Selling on eBay made easy

ZIK Analytics can help you find profitable items and guide
you on your journey to building a successful online business.

Sell From Anywhere

Sell on any eBay
marketplace, wherever
you are in the world.

183 Million Buyers

eBay is one of the largest
marketplaces with global
brand recognition.

No Marketing Required

You don’t need to
spend any money on
marketing or ads.

Start from $100+

Low-cost business
models like dropshipping
require little investment.

With millions of products, buyers, and
suppliers, selling on eBay is a huge opportunity

Here’s how it works

You find items from suppliers
Sell them for a higher price
on eBay
And generate a high profit

Now let’s take a closer look at
this seller...

They’re selling 7 thermometers every
– which is $65.38 gross profit per
or $1,988.64 gross profit per month!

But this is only one item - on average,
each eBay seller has 268 listings!

Imagine if your store was
filled with items like this.

So the question is: how do you find profitable
products to sell?

The key is to find products with low competition, high demand, and a
low cost of supply. But with lots of sellers already on eBay, how can
you find these items before everyone else does?

Most eBay sellers use one of the
following methods...

They copy the same products, titles, and prices of other sellers…

And while there’s often demand for these products, they end up in a race to the bottom on prices and generate sales without making much profit.

They upload random products based on instincts and gut feelings...

But when they make decisions based on guesswork, they end up listing lots of items that have no demand and generate no sales.

They try to research products manually

This is a better way to find products, but it’s hard to get precise data, takes a lot of time, is messy, and is hard to scale.

But what if you could use sales data to find
millions of hot products in minutes?

That’s where ZIK Analytics
comes in...

Christopher Johnson
More than just software. It's a family.
ZIK Analytics is the most valuable tool
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David Jacobovic
Zik is easy to use, the data is
very accurate
and the customer
service always helpful.”
Tom Cormier
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It helped me grow my eBay business
to well over $100k sales in 30 days for
over 7 months in a row.”
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Truly the best tool ever I used
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Thanks a lot!”
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now and I don't think I've ever before
used a software that has been so
for my eBay business.”

To start selling on eBay you’ll need
to choose a business model

Don’t have much money to invest? Don’t want to buy
physical stock? Try Dropshipping!

But what if I...

Live outside the U.S.?
As dropshippers don’t hold their own stock, they can sell from anywhere. Plus, many of our suppliers ship from multiple countries.
Don’t want to risk a lot of money?
You only pay your supplier after you make a sale, which ensures you have positive cash flow and require little money.
List a product that doesn’t sell?
As you don’t buy your products upfront, there’s little risk to listing a non-selling item. Don’t worry, you won’t have a garage of unsold goods!

How can ZIK Analytics help me to dropship
on eBay?

Our tools will help you find profitable dropship product ideas, match them with
suppliers like Amazon, AliExpress, Walmart, and CJ Dropshipping, and rank your
products high on eBay’s search results.

Competitor Research
Niche / Product Research
Best Selling eBay Items
Ali Growth Scanner
Item / Supplier Finder
Title Builder
Get inspiration from your competitors
Instead of copying competitors, you can learn from them instead! See what’s selling well, learn their strategies, and use it to gain product inspiration.

Want to make higher margins selling
your own stock? Try wholesaling

Wholesaling can allow you to buy items at a lower price, and therefore make
a bigger profit margin. However, you will need money to buy stock upfront,
which means there’s a higher risk if items don’t sell.

How can ZIK Analytics help me to wholesale
on eBay?

Our tools will help you to find profitable selling opportunities and product ideas,
match them to wholesale suppliers from Alibaba, and drive sales to your store.

Competitor Research
Niche / Product Research
Best Selling eBay Items
Item / Supplier Finder
Title Builder
Get inspiration from your competitors
Instead of copying competitors, you can learn from them instead! See what’s selling well, learn their strategies, and use it to gain product inspiration.

Get all the support you need to start selling
on eBay

As a beginner to selling on eBay, we understand you may need help along your journey.
That’s why ZIK Analytics includes an incredible amount of educational resources to help you

Join Our Free Product
Research Course

When you join ZIK Analytics, you get
access to our free online course that
teaches you how to find hot products to
sell and build your eBay business.

Over the course of 19 step-by-step videos, you’ll learn how
to understand sales statistics, explore niches, get product
ideas, source items, and optimize your product titles to
get sales.

ZIK Tutorials

We have simple video tutorials to show you how to use all the main tools that ZIK Analytics has to offer

Live Chat Support

Our live chat support is available to answer any questions you have and support you as you start selling.

Educational Content

We’ve created 100’s of hours of YouTube videos and training webinars to teach you everything you need to sell on eBay.

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