How to Send Offers to Watchers on eBay

You’re feeling excited about your eBay business. The number on the Watchers list is growing, which means there are people who are interested in your products.

But watchers are just that – watchers.

Unless they make a bid or offer, your watcher’s number will continue to grow, but you’re not getting any sales from this activity!

It’s frustrating as a seller, but eBay has provided tools to make it easier for eBay sellers to get more sales. Take the time to learn about what these tools are and how to use them to optimize your sales performance.

Make it easy for your potential buyers by knowing how to make offers to watchers.

Lucky for you, this guide will show you how to send offers to watchers so you can convert watchers into buyers! It’s not easy, but if you know the proper steps, it’s easy to incentivize buyers and see your sales grow over time.


How to Send Offers to Watchers

Follow this detailed guide for sending offers to watchers on eBay via the desktop site.

1. Open your eBay account.

Enter your username and password to log into your eBay account. Once logged in, hover your mouse to My eBay, which is on the top-right corner of the eBay seller account page.

Click on My eBay and then it will show a drop-down menu.


2. Find Your Active Listings

From My eBay, click on Selling. It will take you to the Selling page where you can find your Listings. And then select Active Listings.

Sort your listings based on the status. Click on the listings “with watchers.”


3. Send your offer.

Once you are on the Active Listings page with the eligible items to send offers, you will be able to select the specific items from the list. Choose the specific listing that you want to send offers for.

When you click Actions, there will be a drop-down menu with a few options. Choose the Send Offers button.

4. Specify your offer

Once you are on the Send Offers page, you can specify your offer amount. You can choose the total percentage off in your offer or input a specific amount.

You can also include an offer message, but this one’s optional.

Finally, you can choose three more options when sending your offer to watchers.

  • Allow counter offers – Give the watcher the opportunity to make their own offer. You have the option to decline their offer, if you think it’s too low.
  • Automatically send offers – It will automatically send offers to watchers of a specific listing in the future.
  • Send your coupon for future purchases – It will encourage watchers to shop other items from your store by offering them a coupon they can use for future purchases.


5. Complete the offer

Once you are happy with the offer’s details, you can hit the “Send Offer” button to complete the transaction.


Rules for Sending Offers to Watchers

There are a few rules you must know before you can send offers to watchers. It’s essential to stick with these rules so you can get more sales on your active listings.

  • You can only send offers to watchers for fixed price listings and buy it now listings.
  • You can only send one offer per buyer or watcher.
  • You must wait at least ten days before sending offers to watchers.
  • The offer must be lower than the posted price on the original listing. It’s up to you how much discount you offer from the original price. The maximum discount on the lower price offer is 50% and at least 5%.
  • You are allowed to send up to 10 offers to watchers.
  • You cannot withdraw your offer once you’ve sent it to the interested buyer.


Watchers Don’t Mean Sales

eBay sellers -old and new – tend to get excited when they see they have more watchers on their items. But even if you have many watchers, it does not always equate to sales.

This feature on eBay is not the same as a shopping cart wherein potential buyers are already considering buying the product. It’s only a tool used by eBay to manage the interests of its users. It’s more like a wishlist.

Items added to the user’s watchlist enable them to monitor any activity for that product, such as auctions, price movements, etc. But while it’s not one step closer to a sale yet, you have to maximize that the person is showing interest in the product.

But if they’re interested, why are they not buying?

It could be one or any of the following reasons:

  • They find the product too expensive. However, they’re adding it to their watchlist, so they’re notified in case of any price drop.
  • They are somewhat interested and adding it to their watchlist for comparison with the same or similar items.
  • They want the item but plan on purchasing it later.
  • They could be rivals who are mainly checking out their competition.


eBay Selling Tips to Turn Watchers into Buyers

Many eBay sellers are out there, and some offer the same or similar items. When you have watchers on your active listings on eBay, you are one step closer to landing a sale with potential buyers.

Therefore, you should look at this as an opportunity you must exploit to attract many eBay users and close out a sale. Then, implement these strategies to turn the same watchers into potential buyers.


Make Price Direct Offers

It was in 2019 when eBay introduced the Offers to Watchers feature for eBay sellers. It’s a new functionality that enables eBay sellers to lower the price for their fixed price listings upon sending an offer to watchers.

It’s the only opportunity that sellers can make direct contact with watchers. Therefore, it’s an excellent opportunity to convert and incentivize buyers.

Your offer is a binding contract, meaning there is no way to retract your offer. You have to honor the promised discount offer when sending offers to watchers.


Lower Price Strategy

Lowering prices means eating at your potential profit margin. As a result, it’s challenging for many eBay sellers to offer volume price discounts on their items.

But if you’re willing to let go of just a few dollars, you can generate more sales if the buyer accepts the offer.

Be smart about your discount strategy to incentivize buyers to close the sale. For example, high-value items with a 5% discount could mean significant savings.

But if you offer low-ticket items, you must provide a deeper discount to attract potential buyers and watchers.


Offer a Deal

If you don’t like offering volume price discounts, why not send offers to watchers for a deal instead?

For example, this could be a potential future discount, such as 30% off on their next purchase. It could also be a free gift if they purchase the items on their watch list.

Another great deal would be to offer free or discounted shipping.


Use Better Product Images

Images are integral to the success of your eBay listing. Avoid using stock photos, if possible.

Stock photos erodes trust, making the buyers wary about whether you have fake or low quality products. Instead, make sure to include the images of the actual product you’re selling.



Did you find this guide useful when sending offers to watchers?

eBay is a complex platform with many tools and functionalities designed to aid sellers in maximizing their sales potential. The ability to send offers to watchers is just one of those tools.

Take advantage of this feature with the right messaging and pricing strategies to boost your sales on eBay!

Not all sellers are compelled to use this feature, but it’s good to know that it’s available when you want to. Use the eBay selling tips provided above so you can navigate your way into using this feature for maximum results.



How much discount should I offer?

There are no hard and fast rules on the discount when you send offers to watchers. It’s for you to decide on the amount you are willing to let go in exchange for the possibility of more sales.

The minimum discount offer eBay recommends is 5%, depending on the item on your active listings and how much savings your buyers can get.


What happens when a buyer accepts the offer?

The steps after a buyer accepts the offer would be the same as when your eBay listing is sold. The buyer must pay for the item with the new price that you agreed on upon sending the offer.


Is it necessary to include a message with the offer?

No, but it could improve your chances of earning a sale. It allows you to stand out and express genuine interest in the buyer, especially if you offer a good discount.


Can I send a coupon to watchers on eBay?

Yes. Offering a coupon to watchers on eBay is another option when you send offers to watchers to entice them to buy the item on their watchlist.


How do I retract an offer sent to a watcher on eBay?

Once you send offers to watchers, there is no option to withdraw the offer. The initial offer is binding, meaning it cannot be voided once it has been sent to the watcher.


Does sending offers to watchers on eBay work?

It depends on the strategy you use. You must be strategic about how much discount you offer, what other offers you have, and the messaging you use.

However, it’s worth a try if you want to boost your own profits on eBay.

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