eBay Authenticity Guarantee: What You Need to Know

Online shopping can be an adventure. You’ve probably heard countless tales of fraud and disappointments. As you read these stories, you don’t realize that it could happen to you.

Imagine this: you purchase an item sold on eBay.com. You paid for the item in full based on its authenticity. For example, you buy a designer bag on eBay, such as Dolce Gabbana Fendi or some other luxury brand.

You pay for the item’s value upon purchasing an eligible item, or so you think.

So, you excitedly open your package, only to find a counterfeit item inside it. Imagine your frustration when you fully paid for the item, confident of its authenticity!

And yet you end up with a fake item instead.

It’s this exact same issue that eBay hopes to address with the eBay authenticity guarantee. Trusting an online seller that the items sold on eBay.com are legitimate and authentic can create a better shopping experience for buyers and sellers alike.

Before paying for an item on eBay, ensure they are authenticated items to ensure you get your money’s worth.

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What is the eBay Authenticity Guarantee?
How Does the eBay Authenticity Guarantee Work?
Step 1. The Buyer Makes a Purchase
Step 2. The Seller Will Ship the Eligible Item
Step 3. Issuing of Authentication Card
Step 4. Shipped to the Buyer
eBay Authenticity Guarantee Process for Buyers
What Are Items Eligible for Authenticity Guarantee?
How Much is the Fee for Authenticity Guarantee?
How Long Does eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee Take?
Is the Authenticity Guarantee on eBay Legitimate?
Final Thoughts


What is the eBay Authenticity Guarantee?

eBay is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms online, and they’re taking significant steps toward protecting their reputation. They’re rolled out a few features to reduce the instance of buyer’s remorse and enable sellers to thrive, especially those selling eligible items.

They have also put together measures to improve fraud detection on buyers so that when the latter purchase an item, they would be happy with their purchase.

If you’re an online seller on eBay, the eBay authenticity guarantee is a powerful tool you can use to your advantage. Buyers are more likely to trust you if your items go through the authentication process, as it guarantees the authenticity of items sold on eBay.com.

The eBay authenticity guarantee involves multiple steps and processes. It is designed to ensure confidence among buyers about the authenticity of items sold on eBay.com.

Labeling certain products as eligible items can help buyers and sellers alike.

It gives buyers confidence knowing they are paying for eligible items and dealing with a reputable seller. On the other hand, sellers can also gain the trust of their buyers with the authenticity guarantee.


It lets the potential buyers know they are selling authenticated items and that it has been verified by a third-party instead of just them claiming that it is. Giving your buyers the assurance of authenticity helps boost your sales performance on your eBay store.


How Does the eBay Authenticity Guarantee Work?

The eBay authenticity guarantee is an exhaustive step. But knowing its potential benefits to your store, you can leverage the process to enhance protection for your buyers and ensure they are not paying for a counterfeit item.

The risk of the impact of fraud detection is not exclusive to eBay. There is a potential for buyers to pay for counterfeit items on any other shopping platform.

That’s why eBay has implemented its authenticity guarantee to stand out from the competition and reassure customers that they are purchasing an eligible item.

Find out how the authenticity guarantee service works and how much to pay. But first, let’s examine the step-by-step process for the authenticity guarantee on eBay.


Step 1. The Buyer Makes a Purchase

The first step for a seller is to list the item to be sold on eBay.com. An item eligible for the service of authenticity guarantee will have a blue check mark next to the item listing.

When buyers see that blue check mark, it indicates that the item is eligible for the authenticity guarantee process.


Step 2. The Seller Will Ship the Eligible Item

When a buyer purchases an item from your store, specifically items with the Authenticity Guarantee mark, it won’t be shipped to the buyer yet. Instead, it will be forwarded to a team of authenticators.

There will be a different authentication facility for each item category. For example, eBay currently offers an authenticity guarantee service for the following categories:

The professional authenticators under the authenticity guarantee service have specific brand and category knowledge. It ensures there are no risks involved for buyers and sellers, but there is a big reward since buyers can get authenticated items in their purchase while the seller will earn the confidence of its buyers.


Step 3. Issuing of Authentication Card

The professional team of authenticators at the authentication facility will verify the eligible items based on the listing description and other factors. They will also conduct a multi point inspection to reassure buyers that they purchased with authenticity guarantee.

Once the authenticity is verified, an authentication card is issued for the item. It will contain information about the authenticated items.


Step 4. Shipped to the Buyer

The final step in the authenticity guarantee process is shipping the item to the buyer. The eligible item with appropriate signature confirmation will undergo expedited delivery so the buyer can get the item at the soonest possible time.


eBay Authenticity Guarantee Process for Buyers

The eBay authenticity guarantee process for buyers ensures you are purchasing an eligible item.

The process works the same way from the seller’s perspective. First, you have to make a purchase of an item you want.

If the item is listed with the authenticity guarantee mark, you must ship the eligible item to verified authenticators.

The item will go through the authenticity guarantee process wherein a team of authenticity inspectors will conduct a multi point inspection of the item.

Once the item has passed the rigorous process, the authenticators will issue documentation to certify the authenticity of the item.

The last step is the item is shipped to the buyer – you. This process is at no extra cost to you. Therefore, you can get no risk but big rewards for items purchased with authenticity guarantee.

With eBay’s authenticity guarantee, you can confidently shop through the platform. You don’t have to worry about buying a counterfeit item because this system ensures new trust among buyers and sellers on eBay.


What Are Items Eligible for Authenticity Guarantee?

Currently, only limited categories are included under the authenticity guarantee on eBay. The authentication process for these items is relatively similar, with some authentication aspects varying based on the specific product.



To check for the authenticity of sneakers sold on eBay.com, the authenticators will look at a few characteristics for verification. First, they will inspect the sizing label, the logo, the heel tabs, and the sneaker box.

A box is important for sneakers listed in the same condition as “Brand New” items.

The average selling price for brand-new sneakers is at least $100 or not more than $150 for pre-owned sneakers. Items listed in the auction-style or Buy it Now format are qualified to undergo check in the authentication facility.

Signed sneakers are not eligible for the program since their authenticity cannot be verified.

Currently, items eligible for authenticity guarantee only accept sneakers from the following brands, but are not limited to:

  • Jordan
  • Yeezy
  • Adidas
  • New Balance
  • Nike
  • Louis Vuitton


Luxury handbags are one of those items that most buyers are willing to pay a huge amount for, as long as they are authenticated items. Unfortunately, you can also find many counterfeit bags online.

Therefore, buyers and sellers can use the authentication process to ensure you are dealing with a legitimate product.

Authenticators will check the handbag for the packaging, smell, hardware and strap details, accessories, and more. Brand-new and pre-loved handbags are eligible for authenticity verification on eBay.

The handbag must be listed at $500 or more.

The currently eligible brands under the authenticity guarantee program include Hermes, Dior, Chanel, Prada, Celine, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Goyard, and more. Signature confirmation required upon delivery of the handbag to the buyer.



Watches are one of those big-ticket items you will find sold on eBay.com. Buyers want the authenticity mark before buying the product to ensure that it is well worth the money they pay.

Authenticators use multi-point inspection for these items, including the serial number, end links, hardware details, case, dial, crown, bezel, and more. There are no brand specifications on eBay for the accepted brands.

However, any wristwatch listed under the Buy it Now category or those valued at $2,000 or more (for Buy it Now or starting bid).

Any premium watch brands are automatically eligible as authenticity guarantee items. These brands include but are not limited to Rolex, Breitling, and Omega.

Vintage watches can also be eligible authenticity guarantee items if verified by third-party authenticators. Due to the age of these products, off-brand replacement parts are also accepted.

Any modifications to the vintage watches are only accepted if they are limited to the basic components. Any personalized modifications will make the watch ineligible as an authenticity guarantee item.



Fine jewelry and industry experts will examine jewelry pieces for authenticity. The goal of the inspection is to ensure the item is in the same condition as described on the listing and to ensure it is genuine.

The authenticators are experts from the Gemological Institute of America. They will examine the material, the style, and other elements that add to the value of the jewelry item.


Trading Cards

The authorized authenticators will check the trading cards’ surface, corners, and edges. They will also look at the condition for authenticity inspection.

The authenticity guarantee program on eBay currently only accepts collectible card games, sports trading cards, and non-sports trading cards. A signature is also required upon the delivery of the items to the buyer.

The point of the authentication is only to show that the card is not genuine. No grading will be given during the inspection.


How Much is the Fee for Authenticity Guarantee?

For sellers and buyers, you don’t have to worry about paying extra for the items eligible for authenticity guarantee. eBay covers the cost for the fees and costs associated with the verification of the items under this program.

Since eBay pays for the service, you don’t have to worry about shelling out extra money for the fees or costs associated with the service. Therefore, it is highly beneficial for buyers since you can purchase high-ticket items confidently and guarantee that you won’t receive a fake or counterfeit item.

For sellers, it is also beneficial since you can earn the trust of the buyer and you can boost the sales for your eBay store.


How Long Does eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee Take?

Items purchased with authenticity guarantee will be sent to a third-party authentication facility. They will process the item within two business days from the final sale and the delivery to the facility.

After they have completed the verification process, the item will be shipped to the buyer using an expedited delivery option. The total time it takes to undergo this process is about four to five days.


Is the Authenticity Guarantee on eBay Legitimate?

While eBay covers the cost under the eBay authenticate program, sellers and buyers want to ensure the process is legitimate. And yes, it is!

The Authenticity Guarantee program is a multi-step process performed by industry experts with extensive knowledge and experience. While it is not entirely foolproof, it gives everyone peace of mind knowing that they are dealing with legitimate items that are close in value to the listed price on eBay.

For example, an Omega watch listed on eBay is valued at $8,000. If you are paying that amount for an item, you want to be assured that it is worth that much instead of an $80 knockoff!

The badge that indicates the product’s authenticity gives you confidence that you are shopping for the right items.


Final Thoughts

The eBay authenticity program is a game-changer in the world of online shopping. It is a significant step toward earning the trust and confidence of consumers when buying products online.

With more counterfeit products sold online, you can rest assured that industry experts have authenticated the products you are buying, and you’re not just taking the seller’s word for it.

Along with the eBay money back guarantee, the eBay authenticate program is just one of the many ways eBay has taken measures to protect its buyers and sellers. You can enjoy peace of mind and convenience when shopping and selling online.

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