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Wondering “what to sell on eBay in 2023?”
I can tell you, that you are not alone!  The good news is, I have done all the research for you, so that you can get started on your way to listing profitable, hot items to your eBay store in no time at all!

Why would you listen to me?

Well, apart from being the founder and CEO of ZIK Analytics (An eBay product research tool, that was founded based on my unique product research strategies and has grown into the thriving community of 1000s of eBay sellers that it is today), I got my start from selling on eBay and quickly learnt how to identify what makes a product sell, and how to profitably source them, price them, list them and eventually sell them on your eBay store.

My goal in this article is to first give you my top picks for products to sell on eBay in 2023, and then to let you know why I love those products – and how I found them.


Key Takeaways

  • Understand eBay’s vast market and identify top-selling products to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Utilize tools like Google Trends and ZIK Analytics for effective product research and selection.
  • Explore diverse sourcing methods such as arbitrage and dropshipping to find profitable items to sell.


Before You Get Started

  • Understand the eBay platform: Get familiar with its features and functionalities to maximize your sales potential.
  • Use ZIK Analytics: Leverage this tool for comprehensive product research and market analysis. ZIK Analytics offers a 7-day trial for just $1, ideal for exploring product trends and competitive insights.


Top selling items on eBay in 2023

We conducted an analysis using the ZIK Analysis Product research tool. The following are the top selling brands on eBay and the statistics that confirm their high-performing online sales rate:

#1: Smart Watches


At number one, the top item to sell on eBay are smartwatches. There’s a major market for smartwatches and fitness trackers on eBay. Some buyers prefer functionality over aesthetics while the design is the sole factor for other buyers.

Statistics in the last 30 days

Sell-through: 5,008%

Listing: 100

Sold Items: 5008

Success Rate: 90%

Average Product Price: $73.81

Sales Earnings: $465,789

#2: Screen Protector


Mobile accessories have dominated eBay for a long time. Sturdy, tempered glass screen protectors are one of the top-selling products on eBay.

Statistics in the last 30 days

Sell-through: 65,631%

Listing: 100

Sold Items: 65,631

Success Rate: 93%

Average Product Price: $6.3

Sales Earnings: $288,380

#3: Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers

There’s huge market demand for portable Bluetooth speakers with long-lasting batteries and excellent sound.

Statistics in the last 30 days

Sell-through: 3868%

Listing: 100

Sold Items: 3868

Success Rate: 82%

Average Product Price: $76.88

Sales Earnings: $271,263

#4: Hoodies


eBay is generally a great marketplace for selling clothes. Selling used and new hoodies can be a lucrative venture on eBay. You can get good deals from thrift stores and garage deals. Popular brands such as Puma and Adidas perform excellently.

Statistics in the last 30 days

Sell-through: 10,099%

Listing: 100

Sold Items: 10,099

Success Rate: 78%

Average Product Price: $24.28

Sales Earnings: $225,522

#5: USB cables


You can’t go wrong with selling USB cables on eBay. They are consistently in demand year to year. USB Type-C cables generally earn more profit than other types.

Statistics in the last 30 days

Sell-through: 35,866%

Listing: 100

Sold Items: 35866

Success Rate: 90%

Average Product Price: $5.57

Sales Earnings: $177,632



At number six on the list of top items to sell in the popular sporting goods categories, we have dumbbells. Listing dumbbells can be a low-cost way to tap into the lucrative fitness market.

Statistics in the last 30 days

Sell-through: 1668%

Listing: 100

Sold Items: 1668

Success Rate: 74%

Average Product Price: $76.34

Sales Earnings: $105,561

#7: Reading Glasses


Prescription glasses are costly, so people often turn to eBay to buy them for cheap. You’ll make money if you have a popular brand, style, and design. You can acquire a nice pair at an estate sale and sell them for a profit on eBay.

Statistics in the last 30 days

Sell-through: 7665

Listing: 100

Sold Items: 7,665

Success Rate: 70%

Average Product Price: $10.75

Sales Earnings: $88,009

#8: Necklaces


Necklaces are moving fast on eBay and it is quite possible to earn a high profit on them. Necklaces are low-risk, high-profit items you can list in your eBay store.

Statistics in the last 30 days

Sell-through: 13432

Listing: 100

Sold Items: 13432

Success Rate: 92%

Average Product Price: $8.68

Sales Earnings: $84,658

#9:Wireless phone chargers


Wireless phone chargers are quite popular for the convenience and flexibility they provide. As more phone models become compatible with wireless charging, wireless chargers grow in demand. They are sold at a low price per unit but tend to attract a decent profit overall.  Wireless phone chargers are profitable items that require minimal investment.

Statistics in the last 30 days

Sell-through: 3,310%

Listing: 100

Sold Items: 3,310

Success Rate: 78%

Average Product Price: $13.38

Sales Earnings: $36,542

#10: Portable projectors




At number 10, we have portable projectors. A light and functional portable projector is excellent for business and entertainment purposes. A portable projector can be used to project photos, videos, apps, and video games.

Statistics in the last 30 days

Sell-through: 967%

Listing: 100

Sold Items: 967

Success Rate: 42%

Average Product Price: $51.39

Sales Earnings: $42,216.



How do you find what sells best on eBay?


There are several different ways to find top-selling items on eBay. You are likely to do this in the ideation stage where you’re not yet sure what to sell and are just working through different ideas. This is common for beginner eBay sellers getting started selling on eBay, and is a process that you will learn to develop yourself as you mature as a seller. To get you started, some of these methods include:

Google Trends is a tool by Google that allows you to check the popularity of a search term or topic. By virtue of Google being the most popular search engine globally, Google Trends can be useful in finding out the niche that generates the most revenue, what customers are interested in, and what they want to buy.

Google Trends can give you an insight into the popularity of a product you are interested in selling and when it is in the highest demand. You can filter your searches by location, month, year, and category to get the best-selling products in your niche.

 ZIK Analytics Tool

Most of the time, if something is trending in Google’s search results, you might make sales, but it’s always a good idea to look at the market more closely. You can analyze the demand for any of your trending product ideas using the ZIK Analytics product research tool.

The tool helps you to conduct market research and make data-driven decisions that can help you find a unique selling angle.

ZIK Analytics product research tool is designed to validate product ideas, product’s success rate, understand your chances of selling the product and show you how you can find unique selling angles by making data-driven decisions. So, how do you go about this?

Start by typing your desired product’s name into the search icon. ZIK’s dashboard then gives you an overview of the product’s sell-through rate, number of listings, successful listings, average product price, the total earnings in the last 30 days, and the diversity pie.

The two major data points; sell-through rate and successful listings in the last 30 days help you to understand the demand for the product, competition level, and your chances of selling.

The sell-through rate reflects the number of potential buyers out there. For example, for portable projectors, the data on ZIK analytics reflects that we have 967% sell-through rate which means that we have a lot of potential buyers who are searching and looking to buy.

The successful listing metric also helps you to understand your chances of selling. For portable projectors, ZIK analytics shows that out of 100 active listings, 42% are successful, which is a good indicator by the way.

The average selling price data as well gives you an idea of how much you will sell your product. The diversity pie is another important data point that reveals how the market share is spread across buyers. This data helps you to understand if the market share is evenly spread among sellers or if a seller is taking the bulk of the market share.

With this information, you can understand if you found a great product with high demand, high success rate, and low competition or not.

Once we validate the niche with the statistics above, we look at the products that are selling and see which ones we can compete with based on how much market share is left.


The dashboard reveals valuable information about sellers that are marketing that product on eBay. It reveals the seller’s country, selling price, feedback, how much the seller has generated; the 30-day sales and lifetime sales, where the product is shipped from, feedback, and lots more. You can also click on the scan seller button to analyze the seller. Your job is to go through the list, analyze it and find your selling opportunity.

eBay Explore

The website, eBay explore, used to be an indispensable tool for sellers looking for items to sell. It would show what specific products are popular in your location at a particular time of the year and give a general idea of why they are trending. Sadly, it is no longer functional and sellers have to resort to other options.

eBay’s Export

eBay export’s best selling items: It is hardly a replacement for eBay explore but it can help to give you an idea of what to focus on. It is updated from time to time and is aimed to show you what is popular at a time.

eBay’s Homepage

You’ll find the most popular categories and product deals on eBay’s homepage. This allows you to see how your competitors are doing.


Factors to Consider When Choosing What to Sell on eBay

There are certain factors to consider while choosing top selling items on eBay, such as:

  • Pricing

    Your pricing has to be strategic and well-calculated. It is recommended to decide on pricing before stocking up on inventory. Look up similar listings, check the product prices and compare the number of sales. You can then decide on the price range that works best for you. Another recommendation is to target products in the $150-$300 price range. In most cases, this pricing range is high enough to net you a decent profit margin and low enough to convince most buyers to make a purchase.

  • Weight

    You should factor in the weight of your products early on, as it impacts nearly every aspect of your retail business, from shipping rates to the overall profit you make at the end of the day. The heavier an item, the more you pay on shipping and the more you lose on returns.

  • Simplicity

    You will have an easier time selling products that are uncomplicated and are easy to use. With complex products, you are more likely to deal with frustrated customers and frequent returns that may put you out of business quickly.

  • Expertise

    Being an expert on your item/category is recommended for both new and experienced eBay sellers. Rather than being an ordinary seller, you become an authority on your category and are capable of adding extra value to buyers. If you’re not an expert already, you should try to learn as much as you can before listing.


How to Source Top Selling Products to Sell on eBay

After deciding what you want to sell on eBay, your next task is to figure out where to source your products from. Here are the various options you have for finding top selling products to sell on eBay:


Retail arbitrage involves buying inventory at discounted rates from either offline, brick-and-mortar stores, or online suppliers to resell on eBay at higher prices. It’s an easy way to source eBay products and a relatively low-risk way to earn profit. In retail arbitrage, you should focus on niches you have some interest and experience in.

You can buy your inventory from thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales, flea markets, pawnshops, or even other online retailers from eBay and Amazon to resell at a profit. The key is to look for items that you can buy for cheap and sell at a higher price.

Stuff you own

Selling things you already own is the most common and easiest way to start selling on eBay. It is low-risk and requires little investment. All you need to do is to look for items such as books, bags, vases, electronics, jewelry, etc., you no longer have any use for. It is a good way to start but you should look towards more long-term sourcing methods if you have plans to scale your business.


A quite popular e-commerce method, dropshipping is the practice of finding suppliers for your products and listing the items without ever holding inventory. It helps you to save on storage space and reduces the risk associated with holding stock. eBay’s dropshipping policy prevents you from listing and selling an item that is then shipped directly from your supplier to your customer. This means you have to be responsible for shipping and delivery if you want to dropship on eBay,


Buying wholesale from a manufacturer or supplier allows you to take advantage of discount offers. You can either source from the manufacturers directly or buy on a wholesale marketplace like Alibaba. This method carries considerably more risk than previous options and requires more storage space.

White Label

With white labeling, you buy generic products from a manufacturer and sell them under your own brand. White-labeled products can turn up a lot of profit but require more work to sell. For example, Rihanna’s Fenty line sources products from Kendo, a white label manufacturer.

Private Label

Private labeling is similar to white labeling, but instead of buying your products from a manufacturer, you collaborate with a manufacturer to create a unique version of a generic product. Private labeling allows you to create a product that stands out and is exclusively yours. It requires more investment but offers more price control.


What are The Best Selling Categories on eBay?


Finding out what products sell best on eBay is a great way to find out your niche as a seller. It’s important to understand the top-selling eBay categories if you intend to sell whatever is trending at the moment. According to eBay Export, there are currently nine key product categories trending on the marketplace.

  • Collectibles

The most popular items are WWII military items, decorative collectibles, and collectible pens. Collectibles are one of the most profitable items on eBay. A rare, vintage card can be sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • Toys & Hobbies

Most popular items include action figures and toy sets such as LEGO. The children’s market is a big, lucrative industry and it’s no different on eBay.

  • Video Games

Buyers first look on eBay for vintage or used games because it has the largest ‘vintage seekers’ community of any marketplace. So, they are the most popular video games on eBay. Furthermore, the cyberpunk trend contributes significantly to the high demand for products from the 1980s.

  • Mobile Phone

According to the most recent reviews, “Mobile phones and accessories” is one of the top-selling product categories on eBay. Buyers are swooping in on used phones and accessories, which are in high demand.

The most popular cell phones are Apple and Samsung. They are the top-selling brands in the phones subcategory. Silicone cases, in-car holders, headsets, covers, and skins are among the most popular accessories categories.

  • Health and Beauty

On eBay, products in the health and beauty category are in high demand. Skincare is the most important trend in the beauty industry, but it is not the only one. People are on the lookout for magical products that will help them avoid aging and improve their appearance. eBay is a great place to find a wide range of brands, from indie to large or well-known.

  • Home & Garden

Small kitchen appliances, outdoor power equipment, and building materials & hardware for home improvement are popular in this category.

  • Jewelry & Watches

These include watches & watch accessories, engagement rings, and fine earrings & rings. The Jewelry category is another best-seller niche that never seems to see a dip in demand.

  • Automotive

Items include car, truck & motorcycle parts & accessories, and diagnostic service tools.

  • Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

    The beauty category is quite popular on eBay. Women’s bags, male and female clothing, shoes & accessories are popular products in this category.

Different items tend to sell well, depending on the time of the year. So, this list is by no means exhaustive and therefore should be taken as a helpful guideline while starting, not a be-all and end-all.

What to Avoid Doing

  • Avoid neglecting market research and underestimating the competition on eBay.
  • Steer clear of oversaturated niches without a unique selling proposition.
  • Don’t overlook the importance of pricing strategy and product quality.


How to Prevent Potential Issues

  • Conduct thorough market analysis regularly to stay informed and adaptable.
  • Focus on building a unique brand identity to stand out in the marketplace.
  • Prioritize customer satisfaction through quality products and excellent service.


Anyone can sell on eBay, but not everyone has the grit and determination to be successful at it. Product research is essential to success on eBay. You need to find retail items that are in high demand, are in relatively short supply and have good profit margins.

Manual product research can be grueling and time-consuming. ZIK Analytics is a product research software that helps you find the best products to sell on eBay in less time. Trusted by thousands of eBay sellers, ZIK Analytics has all the research tools you need on a user-friendly interface. It helps you to analyze your competitors, evaluate your opportunities, choose your pricing strategy and ultimately, sell more on eBay.

There is a 7-day free trial period for the Starter plan. After that, the monthly plan is priced at $29.99 per month. There are also Standard and Enterprise plans for users who need more functionality.



What Items Don’t Sell Well on eBay?

Certain items don’t sell for much profit on eBay, compared to other marketplaces. Also, there are products that just aren’t worth listing when you’re just starting to sell on eBay.

  • Expensive Designer Items: Apart from being an oversaturated niche, designer items, especially handbags, are very commonly fabricated. A large percentage of these products out of sales are either “designer-inspired” or cheap knockoffs. Unless you’re a savvy expert in this niche, it’s best to stay clear.
  • Food: Due to the safety risks associated with food items, you’re better off not staying away from this category. Though, you can still sell non-perishable food items in secure packaging.
  • Handmade Crafts: Handmade crafts sell for more on Etsy than they would on Etsy, due to the difference in buyer demographics and what they are looking for. eBay buyers are generally looking for great deals at their convenience while Etsy buyers are often interested in creativity and uniqueness.

What Items are Prohibited on eBay?

eBay has restricted or prohibited the sale of some items on the platform. This is due to concerns of legality, safety, and security. Prohibited and restricted items include the following:

  • Firearms and knives
  • Prescription drug
  • Illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • Lock picking devices
  • Live animals
  • Violent/discriminatory items
  • Credit cards
  • Tobacco and cigarettes.

What are The Easiest Items to Sell on eBay?

Cheap, trending products are the easiest items to sell on eBay. Note that the bigger the market for your product, the easier it will be to sell. Items that are relatively easy to sell include antiques, phone accessories, pet supplies, and sports memorabilia.

Check out our list of easiest items to

What is the most profitable product to sell on eBay?

There is no one product that will yield the most profit on eBay. But you should keep a lookout for high-ticket items that you can buy for cheap and sell at a premium. The margin on a retail item is what determines its profitability. That being said, items from the following categories tend to pull the most profit.

  • Vintage clothing: This tends to carry considerably high-profit margins. You can source your items from thrift stores or garage sales.
  • Legos: Selling Legos on eBay can net you a fair profit, especially vintage sets, and mini-figures.
  • Musical Instruments: You can find them for practically nothing in garage sales and resell them for a profit on eBay.
  • Broken electronics: You can fix up busted electronics or sell them for spare parts.
  • Antiques and collectibles: Disney collectibles often move quickly and can sell for a lot of money.


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