9 Australian Dropshipping Suppliers with Fast Shipping

Top 9 Australian Dropshipping Suppliers with Fast Shipping

Are you looking for the best Australian dropshipping suppliers? Then, you are in the right place. Australia is the eleventh largest eCommerce market in the world and online commerce makes up to 9% of retail trade in the country.

There is a lot of potential in the dropshipping business in Australia, low competition and a high volume of trade means the an online store will thrive well in the Australian market.

There’s quite a number of dropshipping suppliers in Australia, but not all of them have the same quality. If you want to find the best Australian dropshipping suppliers, then this article is for you.



Here is our outline of the top 9 dropshipping suppliers in Australia.

– Amazon Australia

– Banggood Australia

– AliExpress Australia

– Kogan

– Factory Fast

– Catch Australia

– Target Australia

– Colour Blocker

– Ozdingo

  1. Amazon Australia



    Amazon - Australia

    Since their launch in 2017, Amazon Australia has grown to become one of the largest eCommerce store in the Australian market.


    Even though they are a retail marketplace, they are still a top supplier for your dropshipping business because they offer access to many quality products from around the world. You can find everything from electronics, fashion and more on Amazon at great prices.

    Amazon Australia is a great place to shop if you want to get your items quickly. They have fast shipping time, and you can consistently count on them for fast domestic delivery. You can even get products delivered within 1-2 days with prime membership.

    As a dropshipping company, this kind of speed is important for you too. You too can also build customer trust by offering fast delivery times that enhances your customer’s shopping experience.

    When you source with Amazon, the variety and quantity of products available to you is never an issue. You’ll be able to find almost anything you’re looking for—and fast. There is also the Amazon Best Sellers Section which is a great tool for dropshippers as it contains the best selling products in the Australian market.

    Another feature that makes Amazon Australia one of the best Australian dropshipping suppliers is the quality of their customer care. They have round-the-clock customer service that can swiftly address your concerns.

  2. Banggood Australia

    Banggood - Australia
    Another of the top dropshipping suppliers in Australia is Banggood Australia. Since their launch in 2006, Banggood has set up warehouses in different parts of the world including Australia.

    With their Australian warehouse, the dropshipping supplier offers a very fast shipping time. Essentially, products bought on the platform don’t have to be shipped from from halfway around the world as they are part of the warehouse’s inventory.

    Banggood is a great choice if you are looking for dropshipping suppliers. Their presence in China gives them access to a lot of products at far lower prices than other Australian dropshipping suppliers. You can get high quality products at wholesale prices on Banggood. They also offer free international delivery on some of their products, so you too can give your customers a great deal.

    Banggood also has a dropshipping program for individuals who want to start dropshipping. With the Banggood Dropshipping Centre, dropshipping businesses can get access to a plethora of tools such as Shopify API and eBay API that can improve their service delivery.

  3. AliExpress Australia

    Aliexpress - Australia

    AliExpress is one of the largest retail marketplaces in the world. Since their launch in 2010, the retail arm of AliBaba Group has established its presence in about 190 countries of the world including Australia. It has further established its presence as a top dropshipping supplier in Australia.

    Their presence in China gives them access to a lot of cheap products that can generate high profits for your dropshipping business. AliExpress is a cost-effective supplier for Australian dropshippers.

    Apart from being cost-effective, the online store has millions of high-quality products in different categories and sub-categories. And like Banggood, they also have a dropshipping program for dropshipping businesses.

  4. Kogan

    Kogan is an Australian retail marketplace that sells products from a variety of retailers, as well as its own brand of products. They are Australia’s biggest online retailer with over eleven million products sold in the last 12 months (circa 2021).

    In addition to being Australia’s largest online store, they are also one of the best Australian dropshipping suppliers. They offer a huge range of products from books, fashion items, pet supplies, baby products to electronics and computers.

    What makes Kogan one of the best dropshipping suppliers in Australia?

    • Fast Shipping: Considering their presence in Australia, Kogan offers fast shipping time to their Australian as well as New Zealandian customers. Fast shipping time is helpful to your online business as it helps you build trust among your customers.
    • Kogan First: It is the exclusive membership of Kogan. Kogan First members can enjoy free delivery, exclusive discounts and other special privileges. As a Kogan First member, your customers can enjoy some of the perks you enjoy on Kogan.

    There are millions of products on Kogan that regular customers may not be able to access, however, on your online store, they can easily access these items. Kogan is the perfect dropshipping supplier for an online business looking to sell Australian products.

  5. Factory Fast

    Factory Fast
    Factory Fast is another Australian dropshipping supplier. However, unlike the other dropshipping suppliers outlined in this article, their products are mainly centered around items such as home and lifestyle items, furniture, sports and fitness items, etc.

    One of the features that make Factory Fast one of the best dropshipping suppliers in Australia is the

    • Resellers’ Program: They offer special incentives to people who want to resell their products such as drop shippers. If you run a dropshipping business, they can help with the aspects of shipping and delivery while you simply input the shipping details of your customer.They also offer discounts to entities that are purchasing in bulk.
  6. Catch Australia

    Catch - Australia
    Catch Australia is a top online store in Australia with over 15 years of existence and over 3 million active customers. It is also one of the top Australian suppliers for drop shipping. With a catalogue of millions of products at competitive prices, Catch is a great dropshipping supplier.

    Catch Australia is an online store developed by Australians for Australians. They offer a wide variety of high quality products based on the demand from Australian customers. To further enhance customer satisfaction, they have two local fulfillment centers in Sydney and Victoria.

    These fulfillment centers help are very key in ensuring fast shipping times which is beneficial to an Australian dropshipper.

    If you run a dropshipping store, you can set a high profit margin by cashing in on “Today’s Deals” on Catch Australia. You can even enjoy free delivery and other exclusive deals with your OnePass membership. OnePass membership cost $4/month or $40/year, and with this membership, you can enjoy discounts of up to 70%.

  7. Target Australia

Target - Australia
Target Australia started as a brick-and-mortar store, however, an online store has been developed to become one of the largest eCommerce marketplaces. Target Australia has also developed its reputation as a top Australian dropshipping supplier.

They sell products ranging from women’s items, men’s items, baby products, home items and entertainment items.

Why is Target Australia one of the best Australian dropshipping suppliers?

  • Great Discounts: Target Australia offers great discounts on a wide range of its products. If you run a dropshipping store, you can enjoy great discounts and exclusive deals from Target with a OnePass membership just like in Catch Australia.

Fast Delivery Time: Target Australia offers two types of delivery times. Next-Day delivery and Standard delivery. The Next Day delivery option usually allows for products to be delivered within 24 hours, and it comes with increased delivery fees. The Standard delivery time is between 3-7 days. Customers can only enjoy next-day delivery on products that qualify.

The ability to deliver products to customers within a week is one of the advantages of this dropshipping supplier.

For orders over AU$45, standard delivery is free, and for orders under AU$45, it costs AU$9. Next-day delivery, however, costs $11.95 if your product qualifies.  

  1. Colour Blocker

Colour Blocker
Colour Blocker is one of the top Australian dropshipping suppliers. Unlike the other dropshipping suppliers mentioned in this article, Colour Blocker is primarily a dropshiping supplier targeted toward the Australian market. They offer thousands of products ranging from electronics to home living products at wholesale prices to individuals who will drop ship.

Some of the features that make Colour Blocker one of the best dropshipping suppliers include;

  • Wholesale Services: Considering the fact that they are primarily a dropshipping supplier, they offer wholesale services to online retailers in Australia. The minimum order to start enjoying wholesale prices is $250, and they offer wholesale price for all brands of products.This helps to reduce the risk of making low profits in your dropshipping business.
  • Fast Delivery: Delivery time from Colour Blocker is usually between 1-3 days, except in special cases because Australia post is the courier service used for delivery. Fast delivery times are very beneficial to building customer trust if you run an online store.
  • Free Shipping: For orders above $500, you can enjoy free shipping.As a member of their dropshipping program, you can enjoy free resources from Colour Blocker to enhance your business.
  1. Ozdingo

Ozdingo is an online store that sells products from Australian suppliers to the Australian market. They sell different categories of products such as home appliances, electronics, pet supplies, commercial and industrial products as well as fashion items.

In addition to being a top online retail marketplace, it is also a top dropshipping supplier. What are the some features that makes Ozdingo a top Australian dropship supplier?

  • Fast Shipping Time: Customer orders are processed and posted within one day of making the order. This feature endears a dropshipping supplier to their customer because efficient drop shipping requires swift delivery.
  • Free Shipping: Ozdingo offers free shipping to their customers in Australia. They are a cost-effective supplier if you want to drop ship.
  • Return Policy: They offer a 30 days money-back return policy. If you don’t like the product bought, you can return it back within 30 days and get your money back.
  • Clearance Sales: You can enjoy huge discounts on products through Ozdingo’s online clearance sales.Despite not being primarily a dropshipping supplier, Ozdingo offers small Australian suppliers cost-saving measures, including free shipping.

Other Dropshipping Suppliers in Australia

Apart from the above mentioned Australian suppliers, here are many dropshipping suppliers in Australia worthy of mention. One of which is Dropshipzone which is primarily a dropshipping supplier like Colour Blocker. They sell products from a number of Australian brands such as Artiss, Giselle Bedding, Devanti, Keezi, Everfit, i.Pet, Cefito, etc.

Dropshipzone offers dropshipping services such that smaller Australian suppliers input the shipping details of their customers, and Dropshipzone ships the product to the final buyer.

Another dropshipping company is iDropShip. iDropShip offers dropshipping services to Australian customers as well as other smaller Australian suppliers. They even help sellers to drop ship their products through their connector on Shopify store.

Want to find our lists of other dropshipping suppliers?

How to Start Dropshipping in Australia

Dropshipping begins with choosing a supplier. After choosing your supplier, choose your niche.

Choose Your Niche

If you’re new to dropshipping, it might be best to avoid high maintenance products that require extra time and effort on your part.

High-in-demand products can be hard to find, but there are a few strategies that can help you narrow down your options. For example, you could carry out market research and look for niches with an average product price of more than AU$50 and low competition. You can also use Google Trends to find popular products.

Learn About The Costs

If want to start dropshipping in Australia, you should know what costs you might incur. You would pay to setup a Shopify store or buy a domain name for a website. You may also incur additional cost from your suppliers as some suppliers may charge a fee for their services. Goods and Services Tax are another cost you would also incur as your business grows bigger.

Setup Online Presence

Now, it’s time to get started.

First of all, you need a name and a domain name. Next, you need to find a hosting provider for your site. Some of the best hosting services in Australia include FastComet, Hostinger, HostPapa, etc. After those things are set up, you have two options for running your site: either through WordPress or with an automated platform like Shopify.

After setting up, ensure to implement SEO on the website especially on your product page.

Formulate A Marketing Strategy

You should consider which channels are likely to hit your target audience.

If your target audience is young people, social media ads may be a better fit than search engine optimization or paid search advertising.

Wherever possible, be sure to include testimonials from satisfied customers. These will give potential buyers the confidence they need to complete their purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Find the Best Australian Dropshipping Suppliers?

Some of the factors to consider in determining the best dropshipping suppliers include shipping time, product quality, discounts and promos, return policy and customer care. Dropshippers should pay attention to these factors because the quality of the supplier’s service affects the quality of their dropshipping services.

When you find dropshipping suppliers in Australia, consider the delivery times as that factor can make or mar your business. Firstly, check the processing times from each of the dropshipping suppliers. Then, validate the shipping time on their websites by ordering test products.

By ordering test products, you can validate reliable suppliers. Test products can be used to test product quality and shipping times for each supplier.

In Australia, the best dropshipping suppliers should not have a shipping time beyond one week. They should also offer discounts that can help the smaller dropshipper increase their profit margin.

You can also find dropshipping suppliers through the supplier directory published by Australian Dropshippers.

Do I Need to Register My Dropshipping Business in Australia?

Yes, you need to register your business. You need to register so you can get your Australian Business Number (ABN) which provides some form of legitimacy for your business. Some dropshipping suppliers in Australia also require your ABN to do business with you.

When you register your business, you are subject to government scrutiny, including reporting every earning to the Australian Tax Office. Goods and Services Tax (GST) becomes mandatory when your business’ annual turnover reaches AU$75,000.

If dropshipping is only a hobby to you, you may not need to get the ABN. However, that means you cannot do business with some Australian dropshipping suppliers. Also, getting the ABN allows you to register for a Australian domain name.

Check out this post from the Australian Tax Office to guide you on starting your business.

Closing Words

Drop shipping is a great way to get started in e-commerce and it can be a very profitable business model as well. It can be done from home and does not require too much capital. All you need to start your own e-commerce business is an idea, some products and a website to sell them from.

I hope you have learnt about some of the top dropshipping suppliers in Australia. If you are planning on drop shipping, you can also check out some of our recent posts on dropshipping. If there are other suppliers left out, let us know in the comment section.