What to Sell on eBay [Updated JUNE 2023]

If you’re wondering what to sell on eBay, you’ve come to the right place. As we gear up for a new month, eBay sellers must devise a plan to stay ahead of the competition and identify the top selling items on eBay.

So, for this guide, I’ll discuss with you the products that are in the highest demand and which ones are not. It’s the factor that can make or break your eBay store and online business.

Before you sell online, you’ll want to read the full guide on the top selling products to hit your sales target! But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Join me as I dive into the eBay best sellers for June 2023 so your ecommerce business not just stays afloat but actually thrives!

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eBay Best Sellers for June 2023


The hottest month of the year is coming – and you better get ready to supercharge your sales on eBay! As an eBay seller, your goal is to pick out the most high-demand products that will fly off the shelves! But doing this can take a lot of time, and without the right tools could also mean a trial-and-error phase that significantly cuts your profit margin.

No more wondering or guessing about what to sell on eBay! I have researched the top selling items on eBay in June so you can fast-track your way to success.

Most consumers tend to increase their online shopping during the summer (like in the holiday season), so be sure to maximize your sales earnings.

Shall we begin?


Top Selling Items on eBay in June 2023


1. Seat Cushions

Seat cushions can be a lucrative option for your store since these products typically sell in the eBay marketplace during this time of year.

June marks the start of summer in the US, meaning people spend more time outdoors and enjoy gatherings with friends or families on the patio. Therefore, the demand for comfortable outdoor seating is higher now than ever. That is where seat cushions enter the picture. This product is the perfect solution to enjoy enhanced comfort while engaging in outdoor entertaining or relaxing.

Make the most of this demand since historically (as per Google Trends data), these products perform well around the summer months. In addition, the product research analysis on ZIK Analytics shows an impressive sell through rate for this product. In the past 30 days, it sold over 2,000 items and generated over $43,000 in sales. The successful listings rate is 84%, and that’s impressive if you want to generate sales for your store.

Seat cushions from the top sellers range in price from $10 to $32.99 (with the average product price at $23). The affordable price range means that you can easily sell these products even if there might be high competition for them. It’s also easy to find suppliers for this product across various marketplaces, such as Aliexpress or Amazon.


2. Swimsuit

The next item on the list of the top selling items on eBay for June 2023 gets an average of 300,000 monthly searches! If you’re looking for key product focused categories to list in your store, this is it!

Swimsuit is also a popular addition to your product lineup in June for obvious reasons; June is the arrival of summer. Consumers are buying swimsuits as swimming is likely one of the top activities during these months. As the temperatures rise, people flock to the beaches and pools to cool off from the heat.

The best part about listing swimsuits to your online store is you can cater to a number of consumers – from men to women, people of all ages and body types. There is a wide variety of options to choose from and create your niche market (if you want to differentiate your store from others on eBay).

You can also list top selling brands if you want to cater to buyers with a specific taste. For example, buyers are looking for performance swimwear for competitive swimming or athletic performance. When you choose these best selling items, you can expect a consistent sales flow in June.

If you look at Google Trends, it also confirms that swimsuit is one of the top categories to sell on eBay in June. The demand for the keyword rises at certain times of the year, which includes June.

It is also supported by the data from ZIK Analytics wherein the sell through rate for this product category is 793% and a successful listings rate of 64%. Nearly 800 items were sold in the last 30 days, and the sales earnings have reached $11,040.

If you look at the top sellers on eBay for this category, many of them were able to sell 20 to 30 items in the swimsuit category in the last 30 days. If you were to take advantage of this demand, you could be on your way to making huge sales!


3. WiFi Repeater

June marks the start of the summer vacation for most kids and families. Since the children are away from school, many of those who like to spend time at home use it to watch their favorite movies or catch up on streaming their favorite shows. As a result, a WiFi repeater is one of the high demand products and best selling items on eBay for June.

Even those who like to travel during the summer will also find a lot of use for a WiFi repeater, especially when traveling somewhere with a weak WiFi signal. For some, staying connected on trips is important, and this product could come in handy.

WiFi repeaters are also doing well, based on Google Trends data in the past five years. With a good amount of web search, validating that data on ZIK Analytics is important. The numbers are equally impressive as the search term generated a sell through rate of 1,763% with total sales earnings of $30,925 for the past 30 days. The total sold items is 1,763, and the average product price is $17.92.

The top sellers for this product category were able to sell as much as 147 items in the past 30 days. Some sellers even have a total lifetime sale of over 8,000 units! This product category is not seasonal, which means there are more chances of getting sales for this product beyond June.


4. Wireless Phone Chargers

Wireless phone chargers are another winning product category for your eBay store in June. Why is it one of the top selling products for this month?

Again, in keeping with the trend of summer products, people are traveling in the summer months. They need wireless phone chargers to stay connected to help with navigation or to stay connected with friends. It is also a great way to capture and share memorable travel experiences with friends or family.

Wireless phone chargers are a must for outdoor travel enthusiasts. They offer a hassle-free charging experience and make excellent gifts for Father’s Day, also celebrated in June.

Google Trends data on wireless phone chargers show evidence of its high level of demand. It is one of the top selling products with a rising trend in June. The same trend is evident in ZIK Analytics, which shows a sell through rate of 2813% and sales earnings of over $32,000 in the past 30 days.

Some of the top sellers in this category generated 293 sold items in the past month, which means more sales and profits!


5. Wedding

The wedding category is another popular one to focus on for your online store in June 2023. June is traditionally known as the wedding season. Many couples choose to tie the knot this month, which inevitably causes a demand for wedding products this time of the year.

There are various wedding products and accessories you could list on your online store this June if you want to generate sales. For example, you can sell bridal accessories, wedding favors, wedding planners, etc. You can also target budget-conscious couples looking to buy DIY wedding supplies.

According to Google Trends, the demand for wedding products is consistently high during the month of June.

There is also a similar trend in product research tools like ZIK Analytics. The sell through rate is 5395%, and the sales earnings in the past 30 days are $92,488.

You can also look at the top performing sellers on eBay to find product ideas to list on your store, such as solar LED lighting for outdoor wedding, faux wedding bouquets, wedding tent, wedding party favors, and decorative items.


6. Yoga

Selling yoga products on your eBay store in June could be the ticket to making more sales. There is a trend for people to engage in more physical and fitness activities during summer, and yoga is one of those activities. Many people like to use the summer months as an opportunity to stay fit and active. By offering yoga products in your store, you can cater to these individuals and capitalize on the demand.

The good thing about selling yoga equipment is you have many products. For example, you can sell yoga apparel, yoga mats, yoga blocks, and more. You can add these products to your store and target those wanting to get started on or deepen their yoga practice.

The good news is that the demand for yoga is consistently high online. Google Trends revealed a high search volume for yoga in June. Meanwhile, product research analysis of the sales performance of yoga products also shows the same thing. The sell through rate for yoga is 2782% with sales earnings of over $46,200 in the past 30 days. The successful listings rate for yoga is 72%.

Some of the top selling items on eBay under this category are yoga leggings, yoga mats, yoga gym shorts, and yoga bag. The average selling price is $17.52, with over 2,700 sold items in the past 30 days.


7. Water Shoes

As mentioned, swimming is one of the top activities for June 2023. Therefore, adding water shoes to your product lineup is also a good way to increase sales this month.

Water shoes are a must-add item for anyone planning to go to the beach and enjoy swimming in the summer. You can find a wide range of water shoes to add to your eBay store, which depends on the brand and style.

As expected, water shoes are in high demand on Google searches during June. This trend has been consistent over the past five years.

Data from ZIK Analytics validate this trend because it has an excellent sell through rate of 4859% and a successful listing rate of 72%. The total sales earnings are $61,087 in the past 30 days.

Some sellers have sold over 300 items in the past 30 days, so there is a good chance to increase sales from this product category.


eBay Best Sellers for May 2023

May 2023 is right around the corner! And it’s time to get ahead by checking out the best selling items you must have in your online store!

Ready to make some serious sales? Let’s get started with the best selling products for May 2023! Take notes because you wouldn’t want to miss any important detail!


1. Cookware

Cookware is the first on the list of the best selling products to sell on eBay for May 2023. This product category has generated $39,000 in sales in the past 30 days!

But it’s not just a trending product category in the summer months because cookware has been doing well historically. Google Trends data show that while there are some minor fluctuations, the demand for cookware products never significantly drops in five years.

Aside from Google, ZIK Analytics data also supports the idea that cookware is one of the top selling items on eBay you must have in your online business right now! A quick analysis of the product research tool reveals that cookware is a high demand product for May, so it is a good option for online selling if you want to boost online sales.

As of the last week of April 2023, the sell through rate for cookware on ZIK Analytics data is 542%. The total number of units sold is 542, and eBay sellers selling this product have generated total sales of $42,754. The average selling price for cookware items is $79.84, which should provide an adequate profit margin.

One advantage of listing cookware products in your online store is you have many products to choose from. In addition, it gives you variety when listing products you could potentially generate online sales from, and they vary on the average selling price depending on the top selling brands.

The ZIK Analytics data also supports that, which you can see that you can find many items at varying price points. Therefore, you can adjust your strategy on which of these top selling items on eBay to add to your online store based on your target audience and the corresponding prices of these products.

2. Mirrors

Next on the list of the best selling products on eBay for May is mirrors. It’s an excellent product to sell on eBay for many reasons.

First, many consumers want to refresh their homes as they transition into warmer weather. Adding mirrors can enhance the aesthetic appeal and freshness of your home. If you want to target buyers doing a home redecoration project, it’s an excellent item to have in your online store to generate those online sales.

The good news is that the sales data for mirrors is also promising, which is why we’ve added it to the list of the top selling items to add to your eBay business. The sell through rate for mirrors is 1264% (as of the last week of April 2023). The sold items are also impressive, with 1,264 in the past 30 days. And the sales earnings are just as good at $23,683. The successful listings rate is 43%, and the average product price is $25.86, which makes it easy to sell items in this product category.

If you examine the graph, you can analyze the demand for this product, which has steadily grown in the past few weeks (or months). You can capitalize on that growing demand when you start selling this product through your eBay seller account.

3. Clock

Clocks are next on the list of top selling items on eBay for May. Based on Google Trends data, clocks are consistently in-demand products, not just seasonal items. It’s a great product to list in your online store because it never gets out of trend. It can also be an excellent item to buy for your home or to give as a gift for any occasion. Adding clocks to your store could potentially mean more online sales to your online business!

Again, if you were to examine the Google Trends data for clocks in the past five years, there are no significant highs and lows for this product category. It means you can get a fair amount of sales with this product if you start selling it in your store.

But regarding recent sales data, clocks prove to be one of the top selling items on eBay! According to data from ZIK Analytics, the sell through rate for clocks in the past 30 days is 2293%. The average product price is $13.99, so it is one of the fast-moving items since they are sold at a reasonable price. The total sold items in the past 30 days are 2,293, resulting in a sales earning of $31 373. Furthermore, it brings the successful listings rate up to 94%!

Numbers don’t lie. So, if these numbers are any indicator, it means that clocks are one of the top selling items on eBay, which you should have in your store.

4. Storage

Spring might be over soon, but many people are still in the spring-cleaning mood. As summer draws close, you can expect more cleaning and organization to be on many people’s to-do lists. For this reason, storage products are going to be one of the top selling items in your store.

Like most of the items I’ve covered so far, the Google Trends storage graph is also good! It’s only got minor fluctuations over five years with no significant highs and lows. That’s a good sign if you are looking for the most profitable products to sell online. Not only do you have access to eBay top selling items, but also the top categories!

The storage product category’s sell-through rate is 3432%, with a sales earning of $92,091 for the past 30 days. The successful listing rate is 95%, and the average selling price is $26.52.

The best part is it’s easy to source suppliers for this product category if you want to sell online. With many suppliers available, you can find the one that can offer a reasonable price to improve your profit margin. Make sure to consider eBay and shipping fees when choosing your supplier so you can ensure you get the highest profit margin possible.

In addition, storage items are a broad category, so you can pick from many products, such as a metal wire standing rack, a shoe rack, portable storage boxes, and so on.

5. Planters

Lastly, planters are the final product category on the list of the top selling items on eBay for May 2023. With warmer weather, many people are looking to spend more time outdoors and add some greenery to spruce up their space. Therefore, planters are a sought-after item this season because they provide an easy and stylish way to grow your plants.

Secondly, giving flowers as gifts is a customary tradition during Mother’s Day, which is one of the major holidays for May. Planters make a perfect gift idea, especially for mothers who enjoy growing their own plants at home.

The trends and data also support your decision to include planters as one of the items to sell online in your eBay business. The sell through rate is impressive at 1583%. The units sold are 1,583 over the past 30 days resulting in total sales earnings of $46,635. The average selling price for planters is $31.05.

The eBay sellers who have this item in their store are doing really well sales-wise. The top seller in this category sold over 100 items in the past 30 days, with lifetime sales of over 500 units sold. While the average product price is not too high, you can make up for it with the volume of sales you generate due to the high demand for this product. And you can only expect that demand to rise as we continue on toward the summer months.

Final Thoughts on Products to Sell on eBay

There you have it – the high demand products to sell on eBay in May 2023! As we’ve seen in the past, this month is all about embracing the season and catering to consumers’ shifting needs and buying preferences. Staying on top of the trends enables you to identify the best selling items and ensure that you stock up on high demand products that your customers truly want to buy!

Remember, it’s important to be adaptable and open to trying new things. Don’t be afraid to add the best selling products to your eBay store, as it could add variety to your online business catalog and target a new market. It’s important to stay engaged with your customers and to look at data insights to know where your online sales are coming from!


What is a good sell through for eBay?

A good sell through rate when you sell on eBay is 80%. This is the industry-wide standard that you can use to evaluate which products are in high demand and to stock up on the top selling items for your ecommerce business. Most sellers aim for a sell through rate of 40 to 80%.

What to sell on eBay in the summer?

Several product categories perform well in the summer. To generate sales to your eBay store, you must choose products from the top selling eBay categories, such as beauty products, women’s clothing, lifestyle supplements, craft supplies, video games merchandise, bicycle components, and electronic components.

You can always refer to my guide on the top selling items on eBay for each month to know what’s trending.

How do I find the highest selling product on eBay?

You can look at the eBay best sellers list on the website to determine the top selling items or the top selling eBay categories. Another tip would be to look at Google Trends and find the most profitable products based keyword and search volume.

The best way to find the top selling items on eBay is to use a product and market research tool. It will give you actual data insights on the best selling items on eBay based on actual sales performance from other eBay sellers. You can get valuable information about the top selling items, such as average sales price, sell-through rate, and total sales and earnings. You can use this information to assess if selling items on eBay would help you generate sales for your eBay seller account.

What can I sell on eBay to be profitable?

When selling items on eBay, you must do research to identify what items to sell on eBay. You should not sell online by picking out random items, or else you won’t be able to stay profitable. Always examine trends and use data insight to make informed decisions about the best selling products.