guarantee. If you discover an item cheaper elsewhere, they will refund the difference within 30-60 days of your purchase.
  • Tax-free benefit: Home Depot allows qualified shoppers to purchase items tax-free. After you establish that you’re eligible to be a tax-free shopper and complete the necessary registration, you can then receive tax exemption on purchases and save up to 5%.
  • Variety of products: Home Depot stocks a large number of products. Dropshipping from Home Depot allows you to choose from over 2 million products.
  • Excellent customer support: Home Depot’s customer service is helpful and reliable.
  • Free shipping on product returns: They take responsibility for the shipping costs on product returns as long as the defect is from their end.


3. Costco Wholesale

Costco to ebay for dropshippers

Costco is a popular US wholesale supplier that is known for its unique business model. They offer a monthly membership deal that allows you to take advantage of discount prices from their dropshipping program.

Costco makes most of its profits from the membership fees and not from margins on its products.

Costco allows purchases in bulk, which means you are generally getting your products at wholesale price. They also have offer discounted prices on smaller quantities.

Dropshipping from Costco to eBay offers the following advantages:

  • Return policy: Costco allows returns for up to 90 days, for most products.
  • Fast shipping: Costco ships a lot of their products within 3-5 days. They have a reliable shipping process.
  • Great customer support: Costco’s customer support is dedicated to helping you resolve any issue you might have.


It is pertinent to note that shipping days and shipping costs are not fixed, and they vary between products.



US dropshipping suppliers make running your eBay dropshipping store a much easier and richer experience.

You have access to free and fast shipping, assured product quality and availability, and are in a better position overall to provide a richer customer experience.

There is a huge advantage to using US dropshipping suppliers, but you must pick the right dropship suppliers to work with. Walmart, Home Depot, and Costco are some of the best dropshipping suppliers in the USA.

All three suppliers have an established customer base, a wide variety of high-quality products, great dropshipping services, and a nationwide presence. You can hardly go wrong with any.

In terms of dropshipping as a whole, it is very crucial to establish proper business policies for your eCommerce store, learn how to source your products, use correct practices in listing your products and work out how to ship your products to buyers.

Some people put in minimal work and expect to get maximum reward.

Dropshipping can be a profitable and rewarding venture, but only if you’re willing to put in the work.



Is dropshipping profitable in the USA?

Yes. Dropshipping is mainly “order fulfillment” and is therefore profitable wherever there is a gap between supply and demand for products.

Dropshipping is very low-risk and requires less capital than most retail models but it does need time investment and proper management like any other business.


How do I find US suppliers for dropshipping?

To discover the most reliable suppliers in the US, you need to be diligent and methodical in your research.

To find likely options, you can look through a wholesale supplier directory like SaleHoo or Wholesale Central, or simply Google for the leading suppliers in your niche.

You might find the right fit on the first results page, but it is more likely that you will have to carry out an in-depth search to pinpoint the domestic suppliers you’re looking for.

After narrowing down your options, evaluate them based on testimonials, response time, delivery time, shipping fees, inventory, and return policy.

Keep striking out names until you arrive at the best fit for your business. However, the three worldwide brands mentioned above are the best dropshipping suppliers for your business.


What are the hottest dropshipping products?

Finding out your competitors are selling on eCommerce platforms and researching forums are good ways to find hot dropshipping products.

Examples of such products are beauty products, consumer electronics, pet supplies, organic products, and apparels.

However, following trends can yield money for a while, but the most profitable long-term strategy for a dropshipper is selling high-quality specialty products that are difficult to find locally, are easy to advertise, and trigger a compulsive reaction in the buyer.


What is eBay’s dropshipping policy?

eBay has its policies and regulations concerning dropshipping on its platform. eBay does not allow you to dropship products you’ve listed on their website from another retailer directly.

You’re required to purchase the product yourself and deliver the item safely to your customer.

Anything else will violate eBay’s terms of service. This implies that all your supplier is responsible for is delivering the item to you. You then have to ship it to your buyer after performing the necessary quality checks.


How profitable is eBay Dropshipping?

The only correct answer to this question is “it depends”.

It depends on who your dropshipping supplier is, what kind of items you’re selling, who you’re selling it to, how targeted your marketing strategy is, and other similar factors.

The average profit per dropshipping order is $2.67, but you can earn more if you find wholesale suppliers that can offer much lower prices compared to what your customers are willing to pay.

Dropshipping is a very competitive business model. Everyone is out to get their slice of the cake.

Doing the same things in the same manner as everyone else won’t get you very far. You need to find what makes your business special and capitalize on it.


Can I dropship American products?

Yes. You can dropship American products. There are several options if you’re interested.

However, keep in mind that you might have a lower profit margin by dropshipping American products when compared to the same China products.


Does AliExpress have US suppliers?

Yes. AliExpress has warehouses in the United States. This means your products can ship faster in less time, than if they were shipped from China.

AliExpress also has warehouses in Spain, Germany, England, and other European countries.

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