How to find a seller on Amazon

How to Find a Seller on Amazon

Amazon is one of the world’s largest ecommerce platforms. There are millions of Amazon sellers with more new sellers coming into the platform on a regular basis. While Amazon does sell their own products and fulfills customer orders, there are many seller on Amazon that you can choose from. If you have a specific order that you want to try again or someone recommended a particular seller’s storefront to you, then you might be curious and hop on your computer to find them. How do you find one seller when there are so many sellers on the platform?

With nearly 10 million Amazon sellers as of 2022, finding one seller amidst all the sellers on Amazon can be overwhelming. That is why we created this handy guide to make it easy for you to find your desired merchant on the platform.

Ways to Find a Specific Seller on Amazon

You have a few options available when looking for a seller or a seller’s product on Amazon. You can take advantage of the Amazon’s search feature for any of these methods.

Option 1

Using the search bar is one of the easiest methods to find a particular seller on Amazon. This method works if you know the seller name or the store name. You can also use this approach if you are familiar with the particular seller’s products.

To find a specific seller from the search bar, go to the Amazon homepage. Simply click on Amazon’s search engine on the top of the page. It works like any search engine. You can input the seller name or the brand name (if you are looking for a brand’s storefront). Click the search button and you will be presented with search results consisting of similar Amazons seller or listings.

Browse the search results to find a specific seller or the seller’s listings (if you are looking for the seller’s product). You can also do the product search to find specific merchants. Once you open the product page, you can check out the Amazon’s seller page for a desired merchant. You can see the store name highlighted in blue. This part is clickable and it will lead you directly to the brand’s storefront or the Amazon seller page.

It’s that easy!

Option 2: Search by Seller ID

Search by Seller ID

The next option to find a seller on Amazon is using their Seller ID. The Seller ID is unique to a specific seller on Amazon, which is why it is a good way to filter through all the sellers on the website.

You can obtain the Seller ID through the complete Amazon seller list. Or, if you have been shopping from a specific seller on Amazon, you might already have their seller ID memorized by now. If you cannot locate the specific sellers page, you can use the Seller ID to find it through the search bar on Amazon. You can use the Amazon Seller ID to navigate through many similar listings and find the specific merchants you want to buy the product from.

Option 3: Search via the Store Name (or Amazon Seller Name)

Option 3

The third option to find Amazon sellers is to input the store name or seller name on the Amazon search bar. This is a foolproof way to locate specific merchants on Amazon because the name of each seller is unique. This method requires that you have a general idea of the merchant’s name so you can find it among so many sellers on the platform.

In the product page, you can find the seller’s name right next to the product listing. It is right next to the phrase “Sold By”. Make sure to take note of the seller’s name if you want to buy other products from them in the future. This will make it easier to find them later on as you can simply head directly to their Amazon page by using the seller’s name as your search input.

Browsing Departments to Find a Seller on Amazon

One of the best techniques to find specific sellers on Amazon is by browsing departments on the platform. The Amazon homepage provides you with various categories and departments to choose from when shopping. You can use these various sections to find a seller’s product or specific merchants under each department.

If you know what product they sell, this method works effectively because you can check out the alphabetical list of merchant names from the Amazon homepage. If you have a general idea of the product they are selling or you can distinguish the seller from other merchants (even if you don’t know the exact name), then this method works!

This new strategy takes only a few simple steps. You can simply click “Shop by Department” on the top left corner of the page and choose a category. You can use a specific filter on the search bar to narrow down your options and make it easier to find the store you want. Hit the search button and you will be provided with relevant options based on the specific filter you applied. Even if you don’t remember the seller’s name, seeing the listing and their storefront will be able you to identify the seller you want among other Amazon businesses.


It can be frustrating when you want to buy a particular seller’s products but you cannot find them on Amazon. You can use any of the methods above to filter other sellers and find one merchant that you want. With millions of third party sellers on the platform, it’s easy to find a seller and merchant page if you know the right steps.