CJ Dropshipping to eBay [Complete Guide]

Are you looking for an easy, low-risk method to starting an ecommerce business from home and generate passive income? Well, listen up, because today I am going to discuss how to set up your CJ dropshipping eBay account so you can kickstart your business.

If you’re considering eBay as your platform of choice, then you’re in for a treat. eBay dropshipping is a thriving business model, simply because the online platform is one of the biggest worldwide. You can leverage its popularity to launch your online business on the right track. And you have many potential partner suppliers when you start an eBay store for dropshipping, and CJ dropshipping is one of your top options!

So, why choose CJ dropshipping as a supplier when eBay dropshipping? Join me as I walk you through the steps you need to turn your vision into a reality!

Why Choose CJ Dropshipping for eBay Dropshipping?

CJ Dropshipping is the leading Chinese dropshipping supplier for many aspiring eBay stores, especially dropshippers. The website is based in China and they have an extensive catalog of products, from fashion to beauty to home goods! And the best part? You don’t have to hold any inventory or deal with the processing and shipping of orders as they can do it for you!

Another advantage for choosing CJ dropshipping for your online store is they offer competitive prices. Their prices are cheaper than Aliexpress, which is one of the go-to suppliers for anyone who wants to start selling on eBay and making money online with a dropshipping business.

They also have reliable shipping options to ensure your customers receive their orders. While their main warehouse is located in China, they have multiple warehouses all over the world. Therefore, you can ship products from any of these warehouses to the customers on your dropshipping store. You won’t have to worry about the shipment taking a long time. CJ dropshipping can tap into any nearby warehouse depending on your customer’s location to ensure reliable and fast shipping.

How to Setup Your CJ Dropshipping eBay Store

Before you can setup your CJ dropshipping for dropshipping on eBay, first you must have an eBay seller account. Let’s get started and discover the steps on how you can set up your eBay store and find products from CJ dropshipping.

Step 1: Register a Seller Account and Connect it to Your Bank Account

The first step to starting your e commerce business journey is to create an eBay seller account, if you don’t have one already.

To do this, go to the eBay website at www.ebay.com. Click Register on the top left corner of the website.

Once you are at the registration page, you must fill out the required information to register. Once you’ve completed the form, you can click Create Account.

Once you are logged into your eBay account, go to Account Setting on the left top right corner of the home page. From Account Settings, choose Personal Info.

Click Personal Information and you will find your personal details on your eBay account. You can edit your personal information as you like under Personal Information on the left side of the page.

From this page, you can also access Payment Information. Go to this page to edit your payment information on the website.

You have the option to add a debit or credit card to your eBay account. If you are a US account owner, you can add your US bank account directly to your account. But if you are a non-US account owner, you can connect your Payoneer or Revolut account to your eBay account.

If you have an existing Payoneer account, you can directly connect that to your eBay store. If not, you can go to the Payoneer website to register your account.

Once you have linked your Payoneer account to your eBay account, it will be submitted for review. Wait for eBay’s email to notify you that the sync is approved and ready to use.

Step 2: Find Profitable Products to Dropship in CJ Dropshipping

The step where you find products from CJ dropshipping for your eBay dropshipping business is the most critical step in your journey as a dropshipper. As mentioned above, there are many advantages to choosing CJ dropshipping as a supplier for your business.

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But the supplier website offers an extensive catalog of products to choose from. There are two methods you can use to determine what to add to your store if you want to sell products and make profits.


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Manual Research Method

The first method is through manual research. What this basically means is that you must go to the CJ droshipping supplier website and find products yourself. It’s easy if you know the steps!

First, you must register an account on the CJ dropshipping website. Click Register and then input the required information to set up your dropshipper account. Make sure to link your eBay store to your CJ dropshipping account. Go back to your eBay account to review and grant access. Once you’ve done that, it will allow you to seamlessly list products from the CJ dropshipping website to your eBay dropshipping store.

To find products, go to the CJ dropshipping supplier website. Specify which warehouse you would like to get your products from.

Filter the products on the dropshipping supplier website according to your preferences, such as the price or category. Then, look at one each product and look at essential information, such as which warehouse it ships from, the number of items on stock, and the estimated delivery times. The last one – when your supplier can deliver the items to your customers – is critical since many shoppers nowadays value fast shipping.

Finally, look for products that have good reviews from the buyers. Ideally, you must refrain from listing products on your eBay dropshipping store that does not have any existing buyer reviews.

Automated Method

The next method is through automated product research tools, like ZIK Analytics. The second method is highly recommended if you want to simplify and improve how you import products from the suppliers and increase your chances of becoming a successful dropshipper.

To do this, launch ZIK Analytics. Make sure the settings are correct and you have picked CJ dropshipping as the suppliers website. Input the keywords you want to research on and then look at the sales data for that particular product or niche. You will be able to see how much profits you can make based on the sales data for the past 30 days.

Once you find the top selling products through ZIK Analytics, you can review each product individually. You can look at the listing price for each dropshipper and compare it to the price on the CJ dropshipping website. It will enable you to determine the profits that sellers are making from that particular product.

Let’s take a look at this example: coffee machine. The numbers are good for this particular niche, so you can explore some of the best products you can sell as a dropshipper.

Make sure to look at the total items sold in the past 30 days and all-time sales. Let’s examine this one product as an example. It is sold by a US dropshipper and it has sold 28 items in the past 30 days, 33 items of all time, and it is listed for $129.98. While this product is on the higher end of the price list, it’s fine because you can use the ZIK Analytics tool to find other similar products that could potentially be as high demand as this one, but for a lower price. Choosing a cheaper product will help you to boost profit margin and offer the best price to potential buyers.

If you look at similar products on CJ Dropshipping, you can find cheaper alternatives that offer higher profits. Based on the recommended price for the top seller, you can make high profits selling cheaper products you can get from your chosen eBay dropshipping supplier.

Another method for doing research for your eBay dropshipping business is to scan the seller. For this one, you’ll scan the seller statistics and you can do this right within the ZIK Analytics tool. The goal is to identify other high demand products with a good profit margin from that dropshipper store that you could possibly add to your eBay dropshipping business.

It will be an easy way to hack into your CJ dropshipping eBay store since you no longer have to spend hours looking for profitable products to sell on your eBay online business.

Step 3: List the Items with Optimized Titles

So, you’ve found the best products to sell on your dropshipping store! The next step is to optimize that listing to ensure you can start selling as many products on your dropship business.

In particular, you should learn how to optimize the title of the products you are selling. You can use ZIK Analytics’ Title Builder tool to target the most popular keywords that are relevant to the niche, and will attract any potential buyer.

Using the top selling product you’ve generated above as an example, let’s create an optimized title for this product for your eBay dropshipping store. First, you must go to the Title Builder page on ZIK Analytics. Input the main keyword coffee machine to generate keyword ideas. You will be given two keyword categories: long tail keywords and generic keywords. Ideally, you must incorporate a mix of both to deliver the highest amount of traffic and boost your sale.


Using the keywords provided by the Title Builder, you can create an optimized listing title that goes like this: Programmable Espresso Machine Coffee Maker Cappuccino Frother.

Use your own strategy on how you want to build the title but make sure it is relevant to your product and that it is based on keyword popularity. Aside from the listing title, you must also consider the price and calculate how much profit you stand to make with each sale. Always consider the pricing strategy of your competitors so you can determine the best selling price.

Bonus Dropshipping Tips

If you’re just starting your CJ dropshipping eBay business, your goal is to maximize your sales and profits. However, you must refrain from listing too many products right away, especially if you are new to setting up your eBay account.

Making lots of sales for your eBay stores is a dream for many dropshippers. However, it’s not a good approach since you could alert the eBay search algorithm and your online store or eBay account could be suspended for listing too many items at once.

The idea is you must scale your business steadily. You can’t make money selling on eBay overnight. Or else, you could risk getting your account suspended.

Wrap Up

Congratulations! You’ve now learned how to set up your CJ dropshipping account to get started on dropshipping on eBay! This guide has provided you with the essential resources and knowledge you need to start your eBay store, and it’s up to you to apply the learning you got to successfully launch your online business.

With access to a variety of products, competitive pricing, and reliable shipping, CJ dropshipping is the secret for a successful e commerce store. Just be patient with it and focus on steadily growing your business! With the right tools at your disposal and dropshipping tips, you can become one of the most successful dropshippers!