eBay vs Facebook Marketplace: Which Platform is the Best?

If you’ve an entrepreneurial mindset like me, chances are you are always seeking opportunities to make more money. That often includes selling stuff you no longer use or need at home! If this sounds like you, make sure you continue reading because I will discuss two of the most popular platforms right now for anyone who wants to make money selling online: eBay vs Facebook marketplace.

Obviously, these two websites are popular with lots of traffic. Facebook is the most popular social media, and the Facebook marketplace is where you can find online buyers for items you sell. It’s a great place to target local buyers in your area since they are location-based. It means you can use the Facebook marketplace to sell your items on your own terms and without fees.

On the other hand, eBay is an ecommerce platform with a global audience. It gives you access to more buyers for what you’re selling, which is great not just for earning extra money but also for making selling a full-time business.

So, which marketplace is the ideal option for you?

No need to guess or do the research! I’ve compiled the information you need to make an informed decision to make money selling online.

Want to find out which marketplace is right for you? Keep on reading…

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How Does the Facebook Marketplace Work?
How Does eBay Work?
eBay vs Facebook Marketplace
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Cons of eBay
Pros of Facebook Marketplace
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How Does the Facebook Marketplace Work?

The Facebook marketplace is available through the internet’s most popular social media. It is where you can find local buyers for items you sell within your local community. It is a free-to-use platform via the Facebook app or website.

Therefore, you can start selling or dropshipping almost anything on the FB marketplace with a Facebook account. You do not need to pay registration or listing fees to put your products online and find buyers.

The only qualification for setting up a Facebook account is that you must be at least 18. When uploading items to the marketplace, include photos of the items you sell, a listings description, the item’s condition, and the price, and then list it to the appropriate category.

Once you list your products to the marketplace, you can set a fixed price for the item, but you can also negotiate those prices with interested buyers. The communication takes place within Facebook Messenger. You can even arrange local pickup or delivery of the items sold, depending on your agreement with the private message app.

Facebook is a safe and secure platform for sellers because the profiles of the buyers and sellers are visible to both parties. You can research the other person’s profile before interacting with them via private message. Facebook also offers various tools for reporting cases of fraudulent activities.

Every detail of the transaction happens between the seller and the buyer. Facebook has no involvement in the payment and shipping details of each transaction.


How Does eBay Work?

eBay is a top online marketplace where people come to buy or sell items. To start selling on eBay, you must first register an account. Once registered, you can list an item for sale. The number of items you can list for sale varies depending on your store subscription level and costs.

When you create a listing, you have to include a title, listing description, and photos. You must also set a price for the item if you opt for a fixed-price listing. You can also list an item for bidding, which could help generate interest in the product. If you have a valuable item, such as collectibles and similar products, auction style bidding is the best way to go because you could potentially sell that item at a much higher price.

eBay makes it easy to receive payments for your orders and to transfer them to your bank account. You will also receive protection from eBay against fraud and other customer issues. While eBay focuses on making its customers happy, they also want to ensure that online sellers thrive, which is why they have put policies in place to protect them. Following eBay’s policies and delivering quality customer service, you should easily make money selling items through this platform.


eBay vs Facebook Marketplace

Now that you know how eBay vs Facebook Marketplace works, it’s time to dive deeper into the features of each platform. Here is a side-by-side comparison of what each marketplace can offer to help you decide where to sell your items online to make extra cash.


Pros of eBay


Access to More Buyers

eBay is a massive ecommerce platform with a global reach. As of this writing, eBay has over 185 million active users worldwide. Sellers serious about growing their business or making money selling must consider the wider reach of an audience on eBay. It is a platform suited for those who want to generate a full-time business from selling instead of making it a side hustle.


Seller Protection

The eBay platform is a safe place to build your business since the website imposes seller protection policies. Unlike other platforms, such as Facebook marketplace, you can use the seller protection program and a money-back guarantee to protect you from fraudulent buyers and activities.


Feedback System

The feedback system on eBay is beneficial for sellers because it helps online sellers to gain the trust of shoppers. Every customer has the option to rate sellers based on their experience. The rating helps sellers to improve their reputation on the platform, so shoppers are reassured they are a legitimate seller.


Cons of eBay


Seller Fees

eBay’s fees are one of the main drawbacks of selling via this ecommerce platform. You have to pay various kinds of fees, such as selling fees, listing fees, insertion fees, and final value fees. These fees differ based on the total amount of the item sold and the location of the seller. For instance, international sellers have additional fees to pay when they sell on eBay.



Due to its popularity and traffic, most people would want to sell on eBay. It is important to consider the high level of competition when you sell on eBay, as it can impact your strategy when selling online. You must understand how to optimize your listings to showcase your items to more potential buyers.



Sellers are responsible for shipping orders to customers. Therefore, you must consider the shipping costs when pricing your items to ensure you can get enough profit from each sale. It can be a time-consuming and tedious process to manage the shipping of items.


eBay Policies

If you want to sell on eBay and make money, you must abide by the rules and regulations on the website for all sellers. For example, you should not be listing prohibited items on eBay, or you could risk having your account suspended.

Learning about eBay’s policies is important before you create a listing for a particular product.


Pros of Facebook Marketplace


Target Local Buyers

If you have products to sell that target a local community, the FB marketplace is the way to go. Facebook is a great platform to find potential buyers interested in your items, especially if they want to look at the product before buying it. It is also ideal if you have buyers that might prefer local pickup so they can check the item before finalizing the sale.

It is a win-win situation for both parties since you won’t have to deal with surprises when the items arrive at the buyer’s doorstep. As a seller, it means you won’t be dealing with too many return requests.


Easy to Use

Most people have a Facebook account, so they know how to post items for sale on the Facebook Marketplace. Posting your items for sale and setting a price is simplified. You can do it from anywhere and using your mobile phone through the Facebook app.


No Extra Fees

Unlike eBay’s fees, you won’t have to pay a single cent when you post to the Facebook Marketplace. Therefore, you can take all the profit from the online sales and not worry about marking up the prices to ensure you don’t lose money from the transaction.


Direct Communication with Buyers

Communication is important for many buyers because they like to buy from responsive sellers. With Facebook, you can chat with your customers via the messenger app. It helps to build trust and relationships with your potential customers. If you can provide them with a good buying experience, there is a huge chance they will choose you again in future transactions.


Cons of Facebook Marketplace


Limited Audience

If you’re selling via Facebook Marketplace, your target audience for those products is limited to local sales. Therefore, you don’t have the same global reach as online marketplaces like eBay.


Lack of Protection

eBay has strict policies and regulations to protect its sellers. Under the seller protection program, you are protected against fraudulent buyers on the website. But when you are using Facebook Marketplace, you have no support. There is extra risk involved when selling through the Facebook platform since you don’t have any protection if the buyer does not follow through with their payments.


Limited Selling Features

eBay is an ecommerce platform with robust features to sell and promote your products. With Facebook, you don’t have access to those same set of tools and features. You are free to set your price and other terms, but you don’t have the tools to promote your listings to reach more online buyers.


No Feedback

Without eBay’s feedback system, it would be difficult to build your reputation as a seller. Good feedback would help entice buyers, reassuring them you are a legitimate seller.


Final Thoughts: eBay vs Facebook Marketplace

So, which is better: eBay vs Facebook Marketplace? The answer is it depends.

I’ve already provided you with a list of potential benefits and drawbacks of choosing each platform. You must use that information to decide the right fit for your business goals.

If you would like to make money selling items as a side hustle, you can use Facebook for that. It’s a good way to turn the extra stuff you have at home into extra cash.

But if you want to build an online business and brand, you could benefit from selling on eBay. It is a reputable and trusted platform offering robust features and tools to scale your business. You must use these tools and opportunities to maximize online sales and hit your profit target!