The Ultimate eBay Stealth Account Guide for 2024

Hey Zikkers? Looking for another way to maximize your sales and profit on eBay? You’ve come to the right place!

In this article I am going to dive into the world of eBay stealth accounts. My comprehensive eBay stealth guide will take you through the whole process on how to make your very own eBay stealth account, as well as some Frequently-Asked-Questions that should help you troubleshoot some common problems that I have faced along the way.

NOTE: This guide is up to date as of Jan 2024



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What is an eBay stealth account?

Starting off, stealth eBay accounts are eBay accounts created using different information and identities from the real owners.

Now although it may sound like you’re being a super spy trying to sell on eBay, these eBay stealth accounts are actually just regular accounts, and serve a real purpose for any legitimate eBay seller looking to open up a new account.


Key Takeaways

  • eBay stealth accounts are alternative accounts with different identities, beneficial for bypassing eBay limitations and maximizing sales.
  • Proper setup and maintenance of stealth accounts can safeguard against suspensions and enhance revenue opportunities.


Before You Get Started

  • Acquire consent from friends or family if using their details for stealth accounts.
  • Ensure compliance with eBay policies to avoid legal issues and suspension risks.


What’s the difference between a stealth account and a regular account?

The difference is that all the details and personal information used to create accounts like these are either faked (NOT Recommended!) or that of someone else. This then means that any eBay account that does not carry the real identity of its owner.

Ebay stealth accounts are different to PayPal stealth accounts, and creating one does not automatically give you access to the other. They both however serve a similar purpose of getting around eBay limitations that you may be facing in your store such as a suspended account or sales limits.


What are the benefits of using a stealth account?

benefits of a stealth ebay account

One of the things that I like about using stealth accounts is that I can duplicate successful listings that had been originally posted on my main eBay account.

For example: If one of your listings is working great for you in one of your stores, you can duplicate this listing using other stealth accounts so that you can maximize your revenue on both accounts.

What’s better than having 1 listing on page 1? MULTIPLE listings on page 1!

This way, you can take the first few places on the search results on eBay and even in certain Google searches, all with the same product but using different stores.

This also means that when you work with eBay stealth accounts, if one of your accounts gets suspended, then you can still work on other accounts and take these accounts forward.

Therefore, you will never be without income or without work to do because if your stealth eBay account gets suspended, you can always move forward by simply jumping onto another stealth account.

Another thing is that using stealth accounts can actually let you bypass your selling limits because if you are listing across multiple accounts your overall limits are naturally raised.

Now your only problem is going to be finding enough products to list on your stores, and luckily ZIK Analytics have got you covered with our 7 day trail. You can go ahead and check that out below!


What are connected accounts on eBay?

Connected accounts are where eBay will link accounts from the same person under the same name. To use an analogy, these connected accounts are like Christmas lights.

If one of them go out, all of them also go out even though only one got broken (or flagged in the case with eBay accounts).

This means that if one of your connected eBay accounts get suspended, all of your other eBay accounts MAY get frozen too due to being tied together.

The net effect is that you may not be able to continue selling, if eBay does not re instate your account, or you may be out of action for a while due to eBay’s somewhat long processes of processing appeals.


Is using stealth accounts better than using connected accounts?

Using stealth accounts will definitely give you a fall back in the event that your account is suspended, and it keeps your accounts safe compared to using “connected accounts”. The goal is however to ensure that your main account is always healthy, and you should put a lot of focus on improving this account.

I use eBay stealth accounts as a scaling strategy and an insurance policy if my main account is ever down, but I don’t rely too heavily on my stealth accounts overall.

In terms of sales however, when you create eBay stealth accounts, you are improving the efficiency of the costs and expenses of your entire business because of the higher money output. This is given that you made your other account using your friends’ or family’s information (with permission).


What are the risks of using a stealth eBay account?

risk of an ebay stealth account

What you need to know is that the risks of opening a stealth account will only come when you use accounts with:

  • Fake Information
  • Accounts that you have purchased
  • Accounts that you have no knowledge of the user history


It isn’t safe or legal to use accounts with fake details so I definitely do not recommend doing this. Instead, using the accounts of a family member or someone that you know is the best option in our opinion. Want to know more? Here is an interesting discussion on stealth accounts on eBay’s community forum.


How will eBay know that I’m using a stealth account?

eBay can find out if you are using a stealth account through various methods that they employ. It is therefore super important to make sure that you stick to a strict procedure when accessing and operating your stealth accounts.

Not doing so can lead to an eBay suspension, especially if eBay ties multiple accounts to the same IP, or unreliable IP’s.

You should note that eBay works like a computer. This means that they use a programs and algorithms to make sure that sellers are complying to their policies.

As such, understanding the algorithm means that you are able to “game the system” to your advantage.


How can I avoid this?

It’s important to know the server of the remote desktop that you work with. You generally want to avoid using static IP addresses, Static IP addresses will not work if you operate accounts like these because your IP address is fixed.

Dynamic IP’s however allows you to show look like you are accessing the platform from multiple IP’s.

This then primes the account to naturally expect this, and will allow you to fly under the radar with eBays algorithm.

Another way to avoid detection is to space out the creation of your eBay stealth account. Doing this will make things seem a bit more natural as you are not going to have multiple accounts being created from the same location in a high frequency.


How to create an eBay Stealth Account – Step By Step

Now that I have tackled some of our primary questions about eBay stealth accounts, I am now going to talk about the step-by-step process of making these eBay accounts based on my own trial and error.


Step 1: Use friends and families accounts

When you have exhausted all of your choices, and you want to open new accounts for your businesses, the best thing is to use your friends’ and family’s eBay accounts as they will be the most reliable accounts for this purpose as you know the account history and you can trust them.

Do I need to ask for consent from my friends and family?

Yes, of course. It is your duty to ask them for permission beforehand. This way you can open stealth accounts without fear of doing anything illegal and risk upsetting any of your friends or family.

Should I buy an unverified account?

I absolutely do not recommend for you to buy an unverified account without a proper agreement. I especially do not recommend buying accounts with obviously fake identities.


Step 2: Use a remote desktop

Next, when you open a new eBay account, it’s important to do it correctly. So, before the opening phase, I recommend using a remote computer. There are a variety of companies that provide wonderful services for remote computers.

remote desktop for ebay stealth

What are remote computers?

Basically, it’s a different desktop from yours with a totally different IP address (sometimes in a different country). These remote desktops typically work by using the internet to connect your device to the servers in another location.

Are remote computers secure?

Yes, remote desktops (or remote computers) are safe, assuming that you are getting yours from a reputable source. These computers have end-to-end encryption so your data and information is completely safe when you decide to you the service!


Step 3: Create a browser history

You know those pesky reminders that pop-up on almost every website nowadays requesting for you to allow cookies? Well it turns out, these cookies are actually one of the first steps to take in trying to not be suspended when making an eBay stealth account.

The moment that you start to use a remote browser, you will also immediately start creating browser history cookies. Creating these cookies will let you establish your IP address’ reliability and not create suspicious and unnecessary security jumps in the sites we work on such as eBay.

What server should I choose for my remote desktop?

Now, it is important that you choose a server that is located in a country that suits you. Not like a country that suits your personality, but a country on which your eBay store focuses.

When can I start opening my account on my remote desktop?

After performing an hour or two of browser activity for at least two or three days, you can begin the opening process of your eBay account. This is to ensure that your remote browser has enough cookies so that you significantly reduce your chances of them suspending your eBay stealth accounts.


Step 4: Create your eBay account

Creating your eBay account is simple. You simply need to open the eBay account in exactly the same way as you would any other regular eBay account.

A Quick rundown on how to make eBay accounts

  1. Create an eBay account by filling out your information on the website, if you are already have one that you are currently using to buy items on the site, then it will also do for this procedure.
  2. On the website, click My eBay and select “Selling”.setting up stealth ebay store for selling on eBay
  3. Provide the necessary personal information and click continue until you see the My eBay Selling overview. You just need to link your Payoneer account and you’re good to go!


When can I start selling on my new eBay stealth account?

After you have opened the eBay stealth account, I advise you to warm up the account a little and before you slowly start listing and duplicating your successful listings from your main account.

Now it’s time for eBay cookies (WARNING: Not actual cookies 😞). These cookies will let you bypass eBay’s suspension algorithms so that there is a lesser risk for your eBay stealth accounts to be suspended.

To build cookies, keep active for at least a week, or a week and a half, to even two weeks in order to accumulate cookies daily. By the time you do so, your account is stable enough and should be ready to work.

That’s it! It is now possible to upload your first product from home and start moving the account correctly and albeit, carefully.

Ready to start selling? If you are, and want to skip the learning curve – you can join ZIK Analytics for a free trail below!


zik analytics trial


What to Avoid Doing

  • Avoid using fake information or buying unverified accounts to create stealth accounts.
  • Refrain from violating eBay’s terms of service, as it can lead to account suspension.


How to Prevent Issues

  • Use dynamic IP addresses and remote desktops to maintain account anonymity.
  • Regularly monitor and manage stealth accounts to avoid detection by eBay’s algorithms.


Final thoughts

Making multiple accounts on eBay is one of the proven strategies to truly gain as much revenue as possible as eBay sellers or drop shippers.

By simply following along with my eBay stealth guide and learning through trial and error in posting your successful listings, you are on your very merry way in creating many stealth accounts and start scaling your business venture today.

Now that you have created a stealth eBay account let us answer some frequently asked questions!


Is creating a stealth account Illegal?

are ebay stealth accounts illegal

Thankfully, creating a stealth account is not illegal provided you are not doing anything fraudulent. However you just have to know that eBay does not support it.


Can I still continue running my eBay stealth account?

Yes, you absolutely can! But, when creating stealth accounts you will have to keep things under the radar to avoid detection, otherwise, the eBay account will be suspended.

The important thing to note is that eBay suspends accounts based on compliance, which includes whether or not a seller has multiple accounts.


How can I prevent my eBay stealth account from being suspended?

Just like in your main eBay account, your eBay stealth account can avoid suspension by following these simple and very doable steps:

1. Follow all the rules.

2. Pay your selling fees in full on time.

3. Pay for the stuff you agree to buy.

Doing these alongside setting up a remote computer and taking the time to establish your browser cookies will really allow your eBay stealth account to remain as undetectable as possible.


Can I purchase a stealth account?

Yes! As hinted in the earlier parts of the article, it is possible to buy an eBay stealth account – however we do not recommend doing so unless you are purchasing from someone you know (friends or family)


Where can I buy an eBay stealth account?

There are actually a lot of places where you can find people selling their stealth accounts, however as it isn’t something that we do ourselves, we do not have anyone that we would recommend to you.

To repeat, neither I or anyone from my team at ZIK Analytics purchase stealth accounts, and we do not recommend for you to buy a stealth account. We are also not allowed to publicly suggest any specific sites or sellers that are selling or may offer you an eBay stealth account.

Instead of purchasing an account though, you can still open an eBay stealth account through your friends’ or family’s information (provided that you have their full consent), this way you know the accounts history and you can actually save money!


How much does an eBay stealth account cost?

If you do still want to buy an eBay stealth account, it’s could set you back anywhere from around 150 dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the status of the eBay account.

What we’re trying to tell you is that it’s better to open stealth accounts yourself and not be exposed to any danger or even bigger risks.

Let’s also not forget that while we continue selling, we should also strive to provide stellar customer service!


How do I sell on eBay?

If you find yourself asking the question, how do I sell on eBay?, our step-by-step guide can help.


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