How to Make Money on eBay

Setting up an eBay business is recognized as one of the best ways to make money online. If you managed to build a profitable eBay store, you could really make a living out of selling items on eBay.

But there are a lot of steps involved from the moment you set up your eBay seller account to the point where you actually make money on eBay.

The secret is to making the most of your selling experience. As one of the most popular online marketplaces, you have the ability to reach millions of potential buyers and eBay customers.

If you’re a beginner, it can be overwhelming with so many strategy guides and tips from so-called experts!

But the only way you can succeed and make money on eBay is to use data-driven decisions.

Using data enables you to understand what your eBay buyers want and taking advantage of opportunities to increase your income!

That’s what this guide is here to help you do! Keep on reading to learn more about how to get started on setting up your eBay store, and the ways that you can achieve financial freedom with your online store business.

You can also watch our video to learn more about our expert tips that have helped our customers to achieve success by selling on eBay!

Using these tips when selling on eBay will reduce the trial-and-error process for you, so you can fast track your way to reaching your goals.


The Selling Strategy: Dropshipping

First things first, dropshipping is the primary selling strategy you can use if you want to make money on eBay.

There are many eBay sellers who are making legitimate income on a monthly basis using this selling method.

What’s so great about dropshipping? You can start your online business with zero capital! Yes, zero capital!

You don’t need upfront investment, inventory, or ads when you want to sell on eBay through dropshipping. Plus, you can set up your eBay account from anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to your preferred suppliers.

As one of the most popular online marketplaces, selling on eBay gives you access to up to 150 million potential buyers.

As I delve deeper into this article, you’ll find out the secrets that I and our successful eBay sellers use to make profits!

But first, let’s go over the step-by-step guide on how to set up your eBay store. It’s crucial to set yourself up for success even when you’re just getting started with your eBay business this 2024.


1. Open eBay Seller Account

Go to the eBay website and then open your seller account on the website. Provide all the essential information to get your account set up.


2. Open Buyers Account

The next step is to set up your buyers account from any of the following websites: Amazon, Walmart, and Aliexpress. You can even set up a buyers account in all three of these websites.

The first two steps above are crucial because you want to be able to open a buyers account where you can source your products to sell.

Meanwhile, you need your eBay seller account so that you will be able to start selling items on the platform.


3. Find Products That Are Selling for a Higher Price on eBay

You will need a product research and competitor analysis tool for this one. There are millions of products on eBay and manually doing the research can be time-consuming.

With a tool, you can generate the data insights you need to make profitable decisions for your online business.

Using the data, you can be more confident to proceed with choosing a particular product for your business knowing that the eBay sales are good, and that you have the potential to make money selling them on eBay.


4. Search Engine Optimization

As an eBay seller, you have to learn the ropes of search engine optimization or eBay SEO. Essentially, SEO is about identifying the target keywords that your eBay customers are more likely to use when searching for specific items.

Your ability to target the right keywords can increase your likelihood to make eBay sales since you can reach the ideal customers.

Make sure to incorporate those keywords in the title and description of your eBay listings.


5. Upload Your eBay Listings

The final step is for you to upload your product to your eBay store. As mentioned above, make sure to optimize the title and description in your eBay listings.

It will help maximize the reach of your products so you can attract more potential buyers.


Strategies to Find Profitable Products

One of the most important strategies you will learn and master if you want to become a successful seller is how to find profitable products to sell on eBay.

There are two strategies you can use to identify products to sell and help you make money on eBay.


Strategy 1: Use a Market Research Tool

One of the best ways to supercharge your way to success selling items on your eBay account is to use a market research tool like ZIK Analytics. This product research tool has been around since 2016.

This tool is available at a discounted rate for new users, which makes it easier for you to find profitable products and break even, or reach your profit goal in a short amount of time.

It’s goal is to help automate the process for online sellers to start making money via eBay. The product research tool helps gather useful data about certain products from Amazon or eBay.

You can use this tool to determine if the item is making money or not by looking at its eBay sales history and actual sales data.

You can use ZIK Analytics to research useful data, and a few key things to note are the average product price, total sales earnings, and number of sold items over a given period.


Strategy 2: Scan Bulk Items from Other Sellers

Another excellent strategy that you can use to create a profitable eBay store using a market research tool like ZIK Analytics is to find profitable items to sell in bulk.

Instead of spending countless of hours doing manual research to identify the best products, you can use the AI tools to find the top selling products from competitors so you can possibly add them to your store.

Use the Bulk Scanner tool to identify the products that a competitor is selling and then move it to a folder for you to easily upload to your eBay store later.

Make sure to specify your preferred supplier website when doing this bulk search, such as choose only products from Amazon.

Thus, you can literally list new items to your store in minutes! It’s a great tool to simplify your dropshipping strategy, especially if you run this store as a side hustle and you have a full-time job (which is common for those who are new eBay sellers).

The tool does all the work for you, so that you can focus on optimizing your products and not have to manually review the sales data for each product.


Full AI Automation Feature

The Autopilot feature on ZIK Analytics is one of the best tools in your arsenal if you want to know how to make money on eBay.

It’s a different strategy from above since you will be looking for products from Amazon or any suppliers website based on the specific criteria you chose for the search.

Some of the fields that you will be asked to input on when doing your Autopilot search for products is the suppliers website (such as Amazon), the price range, the level of competition, the number of sales, and the sales date range, among other things.

You can input as few or as many criteria as you want, depending on what your goals are for your online store.

Once you click ‘Start your Scan’, the AI tool will find those products for you in minutes! You can find up to 100 products in a short amount of time, making it easier to set up your store.

In your search for the best products to sell on eBay, you must be wary of the VERO items. Essentially, VERO items are under the Verified Rights Owner (VERO) Program on eBay.

It is part of the website’s commitment to protect property owner’s rights and to ensure that intellectual property rights are preserved in selling products on the website.

Therefore, anyone can report sellers who might infringe on these rights. When selling items on the eBay platform, you must take extra caution that you do not violate this particular program.

Thankfully, ZIK Analytics tool enables you to remove the VERO brands or items from your store. Once you have the list of products that you exported in bulk from Amazon, you can filter the search to exclude VERO brands.

It will automatically remove any VERO items from the product list so that you can list the remaining items on your store and not have to go through the risk of being reported for listing VERO items.


Customer Service & Seller Performance

So, you want to more money from your eBay store?

You’re not alone. All sellers aspire to increase eBay sales and attract more potential buyers. But the secret to increasing your eBay sales is to invest in customer service.

Being able to generate repeat customers is one way to ensure that you can have a consistent income from your seller account and for you to be making money for years to come.

Indeed, having repeat customers and a positive seller feedback is the secret to building a sustainable income when you sell on eBay.

Here are some of the best practices and strategies to quickly increase your feedback rating as a seller:

  • Buy items for less than 0.50 cent and request feedback as a buyer.You can go to Advanced Search and filter the items according to the price. Look for lower price items and then buy as many as you can afford, and then ask for feedback as a buyer.
  • Send messages to your buyers. Once you have sold an item and shipped it to your buyers, you can send them a message giving them an update about the status of their orders.You can write up a message template that you can use for your customers after every sale, or after the products are shipped.You can customize those templates per customer. It will take a bit of effort on your end, especially if you are handling multiple orders. However, it’s this attention to detail that will bring you repeat customers if you can foster a positive experience for your eBay customers.


About the message templates for your eBay buyers, you can use ChatGPT or other AI tools to simplify the process. Just remember to always be polite when messaging your customers.

The extra effort is going to distinguish you from other online sellers and help you establish a good relationship with your customers.


Final Thoughts

All eBay sellers aspire to make more money selling on the website. If this is your goal, it’s important to consider the strategies provided here when selling things on eBay so you can maximize your earning potential from the website.

Using a product research tool like ZIK Analytics simplifies your search for the best selling items that can make you the most money. At the same time, you can save time with your eBay selling efforts since you no longer have to do manual research.

Investing in tools like ZIK Analytics is a small price to pay if you want to gain extra cash from your online store.

Aside from finding the most profitable items that you can start selling, you can also use the other tools available to optimize your eBay listings with targeted keywords so your eBay listing will come out on top of relevant eBay searches.

Did you find this guide useful?

Now, go ahead and use these strategies to make more money selling on eBay!


FAQs on Building a Profitable eBay Business

Can you make $1000 a month selling on eBay?

Yes. Many sellers are earning that much (or even higher!) with their eBay online business.

If you are able to find the most profitable products to sell on eBay and you can optimize your eBay listings, you have the potential to place your products on top of the eBay searches, targeting millions of eBay customers.


What is the most profitable item to sell on eBay?

The demand for products on eBay varies season by season. But if you are looking for product categories that have a consistently high demand, it’s mostly home décor items, furniture, clothing and apparel, to name a few.

That’s why it is recommended that you use a product research tool to analyze sales data to determine if the demand for certain products are actually resulting in sales.


How much does the average eBay seller make?

As of 2022, the average revenue for eBay sellers is $42,000 annually. Some sellers earn up to $70,000! Therefore, there is a good amount of online sellers that make money selling on eBay as their primary source of income.


How much can a beginner sell on eBay?

New sellers have a selling limit on eBay, which is 10 items or a total value of $500 per month. It is a standard limit for all new eBay sellers.


Is it hard to sell on eBay for first time?

No, setting up your eBay account is relatively easy. It’s probably why there are millions of eBay account sellers! But there are many strategies you can use when selling on eBay and finding the right strategy will be your ticket to making money on the platform.


Is eBay good for beginners?

Competition is stiff with eBay since there are many eBay account holders that have been in business for years. However, the platform is beginner-friendly, especially if you use the dropshipping model.

The dropshipping strategy enables you to start an eBay business with zero capital and without managing an inventory.

Even if you have no prior experience with dropshipping on eBay, you can make money selling on eBay using this business model.

As long as you follow the strategies provided in this guide, you can excel on eBay as a beginner.

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