How to Trick the eBay Algorithm [Sales Velocity Hack]

Hey there, eBay dropshippers! Are you not getting enough impressions on your eBay store? Are you one of those eBay sellers not making enough sales or profits? Are you thinking of quitting your online business?

If you answered yes to these questions, there’s still hope. Don’t think about closing your eBay account or ending your journey as an eBay seller. Slow sales or a general lack of progress is absolutely disheartening. I know it, been there, done that!

That’s why I wanted to share everything I’ve known that turned things around for my eBay journey. One of the tricks I rely on is hacking the eBay algorithm. Until you know these tricks, you could get stuck in the seemingly unending cycle of low sales and negative feedback.

Introducing the game-changing solution to hack your way to the eBay search algorithm. But before you can get to that stage, first you must understand how the eBay algorithm works. These techniques and strategies I will share with you will reveal hidden patterns that you can leverage to your advantage, so you can compete and conquer eBay’s digital landscape.

Shall we get started?


Article Overview

What is the eBay Sales Velocity Algorithm?
How to Hack eBay Algorithm for More Sales on eBay
Hack #1: Maintain Daily Sales and Sell Rate
Hack #2: Optimize Completed Transactions
Hack #3: Traffic Product Strategy
Hack #4: Create a Traffic Product Profile
What’s Trending on eBay?
Competitor Analysis
Pricing and Profitability
Seasonality and Trends
Customer Insights
Final Thoughts


What is the eBay Sales Velocity Algorithm?

The eBay Sales Velocity Algorithm is the secret element that supercharges your sales potential with eBay. In a nutshell, this complex algorithm analyses your sales performance daily, weekly, or monthly. Based on your store’s sales analytics, the eBay algorithm will rank your listings accordingly. It will reward those eBay sellers with listings that are doing well by ranking them higher on the search results within eBay’s search engine.

With that in mind, understanding how this algorithm works will inform your strategy for manipulating that to your advantage. Essentially, the eBay algorithm will unlock unlimited potential for sales and visibility if your product listings perform well on the platform.

The eBay sales velocity algorithm is influenced by things like sales frequency, number of sales, and consistency of sales for a particular eBay seller. The algorithm uses this data to gauge the demand for a particular product. Then it helps increase its sales velocity by increasing its exposure and letting the potential buyers know that the product is in high demand.

Promoting listings within the higher sales velocity algorithm will help reach more potential buyers. Therefore, it will enable the seller to maximize the sales performance for that product. The algorithm’s complex system rewards products that perform well, helping sellers gain steady sales.

The eBay algorithm also believes it is a good gauge of exceptional products on the platform. If more buyers are purchasing the product, it means they are satisfied with it. eBay sellers can manipulate this algorithm to outdo their competitors. Your ability to hack into the algorithm ensures your listings align with the preferences of the eBay system.

In this guide, I will show you various strategies that will help you hack into the complex system. It is your secret to sustainably selling on the platform, especially with the competitive online business landscape.


How to Hack eBay Algorithm for More Sales on eBay

To hack your way into the eBay algorithm and generate more sales, I will share some tips every eBay seller needs to know. This game-changing approach will help your sales on eBay grow day by day. It will also help you navigate the nuances of the algorithm to help your eBay listings reach the top of eBay search results.

Here’s how to put your eBay listings in front of potential buyers and boost your sales.
Hack #1: Maintain Daily Sales and Sell Rate

The first step to hacking the eBay sales velocity algorithm is maintaining a specific number of daily sales. This part is crucial in achieving sales velocity because the eBay search engine algorithm can detect which product listings or stores have achieved consistent sales through the platform.

eBay is an e-commerce platform, so it makes sense for them to prioritize products and stores that bring more sales. As a result, products and sellers with consistent sales will be featured prominently on the search results for a relevant keyword.

To ensure that your products and store are one of those listed by the search engine, you must maintain consistent sales performance. Pay attention to your sell rate or the percentage of the items you’ve listed that are sold.

The higher your sell through rate, the higher your conversion rate. These are good indicators for the eBay sales velocity algorithm that could positively impact your rankings on the search results.


Hack #2: Optimize Completed Transactions

It’s not enough that you are able to make a sale from your product listings on eBay. The completed transactions are more important since they indicate a successful sale.

While it’s good to focus on bringing a higher conversion rate to your eBay store, you must pay equal attention to boosting your completed transactions rate. Having a track record of successful sales is beneficial for your ranking as a successful seller, which means eBay will put you ahead of your competitors when listing your products on the search engine.


Hack #3: Traffic Product Strategy

The third strategy of hacking into the eBay sales velocity algorithm is capitalizing on the so-called Traffic Products. It is a powerful technique that significantly impacts your sales on eBay. You can implement various approaches to maximize this sales strategy, so let’s examine each one.


1. Product Research

The first step to maximizing the Traffic Product strategy is product research. It is the foundation of this strategy and will give you data insights to help determine the high-demand products or those with a proven track record of selling well. You can utilize the research tools on eBay or analytics to obtain the sales data for each product. Ideally, you must look for products that have over 100 sales a month. You can use research tools like ZIK Analytics to get sales data about a product to help make data-driven decisions.

Don’t limit your search to eBay; look for best-selling items on other platforms and consider how to bring that into the eBay platform.

It’s also a good idea to explore trending topics and categories to identify the products with the strongest potential. You can also look at the best selling items on the eBay website or check out other sellers and see which of their products are getting the most sales. When doing your product research, consider other factors like the seasonality of the product and its level of competition.

Once you have identified the best selling items or the Traffic Products, you can now start listing those items on eBay. You must add two to five Traffic Products to your store per month and then recycle from that pool of products on a weekly basis. These products should make up to 10% of your product offerings in your online business.


2. Offer Competitive Pricing

The next step in the Traffic Product strategy is determining the right pricing strategy. The goal is to offer competitive prices for high-demand products to attract potential buyers. Again, you must conduct market research to determine the pricing trends for similar products on eBay and outside the platform.

Using this data, you can set your prices for products accordingly. The goal is to make your product listings on eBay competitive and maintain good profitability. Think about pricing that would entice buyers and boost your sales velocity.


3. Optimize Your Product Listings

The next step is to optimize your product listings by integrating the target keywords on the listing title and the description. It’s also crucial to add relevant product images to enhance the visual appeal of your listings on eBay.

Use keyword-rich titles to help your listings appear higher on search engine results. And write detailed but informative descriptions that help answer potential buyers’ questions about a certain product. Focus on the unique selling points, key features, and product benefits.

For the images, include more than one photo. Make sure to include images from different angles so the customers can get a sense of the product as if they can see or touch it.


4. Promote the Traffic Products

While the traffic products already have popularity, it’s still crucial that you give them an extra push. Promote the product within eBay. Create tailored ads based on your target keywords and optimize the quality of images you use to increase the effectiveness of ads.

In addition, you can use cross-selling and upselling techniques to generate more sales, as they can encourage your customers to buy related products. For example, if you sell a handbag, you can offer a promotional campaign or bundle deal that involves buying a handbag cleaning kit for a particular discount.

Take advantage of eBay’s promotional tools, such as ads and promoted listings, to widen the visibility of your product on the platform.


5. Keep Monitoring and Improving

The success of the Traffic Product strategy in hacking the eBay algorithm is not guaranteed. Therefore, you must be persistent in monitoring the performance of the eBay sales velocity strategy to see how well your current promotions are doing. Analyzing metrics enables you to focus your resources and effort on the strategies that bring the most sales to your business.

When you capitalize on the best-performing strategies, you continue to build momentum on the popularity of the Traffic Products. As long as you continue to make sales, you can hack the sales velocity algorithm and help keep your listings at the top of the search results.


Hack #4: Create a Traffic Product Profile

Creating a Traffic Product profile is essential in optimizing the sales potential of high-demand products via the eBay algorithm. Follow these tips on using the Traffic Product Profile to get more sales on eBay.

Here is an overview of the Traffic Product profile to help you out:

  • It should have 100s or 1000s in sales every month (on eBay or other platforms)
  • It should sell low (but not always)
  • It is usually a consumable product or a trending one

Given these characteristics of what would be categorized as a Traffic Product, you can make the following strategies.


Look at eBay’s trending categories and see if the product matches those categories. You can also analyze past and current market trends to determine if it has sustainability. Focus on finding products that suit popular trends or meet potential consumers’ needs or demands.


Competitor Analysis

Check out your competitors. How is their sales performance upon listing these traffic products? And how consistent are those sales? Your goal is to replicate or exceed their success by listing the traffic products.


Pricing and Profitability

Determine the optimal pricing you could offer for these products on your listing. Can you generate a sustainable profit margin once you factor in the shipping costs and other marketplace dynamics? Examine various price tiers and identify a sweet spot to maintain profitability.


Take trends and seasonality into consideration. Understanding market trends and patterns will enable you to predict how trends will come and go throughout the year. It also helps you capitalize on peak buying periods.


Customer Insights

Look into the customer insights. What are the customers saying about the traffic products? Check out customer reviews on competitors and other platforms to see if they resonate with customers. Make sure to choose a product with positive feedback. Also, do your best to measure audience engagement around a particular product.


Final Thoughts

There you have it, the best hacks to trick the eBay sales velocity algorithm into expanding your sales potential. There are no secret formulas to succeed with an online business, whether via eBay or other platforms. But the more you understand how the search algorithm works, the better you can identify the factors that directly impact your success and increase your rankings.

Focus on finding Traffic Products since there is already a demand for these products. Capitalizing on that demand brings you closer to attracting buyers and selling on eBay. However, finding the products is only one aspect of your eBay sales strategy. Knowing how to optimize your listings and promoting those listings can give you a competitive edge.